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2017.07.26 17:43 suttal Weekly Infra Thread

Threads about infrastructural development in India.

2020.10.21 08:10 arjunchauhan0674 4 common mistakes to avoid while hiring a call boy

4 common mistakes to avoid while hiring a call boy

In this blog you will know about some of the most common mistakes people commit while they try to hire a call boy. You will also get a brief idea of how to join as a female escort agency in Mumbai.

With the increasing demand for call boys and call boy services in India, people are always in search of different ways to hire their favourite call boys. To hire them they make use of both the online as well as offline methods. Most of the times, they are either cheated or get less than what they expected. I am sharing 4 common mistakes that people often make while hiring a call boy.

A brief idea on call boy and call boy jobs in India

A call boy is quite different from a normal boy or person in his appearance as well as in his attitude towards an unknown person. They are someone who provide their time to fulfil the desires of unsatisfied ladies or women in exchange for some money. With growing sexual needs and desires of people the number of call boy job are also increasing.

4 common mistakes to people make while hiring call boy
Not doing proper research before hiring
Doing a proper research before hiring gives you a proper idea on the play boy service you can avail in your area. You can find a lot of websites highlighting the profiles of their premium websites. You can use those data’s of the escorts and compare with the other escorts. This will help you to hire a professional escort with the best play boy sex services possible.
Taking help of a third party agency to hire
Asking person to person is not possible while hiring a call boy. So people mostly take the help of many local third party play boy company to book an escort. This playboy company provide the contact details of the escorts in return they take some commission both from the escort and client. You should avoid these agencies as they often cheat people.
Hiring through Offline escort services
Traditional way of hiring Hyderabad escorts is most prevalent among the people in Hyderabad. They directly contact the middle men or visit any brothel where they easily get those services. But this method of hiring is too risky. Booking online is the best way. Here you get an easy access to the profiles of many premium call boys in Hyderabad and get a lot of options to choose your favourite escort. Hiring through websites like DesirePlayboys gives you the best escort experiences and best possible service.
Taking care of own safety
With increase in demand for call boys, most of the male rentmen often neglect the safety of their clients. I have discussed certain safety measures that you should adhere while booking an escort
  • Make sure that the escort is taking proper precautions while providing his playboy sex services.
  • Make a proper research on the play boy company India from where you are booking rentmen.
  • Investigate the place where you are going to meet the escort.
  • Ask for a proper sex guide from the agency or the escort.
  • Protect yourself from falling prey to any kind of fraudulent or conspiracies.

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2020.10.20 12:02 kryptoagile "Buy Hardware Security Module (HSM) - Best HSM Vendor in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai"

"Buy best Hardware Security Module (HSM) by Best HSM Vendor in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore - PKI solutions and document signing solutions"
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2020.10.19 21:16 BollyUKFan A tale of two channels at primetime... note: India Today has hidden its likes & dislikes, and has a mere 400 viewers – versus Republic’s 15,000 viewers and visible likes & dislikes

Comparison of stats at the SAME TIME wrt the title post: verus
Note: this is an informational post, so that people are aware of the forces at work to drown and stop coverage on SSR’s case via the one channel that is relentless in its pursuit for the truth.
As we know, Arnab Goswami and Republic Media Network has been the only channel investigating and focusing on SSR’s mysterious death. This is undeniable, whether or not you’re a fan of him or his style of conducting debates.
With that said, here is a refresher on a timeline of recent events - from early October to present day - of how Arnab Goswami’s Republic Media Network (RMN) has been systematically attacked, maligned, and tried to be implicated in a false TRP scam:
• 08/10: Rahul Kanwal, News director of India Today kickstarted the day, with a tweet to state the channel was leading the ratings war with 40.2% for week 39.
• 08/10: RMN then rebutted with legitimate stats courtesy of ratings agency BARC – which showed that Republic TV led the top spot with the lion’s market share of 44.15% and 59.32% for all-day viewings and primetime debates, respectively.
• 08/10: The above factual data didn’t do much to deter Rahul Kanwal, who proceeded to tweet that “Commissioner reveals Republic TV was paying households with BARC India metres to keep [the channel] turned on at home.”
• 08/10: Rajdeep Sardesai, anchor at India Today’s Hindi sister channel Aaj Tak joined the chorus; claiming the same as colleague Rahul Kanwal, while adding words like “criminal proceeds”.
• 08/10: Live Law soon tweeted that Commissioner Police of Mumbai Param Bir Singh had conducted a press conference naming RMN. Ironically, and important to note, reporters from RMN were denied entry to the press con.
• 08/10: RMN immediately released a firm statement, stating the “false allegations” against it.
• 8/10: Twitter responded to show the strength and extent of its support for RMN; with the four top trending # being on the topic
• 08/10: Live on AG’s debate, he revealed the contents of the FIR filed on 06/10 – it named the very India Today that sought out a vendetta on the channel from earlier in the day, detailing that it had paid people to watch its show, in a bid to manipulate TV viewership.
• 08/10: Again, these legal facts didn’t deter India Today. An editor at the channel called the FIR “fake papers”, while propagating a notice written by the Mumbai Police team (on Param Bir Singh’s orders) and naming Republic as the “real one.” She also locked her comments, to prevent Twitter users from commenting the truth. All pretty shady.
• 09/10: India Today backtracked somewhat, and admitted it had been fined by BARC but alleged the action was without any “concrete evidence”. Quickest 180 from the previous day. They also stated they’d take legal action against BARC for leaking “confidential” matters. Ironic how the channel didn’t deem attacking Republic... a “confidential” matter.
• 09/10: RMN released an audio clip from the previous night, wherein a female witness called Tejal Solanki implicated India Today in the TRP scam; stating her son was asked to watch the channel. The latter then interviewed her too, showing a manipulated tale of accounts. Meanwhile, RMN released footage of Mumbai Police guarding Tejal Solanki’s home, while allegedly not allowing other media persons to talk to her.
• 09/10: Continuing its vendetta, Mumbai Police summoned Republic TV’s CFO, following a summons to its consulting editor Pradeep Bhandari for his relentless and extensive coverage and reporting of SSR’s case.
• 10/10: RMN’s CFO then moved the Delhi Supreme Court, challenging the summons issued to him and news network’s employees. He wrote a letter to Mumbai Police, informing them of the same and urging them to hold off on investigations until the SC had heard the case first.
• 10/10: RMN got ahold of the seven-page Hansa Research Group complaint wrt the TRP scam, on which the FIR was based on. It explicitly named India Today, not RMN.
• 11/10: Mumbai Polices questioned RMN’s CEO, COO, and a senior officer of the distribution team for 20 hours(!); with questioning focused on how the channel obtained the Hansa report
• 13/10: Mumbai Police summoned RMN’s Executive Editor and Senior Executive Editor, which they both complied by the next day
• 15/10: BARC announced it was suspending publishing weekly ratings data, as they review their system.
• 15/10: The SC asked RMN to approach the Bombay High Court, as it is closer to the channel’s Worli office and stating people must have faith in the lower courts. However, Justice Chandrachud noted: “We are concerned of this observation that as of late, Commissioners have the tendency of giving interviews” in reference to Param Bir Singh.
• 15/10: Sources in Mumbai Police had told AG that a senior police officer, Deputy CP Nandkumar Thakur, had informally told some print reporters that there was no evidence against Republic in the case. CP Param Bir Singh scolded him and transferred him to a traffic department.
• 16/10 - 17/10: RMN had no choice but to disclose confidential email exchanges between the channel’s and BARC’s CEOs. The latter, while stressing their code of conduct deemed the issue private, reiterated that Republic was not implicated in the case. The disclosure obviously did not sit well with BARC which issued a statement relaying the same (and essentially Republic’s innocence).
• 17/10: Goa Chronicle Editor-in-chief Savio Rodriguez revealed that intelligence sources had told him of a Dawood-sponsored agenda to target Republic “legally, economically, and mentally”, as a means to stop them from focusing on Sushant Singh Rajput’s case (nice to sometimes write his name out fully, and not reduce him to “SSR”).
• 19/10: on the previous day, Republic stung Congress leader Raghvendra Shukla, who revealed that Uddhav Thackeray had instructed a team of people to work (including an IPS officer aka Param Bir Singh) on getting the channel “banned” and AG “arrested”. He also admitted the TRP scam was the first of troubles aimed their way.
• 19/10: The Bombay HC noted that Arnab Goswami is NOT an accused in the TRP scam.
• 19/10: AG announced that RMN is suing Param Bir Singh Rs 200 crores for “criminal defamation”.
If I have left anything out, please let me know!
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We are providing the best telecom services in mumbai, providing the 4g powerful data and network or telecom services, Reliance Jio company providing the Best Tower Installation services in india, the three types of package we providing rural, Semi urban package, urban package you can choose your package just call at +91-7595810349 and also enquiry at our website!
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2020.10.18 06:16 KingTyson27 [S] King's Survivor: David Vs Goliath

After 26 seasons, we are reintroducing a twist used in the early days of King's Survivor: the Champions Vs Contenders twist. This time, it will be referred to as the David Vs Goliath twist, and it will feature 20 new contestants: 10 people who are underdogs, and 10 who are overachievers. We will soon find out whether overachievers or underdogs do better under the circumstances in King's Survivor.
Vuku (Davids) Tribe:
Celine Mayer, 26, Receptionist, u/ClayTAnderson
Even though Celine is your typical quiet girl, she welcomes everybody that she meets with a great smile. Everyone has skills and is good in doing something - and with Celine, by being a good listener. They enjoy talking to her and she can immediately identify their needs and help to satisfy them. But behind this angelic façade, is a girl who's already two steps ahead, planning her next move.
Christa Mason, 34, Unemployed
Douglas Chance, 29, ER Nurse, u/TDSwaggyBoy
Ever since he was born, Douglas' family taught him how to be a ''gentleman''. Be the kind of person that people are proud to call their friend. Always help others when they need your help, always be there for people. He decided to become a nurse, wanting to help in the medical field as he always had a knack for it. Douglas has dedicated his life to helping others, and hopes to come on SURVIVOR and use this platform in order to shine a light on big and important matters. He doesn't necessarily care about winning, but he'll give it his all. Douglas has overcome a lot of challenges in his life, and he's ready to face this one head on.
Eric Carter, 23, Professional Rock Climber, u/UltDragon
Eric has always enjoyed traveling and the outdoors even more. The first chance he was allowed to he moved out of his town in Ohio to see the world. He manages to scrap buy as a professional rock climber thanks to gas stations and the bed in the back of his van. Eric tried out for the show for the same reason he choose to do most things in life, because it sounded like fun.
Jennifer "Jenn" Greene, 46, Fast Food Employee
Ji-Hyun "Jean" Choi, 23, Analytical Student, u/FabColette
Jean does not want to become that typical Asian girl, who's dubbed as just smart and hardworking. She wants to live up to that unfair standards and prove everyone wrong about their race.
Michael Krumptone, 47, Band Director, u/swoldow
Michael had dreams of being a musician since he was a kid, and had the drive to learn his craft to the best of his ability.... however the eighties weren't really the most popular time period for French horn players, so he could never get that big break he always thought he'd have, despite getting a music degree. As a result, he grew old and bitter, resenting modern genres of music like rock and rap, as they are what took his career away from him. He does marching band at a few high schools and basically treats it like it's prison camp due to how bitter he is, and he eventually grew to love his job; torturing kids like him into giving up on their dreams. However, he still hates his life, as he recently had to pick up another school to teach to pay for his ungrateful wife's Netflix, so he needs money somehow.
Michael "Mike" Phillips, 26, Unemployed, u/acegamer1337
Michael was always a David he was always on the bottom he had lost his job and his girlfriend left him he was at the lowest part of his life and decided to go on this show to show that anything is possible.
Michelle Carters, 29, Rocket Scientist, u/AngolanDesert
Michelle is a woman who has built herself up from the ground. She comes from a family where nobody even finished high school, so she has had to make sure to work extremely hard from day 1. She is here to win to provide for her family.
Zen Atame, 24, Unemployed, u/asiansurvivorfan
Zen is an odd dude. Not much is known about him and it seems like it will probably stay that way. He never really talks and he likes to keep to himself most of the time. Despite seeming pretty useless, he is fairly smart so that may be his saving grace.
Jabeni (Goliath) Tribe:
Brett Herman, 28, Professional Poker Player, u/Twig7665
Brett was born into wealth on a mansion in Texas, and lived through most of his childhood in that wealth, until his father was caught up in a huge scandal that left him without money, so at age seventeen Brett ran away to Las Vegas where he could begin a new life. He started playing poker in the streets, and when he was old enough to gamble, he went to a casino, and stunned his opponents by winning the first time he played for money. Soon, people began to realize his talent, and he played in his first professional poker game at the age of 22. Once again, he won, and he became one of the most successful professional poker players in history. This fame caused him to grow arrogant and become a huge jerk, even to his manager. Now rich again, he isn't playing the game for money, he's playing the game to try something new and to gain another title.
Cattleya Peralta, 29, Fashion Agent, u/FabColette
As a fashion agent, Cattleya has mastered the art of persuasion and that helped her a lot during showrooms and fashion weeks. She is socially aware and use her charm to sway people on her side. She may not be the most physically active person, but she's got a badass persona.
Georgia "Gigi" Seedrow, 21, Unemployed, u/AngolanDesert
There’s always that one girl in high school who was the most popular but was also the most mean. This was Gigi in high school. Her parents are millionaires and made sure that she was set for life. Her only worry is what shoes to pick out the next day. She wanted to play survivor because she loves to manipulate people. Maybe her insecurities will be shown this season.
Jeremiah Barak, 38, Drummer, u/zohnster
Barak is a very confident man in his strategy and in his power of persuasion. In addition to training physically every day, he works hard on his brain to be the best version of himself every day. Arrogant sometimes? YES, but you have a good heart of loyalty and trust.
Lukasz "Luk" Zabolcki, 50, Professional Triathlete, u/zohnster
Lukasz is a Polish man who came to the United States in the 1980s looking for a better life for his newly created family. With a wife and a newborn baby, he finds happiness in the adrenaline of the sport. A great triathlete, he gained notoriety about 5 years ago, when he competed in the Ironman Triathlon. Soon after, he opened a gym where he trained young people for marathons in all sports.
Even at the age of 50, Lukasz has the strength and determination of a young man and sees Survivor as another challenge that he will do with all his strength.
Neveah Nwosu, 50, CEO, u/TDSwaggyBoy
Ever since a young age, Nevaeh always knew how to get what she wanted. And not with the help of others, no no. She always managed to get what she wanted and get it herself. Nevaeh HATES counting on other people to do what she can do, after all.
Becoming a CEO at a rather young age, Nevaeh is very proud of herself and her career. Although, admittedly, she was quite busy her entire life and never really found time for her family. That's why, at age 50, Nevaeh is still single and she doesn't plan on getting married anytime soon. It's sad, but it's true.
Nevaeh doesn't care about the prize. She cares about the competition and about going down as one of the greats. So you all better mark it down in your diaries boys, because NEVAEH NWOSU is going to be the winner of Survivor: David Vs Goliath.
Rita Maureira, 43, Data Analyst, u/ghetra
Rita is a very successful data analyst. She has always been very smart and analytical, so she worked very hard to become as successful as she is now. At 43, she has reached a point in her life where she is very happy where she is at, and rather well off. Because of this, she doesn't bother biting her tongue much anymore and is very blunt with people. She has a great sense of humor which attracts many people to her, but she can be quite polarizing due to her bluntness and tendency to provoke people for no reason. She is not very open about her personal life and is able to deceive others quite well.
River Goulding, 47, Family Physician, u/FabColette
Even if River grew up in an elite neighborhood, he didn't let the money get into his head. He worked hard to achieve where he is right now and he's ready to take on a new challenge in his life. Despite his age, he plans to be everyone's friend with the help of his good sense of humor.
Siddhi Sanjay, 28, Bollywood Actress, u/Thisaccountishaunted
Siddhi was born in Mumbai, India but moved to the States as a child. She has dual Indian and American citizenship. She moved back to India in her early twenties to take care of her grandparents, and acted in Bollywood films to help earn them money. She has two homes in each of her countries and is used to traveling. She has a busy life and chooses not to marry, despite the traditions of arranged marriage, and turns down any insistence from her parents to get married. She wants to get on Survivor because she wants more outdoor adventure in her life and wants to join this season because she wants to find herself and who she can really be as a Goliath in tough situations.
Vaughn Barton, 22, College Athlete, u/TDSwaggyBoy
Vaughn never had it easy. His parents died in a fire when he were young, and he spent the majority of his childhood in an orphanage. But at age 11, he was adopted by a successful lawyer who tried giving the poor boy the best life she could. In the next 11 years, Vaughn managed to make a name for himself, now playing football at his university as a quarterback. Why? Because someone gave him a chance. And now, Vaughn pleads you, the production team, to give him a chance. He'll prove he's got what it takes to win.
Link to Season
Episode 1: Two boats, containing the two tribes, dock at a larger ship where the host awaits them. The two tribes size each other up, and then the host announces the twist. The Goliath tribe would pick who they thought was the strongest members of their tribe, and the weakest of the other tribe. The Goliaths pick Brett and Neveah to represent them, and Douglas and Michelle to represent the David tribe. The David representatives get to pick the obstacles they have to go through. In the end, the Goliath tribe narrowly beats out the Davids. The two tribes go to their camps, and at the David camp, Christa and Celine, and Douglas and Michael get into a disagreement about the former two being lazy. Christa then forms an all female alliance with Celine, Michelle, and Jenn. At the Goliath camp, Barak and Neveah bond, and Cattleya and Luk bond a lot. Siddhi, pitching in on the shelter a little too much, causes everyone to see her as a threat. Two overlapping alliances form on the Goliath beach. One with Brett, Cattleya, Luk, Nevaeh, and Rita, and one with Brett, Cattleya, Gigi, Barak, Nevaeh, Rita, River, and Vaughn, leaving Siddhi as the only outsider. Siddhi does not have to worry, as the Goliath tribe wins immunity. Figuring out that there is a female alliance happening right under his nose, Douglas tries to round up the guys to oust Jenn, who he believes is the head of the female alliance and the most dangerous of them. He relays the information to Mike, Zen, Michael, Eric, and Jean, who was on the outer of the female alliance, and they decide to join his side. At tribal council, the women vote for Zen, thinking the others will vote him too due to how introverted he is, and in the end, Jenn becomes the first blindside in a 6-4 vote.
Episode 2: After being blindsided at the first vote, Celine decides to flip from her side over to the majority, much to Michael and Douglas's glee. Mike starts to flirt with Michelle, and that causes Eric to pull him aside and let him know that flipping is a bad idea. This causes them to get in a bit of an argument, leading to a bit of a schism in the majority alliance. Zen sneaks off and finds the immunity idol on his tribe beach, and keeps it to himself. At the Goliath tribe, Brett and Barak start to bond, and Vaughn gets into an argument with Nevaeh. The Goliaths win immunity again, and Christa starts to get on everyone's nerves at the David tribe for telling everyone that they need to be more physical, while not pulling her weight in challenges, and in the end, it was her who got voted out in a 7-2 vote over Douglas.
Episode 3: Wanting to have a sub alliance within the alliance in case they lose again, Michael forms an alliance with Jean, Mike, and Zen, and he plans for it to be the final four. Eric has a bit of a fight with Jean, and Michael and Zen grow very close. At the Goliath tribe, Cattleya and Luk bond a bit, but not much else worthy of mention happens. After losing three challenges, it is the David tribe's turn to win immunity, and they are thrilled at the prospect of winning a challenge. Vaughn starts to insist that Siddhi needs to be the first to go from their tribe, and most of his alliance agrees with that, and they decide to split the vote between Luk and Siddhi in case one of them has an idol. Siddhi herself targets River, seeing him as slimy. Brett, Rita, River, and Vaughn pin votes on Luk, and the rest of the tribe votes out Siddhi, and she goes out without an idol in a 5-4-1 vote.
Episode 4: At the Goliath camp, Barak and Vaughn get into a large argument over something small, and Luk is able to get them to stop fighting, causing the others to respect him a lot more. Barak and River bond and form an alliance after Barak's fight with Vaughn in hopes of getting him out. At the David camp, Eric continues to be a nuisance around camp, as he has a fight with Jean for no reason. Michael finds Zen's idol, and he is furious about how he kept it a secret from him all this time. This causes Zen to be kicked out of the alliance, so he decides to flip from his side to Douglas's side. The Goliath tribe wins immunity yet again, and the David tribe is very demoralized after suffering four losses to one win. Michael, Mike, and Jean decide to target Eric for being too much of a loose cannon, while Douglas's majority targets Jean for being a liability in challenges, since both Michael and Mike were great providers, and Jean was doing nothing. At tribal council, Jean is blindsided in a 5-3 vote.
Episode 5: A tribe swap is announced, and the two tribes become three. Zen is exiled and will join the losing tribe after tribal council. The Vuku tribe consists of Douglas, Barak, Luk, Rita, and River, while on the Jabeni tribe is Eric, Gigi, Mike, Michelle, and Nevaeh. Finally the brand new Tiva tribe has Brett, Cattleya, Celine, Michael, and Vaughn. At Vuku, not much happens when they build their shelter, and at Jabeni, Nevaeh tries to form a bond with Gigi, which works. The Vuku and Jabeni tribes both win immunity, and at Tiva tribe, Brett tries to vote out Celine for being the least close to him, and for being less of a provider than Michael. Brett gets Cattleya and Vaughn on board, and unsuccessfully talks to Michael, who decides to put aside his differences with Celine and works with her to try and eliminate Cattleya, and at tribal council, Celine becomes the fifth person voted out in a 3-2 vote. Zen then joins Tiva.
Episode 6: Brett, Cattleya, Michael, and Vaughn welcome Zen to their camp, but see him as the biggest threat on their tribe, thinking that Zen got an advantage at Exile, which he did not. Brett looks for and finds the idol, so Zen wouldn't have it, and for future safekeeping. Brett decides to go rogue from his five person alliance and forms a bond with Michael, promising to keep him safe in subsequent tribal councils. At the second reward challenge of the season, Vuku and Jabeni win reward, increasing Tiva's losing streak. At Vuku, Barak's strength in challenges impresses the rest of his tribe, and also makes them see him as a threat. Barak also leaves the alliance he's in. Mike impresses his tribe on Jabeni, making Nevaeh want to blindside him next. Gigi and Michelle bond, and Nevaeh pulls them into an alliance with Eric to vote off Mike if they lose, and the Jabeni tribe indeed loses the immunity challenge. Unfortunately, Nevaeh has to be evacuated due to a medical emergency in her family, and she emotionally leaves the game, leaving her four tribemates to fend for themselves.
Episode 7: The day after Nevaeh leaves the game, the remaining contestants compete in a reward challenge, and Vuku loses their first challenge as a new tribe. After losing the reward, Douglas blames the loss on Rita, and asks the others on his tribe to vote her off. This outburst causes him to be seen as threatening to the other tribe members. Rita leaves her alliance of six, not wanting to be associated with them anymore. Not much happens on the Tiva and Jabeni beach, but the Jabenis lose immunity yet again, and back at camp, Eric and Mike get into a huge fight, and the two begin to target one another. Eric wins the support of Gigi and Michelle, and Mike gets voted out 3-1, becoming the first man to be voted out of this season.
Episode 8: The tribes merge into the Kalokalo tribe, with buffs of light blue. Still in the game is Brett, Cattleya, Douglas, Eric, Gigi, Barak, Luk, Michael, Michelle, Rita, River, Vaughn, and Zen. Michael is angered to see Mike be voted out over Eric, and he makes his thoughts very clear to the other tribe members. Luk, knowing that he'll be targeted for his physical strength, sneaks off and finds the idol. River, knowing that Barak is a sinking ship, flips on him and starts to target him. Barak himself targets Vaughn, who sees the young man as troubled, after Vaughn had an outburst earlier that day. River bonds with Zen and convinces him to join his side. Luk wins immunity, cementing his status as a physical threat, and making the other tribemates want to go after him even more. At tribal council, Eric, Barak, Michelle, and Zen vote off Vaughn, while the rest vote for Barak, and Barak becomes the first juror in a 9-4 vote.
Episode 9: The final 12 compete in the first post merge immunity challenge of the season, which is won by a group consisting of Cattleya, Douglas, Michael, Michelle, Rita, and Zen. Michael and Zen reconcile, as Michael, being on the bottom, needs as many allies as he can get. Michael goes on to win the immunity challenge. Back at camp, Rita leaves her alliance with Cattleya and Luk, and they decide to target her. They get Douglas on board, and Brett calls him out for it, calling him a traitor. In the end, they decide to stick with the original plan to vote out Luk, and Luk plays his idol, sending Rita home in a 3-0 vote.
Episode 10: After the biggest blindside of the season so far, the remaining contestants compete in another reward challenge, minus Luk, who sits out for rice. The group of Cattleya, Gigi, Michelle, Vaughn, and Zen win the reward, and they get to enjoy a burger bar and get their minds out of the game for a bit. When they get back to camp, Gigi and Douglas get into an argument, as Douglas feels like Gigi had never had to work for anything in her life. Brett forms a deal with Michael, and Luk tries to get Michelle to work with him, which fails. Eric wins immunity, and the majority decides that Luk is their best bet to vote out. Douglas and Cattleya vote alongside Luk, but it is not enough, and Luk goes in a 8-3 vote.
Episode 11: After Luk's vote off, Cattleya and Douglas are on the bottom, with really nowhere to go. Brett forms a new alliance, with Gigi, Cattleya, and Vaughn, and soon enough, Michael figures out that alliance. He talks to the outsiders, which all turn against Brett, and their first target is the one who they think is the most likely to go on an immunity streak- Vaughn. When Brett, Douglas, Eric, Michelle, and Zen win reward, Brett tries to get Eric and Michelle to join his alliance, and it fails, since both of them were pro-Michael. Brett saves himself from being tenth by winning immunity, and the majority of the tribe is ready to vote Vaughn out. Thinking he has the majority to take out Douglas, he chooses not to play his idol on Vaughn, and Vaughn becomes the fourth member of the jury in a 6-4 vote. Back at camp, Cattleya confronts her tribe about who flipped, and takes out her anger on Eric, but forms a bond with Michelle, for some odd reason. Michelle looks for and finds the idol that Luk used a couple episodes before, and keeps it to herself. Cattleya wins immunity, and Michael decides to cut the head off the snake, so Brett becomes the next big target. Luckily for him, he has the idol, so at tribal council, he plays said idol, and takes out Eric in a 3-0 vote.
Episode 12: Brett goes off and looks for an idol, unable to trust his tribemates, but is unsuccessful. The remaining contestants get a visit from their loved ones, and the group of River and Zen win reward, and they bring Gigi and Michelle along. Michelle bonds with River, and Cattleya and Zen also bond, but nobody decides to flip. The majority decide to target Brett again, but Douglas goes rogue and tries to vote for Cattleya, seeing her as more physical than Brett. Michael wins immunity, and at tribal council, Gigi plays her idol for Brett, and Douglas gets voted out 3-1 and becomes the sixth jury member.
Episode 13: During the last reward challenge of the season, Gigi pulls out a tremendous effort and wins the reward, and brings her close allies Cattleya and Brett along. They plot to get rid of Zen, due to how closed off he is, but the majority four, still in power, target Brett for being an all-around threat, and after Michael wins immunity, the final nail in Brett's coffin has been hammered in. He makes a desperate plea to stay in the game at tribal council, but it is to no avail, and he gets voted out in a 4-3 vote and becomes the seventh member of the jury.
Finale: Six players remain: Cattleya, Gigi, Michael, Michelle, River, and Zen. Michelle impresses the rest of the team, but some also start to see her as a goat, since she played a very safe game. Gigi wins immunity and shares the reward with Cattleya and Michael, thinking the latter would flip. He doesn't. Gigi and Cattleya target Zen again, while Michael targets Cattleya as the only person in the minority that he still hasn't vote off. At tribal council, Cattleya is voted off in a 4-2 vote. Michael wins his fourth immunity of the game, if he were to win one more, he would tie the record for most immunity wins with Jerry and Deef. Everyone in the majority, knowing what to do, all vote off Gigi, but Michelle and Zen both play their idols to be safe, and in total negate only one vote, and Gigi becomes the ninth jury member. After almost three hours, Zen beats out comp beast Michael in the final immunity challenge, but feeling indebted towards him, and the fact that River and Michelle hadn't done much to prove themselves, he puts Michelle and River in the fire making challenge, and River is able to win, making Michelle the ninth and final jury member. In the first all male final tribal council since Arabia, the final three consists of Michael, River, and Zen. River is called out for making big moves over good moves, Zen got flack for having no social game while having decent everything else, and Michael is considered the best all-arounder, even though he relied on challenges, he never got a single vote throughout the game, and the jury decides that it's good enough, and so Michael wins in a 6-4-0 vote, losing Erik, Gigi, Barak, and Luk's votes, as they vote Zen instead of him. Barak is announced as the fan favorite for being the most relatable person on the Goliath tribe, and for getting voted out in a way that did him dirty.
Winner: Michael Krumptone, u/swoldow
Fan Favorite: Jeremiah Barak, u/zohnster
Next season, we will see the introduction of a new twist called the Edge of Extinction, and four returnees will come back to the game to face off against the 14 newbies. Will a new player win, or will a returning favorite claim the prize? Find out in King's Survivor: Edge of Extinction!
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2020.10.17 17:16 parth770 What You Need To Know About Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions involving privately held companies entail a number of key legal, business, human resources, intellectual property, and financial issues. To successfully navigate a sale of your company, it is helpful to understand the dynamics and issues that frequently arise.
In this article, we provide guidance on 12 key points to consider in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) involving sales of privately held companies from the viewpoint of the seller and its management.
  1. M&A Valuation Is Negotiable
Recommended For You
Putting The Magic Back Into Magic Leap
. Seller Acquisition agency in mumbai
Why Walking Away From A Shark Tank Deal Isn’t Always A Mistake
How A British Start-Up Plans To End Loneliness In Care And At Home
How do you know if a buyer’s offer price equals or exceeds the value of your company?
It is important to understand that offer price and valuation, like other terms in M&A deals, are negotiable. However, since your company’s shares are not publicly traded, the benchmarks may not be immediately clear, and the outcome of this negotiation depends on a number of key factors, including the following:
Deloitte BRANDVOICE Paid Program
Engaging Millennial And Gen Z Employees In The Post-Pandemic Future
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As Election Day Nears, Commit To Voting #ForEveryChild
Market comparables (are your competitors selling for 3x revenues or 12x EBITDA? Are you growing faster than the competitors?)
Whether the buyer is a financial buyer (such as a private equity firm that may value your business based on a multiple of EBITDA) or a strategic buyer (that may pay a higher price because of synergies and strategic fit)
The valuation used in your company’s last round of financing
Prices paid in recent sales of shares by employees and early stage investors
Your company’s most recent 409A valuation (appraisal of the fair market value of your company’s common stock)
The trends in your company’s historical financial performance
Your company’s projected financial growth
The proprietary technology your company owns or licenses
The business sector of your company
Business, financial, and/or legal risks your company faces
The experience and expertise of the management team
Your company’s prospects and opportunities for additional financing rounds
Whether there are multiple bidders for your company or a single interested party
Whether your company is a meaningful IPO candidate
If you and the potential buyer are unable to agree on an acquisition price, consider an “earnout” as a way of bridging this difference of opinion. An earnout is a contractual provision in the M&A agreement that allows a seller to receive additional consideration in the future if the business sold achieves certain financials metrics, such as milestones in gross revenues or EBITDA. Although an earnout poses significant risks for a selling company and its stockholders, it also establishes a path for the selling stockholders to ultimately achieve the return they seek in the sale of the company, based on the continuing performance of the business following the closing of the transaction. : In-store Promotion agency in mumbai.
Finally, do not be afraid to negotiate. Even if a number proposed by a buyer “feels” right, consider making a counter offer. Buyers rarely make their best offers initially. As good negotiators, buyers hold something back, leaving room for final “concessions” to close the deal. Accordingly, a reasonable counter-offer on price ordinarily should not be poorly received. If you never ask, you will never know.
  1. Mergers and Acquisitions Can Take a Long Time to Market, Negotiate, and Close
Most mergers and acquisitions can take a long period of time from inception through consummation; a period of 4 to 6 months is not uncommon. The time frame will depend on the urgency of the buyer to perform due diligence and complete the transaction, and whether the selling company is able to run a competitive process to sell the company, generating interest from multiple bidders. There are some things, however, that can be done to shorten the time frame:
With the assistance of an investment banker or financial advisor, run a tightly controlled auction sale process so that potential buyers are forced to make decisions on a shorter time frame in a competitive environment.
The seller should place all of its key contracts, corporate records, financial statements, patents, and other material information in an online data room early in the process.
The seller should have a draft disclosure schedule (a key component of an M&A agreement) ready early in the process.
Management presentations/PowerPoints should be prepared and vetted early.
The company’s CEO should be prepared to explain the value-add that the selling company will provide to the buyer. . Merchandising agency in mumbai
The company’s CFO should be prepared to answer any financial questions and to defend the underlying assumptions of the financial projections.
A lead negotiator for the seller, who is experienced in M&A deals and can make quick decisions on behalf of the company, should be appointed.
M&A counsel should be asked to identify and advise on how to solve potential delays due to regulatory requirements (such as CFIUS, Hart-Scott-Rodino, or non-U.S. laws, such as competition laws) and contractual approval and other rights of third parties.
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2020.10.17 17:15 parth770 What is Merchandising?

Merchandising is the promotion of the sale of goods that can employ pricing, special offers, display and other techniques designed to influence consumers’ buying decisions. The concept of merchandising is based on presenting products at the right time, at the right place, in the right quantity and at the right price to maximize sales.
Merchandising Strategies
When it comes to merchandising strategies, a “one size fits all” approach won’t suffice. Depending on the overarching objective for the retailer, brand, and category, the merchandising strategies should vary by category or even by segment to target a specific goal, such as developing customer loyalty, increasing sales, driving footfall/traffic, raising awareness of your brand, and so on. . Seller Acquisition agency in mumbai

In a retail setting, some of the most popular methods to compel shoppers to buy include:

The Importance of Merchandising
About Us:-
Delivering Outstanding Returns Through Field sales, Data Insight And Brand Engagement. Your Brand, Our Passion Everywhere, Every Day, We Are local marketing and sales agency.”
Contact Us:-
Get in touch with us, we would love to discuss your marketing needs.We love a good coffee and a challenge, so would be happy to meet up with you face to face.
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2020.10.17 17:10 parth770 How to Use In-Store Promotions to Promote Your Business

Internet marketing’s popularity, effectiveness, and traceability have caused many small service-based business owners to drift away from traditional marketing mediums like print ads, mailers, coupons, and in-store promotions. Many business owners today are instead focusing their advertising budgets on search engine optimization, social media marketing, and other forms of web promotion.
While online promotions will help your business expand, using them in conjunction with in-store promotions will have an even greater impact. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of sales promotions and how to use them to build your brand and expand your client base. Seller Acquisition agency in mumbai
What Are In-Store Promotions?
In-store promotions are any marketing or sales promotion that is done in a brick and mortar business location. In-store promotions are a highly effective marketing tactic designed to bring customers to your brick and mortar store and build brand or product awareness.
In-store promotions can be advertised through many different channels, but every distribution method will usually fall into one of two categories: In-store Promotion agency in mumbai. Print and Online Advertising or Point Of Sale (POS) Advertising. Each type of advertising can be used to draw traffic and build brand awareness to your business. Using both methods together will help you capture a larger audience.
Print and Online Advertising
Though it may seem misleading that “in-store” promotions make use of print and online advertising, this is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your business location. Have you ever received an email from your favorite retailer promoting a sale that was happening “in-store only”?
Is your mailbox stuffed with mailers from your local car dealership promoting discounted tire and maintenance services for a limited time? Discount deal sites like Groupon flood inboxes with daily in-store promotional offers.
These are examples of typical in-store promotion materials used by both retail and service-based companies to drive traffic into the store by promoting a certain item. Below, we’ll talk about some in-store promotions examples you can use to boost your service-based business.
Point of Sale (POS) Advertising
There are several methods of advertising that can be used to target existing customers once they are already in your store. Let’s say you run a paid online advertisement for your flower shop, promoting 25% off of flower arrangements. That ad will only reach people who are searching the web, perhaps for nearby floral shops.
With POS advertising, the promotion is advertised in store, where customers or clients pay you for your business. In the example above, any customer who walks into your flower shop on their way home from work may see your in-store signage, or POS Advertising, about the promotion and purchase a larger quantity of flowers than he/she originally intended. Merchandising agency in mumbai. This is an effective way to use POS Advertising to encourage impulse purchase behavior.
Retailers have this method down to a science. The end caps of grocery store aisles are strategically designed to grab your attention with seasonal or specialty items. Buy-one-get-one-free sales on merchandise are especially useful at creating impulsive purchasing behavior.
Fitness centers, yoga studios, spas, and massage studios often bundle their services into discounted packages to take advantage of impulse buyers after they have completed their first session. The feel-good feelings customers feel after these experiences encourage them to impulse buy in bulk. So how can you use in store promotions to boost your service-based business?
About Us:-
Delivering Outstanding Returns Through Field sales, Data Insight And Brand Engagement. Your Brand, Our Passion Everywhere, Every Day, We Are local marketing and sales agency.”
Contact Us:-
Get in touch with us, we would love to discuss your marketing needs.We love a good coffee and a challenge, so would be happy to meet up with you face to face.
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2020.10.17 10:00 parth770 Fire up your Direct Email Marketing Campaign

Develop your contact list. The first step in developing a direct email marketing campaign is knowing who you're going to target. In the market you can find many email lists by sector, but you need to take your customization further and find users who are genuinely interested in your product. To get leads, you can try an inbound marketing campaign based on content (such as downloads of an eBook) or lead generation ads on Twitter. Whatever you do, do not forget that everything you need to segment your list of contacts, for example, how often they visit your site or products that interest them. . Brand Activation agency in mumbai
Create the ideal mail. Subject, text, icons, and call to action ... Nothing in your email marketing campaign should be random. Align creativity and segmentation.
Enter a code or identification pixel. As mentioned above, one of the keys to direct marketing is the ability to precisely measure all the results. To do this, you need to include a pixel code in your emails that identifies users who have come to your site through this particular campaign.
Test the campaign. Take advantage of your email campaigns to test A / B test and discover what really works with your audience. Subject, images, button, time sent ... try all the possible variants.
Put an ongoing campaign. Send a test email to make sure everything runs smoothly and launch your campaign. But beware! As with social networks and other tools of digital advertising, you must send it at an ideal time and day to avoid idle time if you do not want to fall into oblivion.
Consumer responses. Ready! Now you just have to wait to see the reactions of your target. Leave a window of reasonable time before drawing conclusions, since not everyone looks at their email instantly. . Field Sales agency in mumbai
Analyze the results of the campaign. Finally, you have to measure how your campaign has worked. How many people have opened the mail, clicked, or converted? If you've tried several versions, what has worked best and why? Use these conclusions for the next campaign and see how quickly you will launch a really effective direct marketing campaign. . Direct selling agency in mumbai
About Us:-
Delivering Outstanding Returns Through Field sales, Data Insight And Brand Engagement. Your Brand, Our Passion Everywhere, Every Day, We Are local marketing and sales agency.”
Contact Us:-
Get in touch with us, we would love to discuss your marketing needs.We love a good coffee and a challenge, so would be happy to meet up with you face to face.
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2020.10.17 10:00 parth770 What is Direct Marketing? Benefits, Steps and Examples

What exactly is direct marketing, and how can you build your strategy? Direct marketing is one of the most effective marketing methods and it has many benefits, like clearly measurable results.
Turning marketing into a science is a passion of ours, so in this article I'll explain the benefits of digital direct marketing, show a few examples, and walk through the steps for a successful campaign.
What is Direct Marketing?
Direct marketing is a type of advertising campaign that seeks to achieve a specific action in a selected group of consumers (such as an order, store or website visit, or a request for information) in response a communication action done by the marketer. This communication can take many different formats, such as postal mail, telemarketing, point of sale, etc. One of the most interesting methods is direct email marketing.
An essential aspect of direct marketing is that the consumer response is measurable: for example, if you offer a discount for an online store, you should include some kind of cookie or pixel to let you know if the user has used of the code. . Brand Activation agency in mumbai
3 Examples of Direct Marketing
The most powerful and innovative direct marketing strategies want to elicit a reaction in the target audience using content delivered directly to the consumer, both physically and through the email marketing. A very striking graphic design, a surprising product, or a video that touches the heartstrings of the listener, can elicit a direct response from the consumer.
Below we'll review three great examples of direct marketing. If you want even more examples, check out this blog post.
Toyota Corolla
Direct marketing is a great opportunity for businesses, if used in the right way, but it is also a good way for agencies to show off their chops. If they put all their creativity to the strategy and use really shocking advertising techniques, the campaign will be long remembered by the public (and attract potential customers). A great example of this is the below video from Toyota.
Touch Branding
This is a branding agency that maximizes the potential of their brands. They are in Prague and have over 15 years of experience in global campaigns. They devised a plan for direct marketing with an impactful copy "We'll give our blood for good branding" and a graphic design that really was up to the message. This really is one of the greatest examples of direct marketing that we've ever seen! . Field Sales agency in mumbai

For direct mail they attached with letters a "blood bag" (don't worry - it was fake). The design of the email they sent was in the same line, and the cover photo on their website was a picture with two doctors who carried the blood bag with copy below. Actually, they matched all season long in Touch Branding and it was a way to "hook" potential companies to be customers.
About Us:-
Delivering Outstanding Returns Through Field sales, Data Insight And Brand Engagement. Your Brand, Our Passion Everywhere, Every Day, We Are local marketing and sales agency.”
Contact Us:-
Get in touch with us, we would love to discuss your marketing needs.We love a good coffee and a challenge, so would be happy to meet up with you face to face.
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HI, I’M SANOJ SEBASTIAN K.A I’m from Ernakulam which is known as the first Metro-Politian city in Kerala, the land which is called “Queen of the Arabian sea”, the land of spices. I’m 22 years old, I live with my family here in Kochi, I’m a graduate in BSc physics from MG university, and now I work as data entry operator as a part time job, and also now I’m pursuing internship at Gilead Digital in digital marketing, along with doing Front-End web development crash course at udemy. I work as seo freelancer in mumbai, we provide best seo services for our cilents,fast and efficient services which will your website to be ranked on top of the google search results.
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2020.10.16 17:59 parth770 Direct Selling, Reselling, or Agency Selling?

We investigate a manufacturer’s three possible online strategies while the manufacturer also distributes its product through an independent retailer in a traditional channel. Under direct selling, the manufacturer sells its products to online consumers directly. Under reselling, the manufacturer sells its product through an e-tailer. Under agency selling, the manufacturer sells its products to consumers through an online agent’s website and pays the agent a commission fee. We show that it is optimal for the manufacturer to choose direct selling if the operating cost for the online channel under direct selling is sufficiently low relative to that under reselling as well as the online agent’s commission fee. Similarly, reselling through an e-tailer is optimal to the manufacturer if the operating cost for the online channel under reselling is sufficiently low. Furthermore, agency selling should be chosen if the online agent’s commission fee is sufficiently low. However, a strategy with a low online cost (including the operating costs under direct selling and reselling, and the commission fee under agency selling) may lead to a low profit for the traditional retailer, which eventually causes a low total profit for the supply chain. Nonetheless, consumers generally benefit from the manufacturer’s optimal online distribution strategy because of low prices and high quantities. Brand Activation agency in mumbai
We thank the editor-in-chief and three anonymous reviewers for their constructive comments and suggestions. This work was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (grant numbers 71871105, 71671043) and the Fifth Project “333 Project” of Jiangsu Province (grant number BRA2016412), and the Six Talent Peaks Project of Jiangsu Province (grant number JY-012).
Benefits of direct marketing
Direct marketing allows you to promote your product or service directly to your target audience and measure results quickly, but the benefits don't stop there. Here are some of the advantages that digital direct marketing can bring to your brand:
High segmentation and targeting. One of the great advantages of this type of marketing is that you can reach your specific audience segments with personalized messages. If you want to succeed, you should invest time to research and identify the consumers most likely to convert and thus direct your efforts to actions that really work. Field Sales agency in mumbai
Optimize your marketing budget. Addressing online direct marketing to a specific audience allows you to set realistic goals and improve your sales on a tight budget. If you properly optimize your direct campaign, you will achieve results with only a small percentage of the cost of traditional advertising.
Increase your sales with current and former clients. Digital direct marketing lets you communicate with your current customers to keep the relationship alive while continuing to bring value. It also allows you to get back in touch with old customers and generate new sales opportunities.
Upgrade your loyalty strategies. Direct contact with your customers allows you to customize your promotions, emails, and offers to create an instant bond. To maximize results, you can combine your direct marketing methods with your loyalty program.
Create new business opportunities. Direct marketing allows you to adapt to market demands at all times and respond more effectively.
Tests and analyzes the results. Direct response campaigns give you the opportunity to directly measure your results. Take the opportunity to squeeze the most of your tests and make decisions in real time. Direct selling agency in mumbai
About Us:-
Delivering Outstanding Returns Through Field sales, Data Insight And Brand Engagement. Your Brand, Our Passion Everywhere, Every Day, We Are local marketing and sales agency.”
Contact Us:-
Get in touch with us, we would love to discuss your marketing needs.We love a good coffee and a challenge, so would be happy to meet up with you face to face.
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2020.10.16 10:43 arjunchauhan0674 Mumbai escort jobs: A chance to meet local girls & local women

Mumbai escort jobs: A chance to meet local girls & local women

This article will guide you to become a male escort in Mumbai and help you live your dream lifestyle by becoming a premium playboy.
Play boy jobs is the need of the hour. It provides the best opportunity for all the youth in Mumbai to earn a better living. There are many women seeking for men in Mumbai who can spend a reasonable amount to hire a playboy who will not only give them company but also fulfil their physical needs.

Who are male escorts?

A person who can spent some time with a woman looking for men in return for money are known as a male escort or a playboy. Play boy sex services are usually provided in high profile resorts, hotels and nightclubs. You are very lucky if you are from a big city as escort from all over India come to these cities in search of work.

Friendship clubs in Mumbai

Friendship clubs are quite common in big cities like Mumbai. These friendship clubs have their own website where women looking men choose their partners. Here you can also find profiles of many Mumbai escorts.

Things an escort agency takes care of during a call boy booking

Escorts always prefer joining a playboy company rather working independently. Agencies have their own clients who regularly hire escorts from them. To make things simple these days escort agencies have their own websites where they upload the profiles of the escorts. In Mumbai Clients usually prefer hiring escorts in Mumbai directly from sites of play Boy Company.
High class Mumbai escort agencies never entertain low-grade customers, or never get involved in any type of illegal action.
Each of the gigolos go through proper tests like physical, psychological and laboratory tests before they are sent to any meetings.
Escort agencies always take care of any legal actions against their escorts. They ensure that an escort do not have any legal history and don't have the relationship with trafficking.
They pay a specific attention towards privacy and safety measures of their clients.

Why there is a high demand for Mumbai escorts in India

Escorts in Mumbai are well known for their reputation & friendliness. You can expect world class escort services from them. They are more expensive than regular escort but they will never make any compromises in their job. Mumbai playboys are always available in Mumbai gigolo market and in various gigolo clubs in Mumbai. DesirePlayboys is a reputed male escort agency in Mumbai.

Eligibility for a Male escort

Certain agencies in Mumbai have set some eligibility criteria to hire an escort in Mumbai. I have highlighted certain things that an agency wants from an escort.
  • Candidate should be compatible with both Hindi and English.
  • Candidate should have proper attitude and must be well mannered.
  • Candidate has to dress up according to the occasions.
  • Candidate needs to be clean and hygienic every time he meets a client.
  • Candidate must not be addicted to any bad habits like drugs or alcohol.
  • Candidate must not be affected by any diseases. For it agencies do proper filtering of their escorts before they provide any kind of play boy sex services.

Why join

DesirePlayboys is the only escort agency in India which has the largest escort’s network in entire India. It ensures that its escorts provide fast, efficient and discreet escort service between their members and clients. Here are the reasons why.
  • They never share their User data to anyone.
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What are the chances of getting a female escort in Mumbai?

There has always been demand for call girls in Mumbai. You can find all types of escorts with their unique escort services. To make hiring of escorts more simple, Mumbai escort agencies like Escort Service India have their own website where you directly hire male escorts.
So after reading this blog you can make your own decision whether to join as an escort or not. For further assistance on call boy jobs you can visit
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2020.10.15 17:51 parth770 Door-to- Door Agency in mumbai

  1. Door-to-door is a canvassing technique that is generally used for sales, marketing, advertising, or campaigning, in which the person or persons walk from the door of one house to the door of another, trying to sell or advertise a product or service to the general public or gather information. People who use this sales approach are often known as traveling salesmen, or by the archaic name drummer (someone who "drums up" business), and the technique is also sometimes called direct sales. A variant of this involves cold calling first, when another sales representative attempts to gain agreement that a salesperson should visit and Btl Activation agency in mumbai.
Historically, this was a major method of distributing goods outside large towns, with the salesmen, often self-employed known as pedlars or peddlers, also hawkers. With the huge growth of retail shops in the 19th century, it became less important, and the development of mail order and finally sales via the internet gradually reduced its significance in advanced economies except in a few fields, such as repairs and improvements to homes


Products or services sold door-to-door are generally in one of seven industries: cable, telecommunications, solar, energy, security, landscaping and construction.[1] There are also many multi-level marketing products sold door-to-door.[2] The industries accounting for the largest share of direct-sales revenue include construction and telecommunications.[3] The largest subset of these would be the home improvement products/services where items sold could be new or repaired roofs, siding, new replacement windows, and decorative stone. As of 2008 the business model of many companies that participate in this type of direct marketing has changed with the growth of the Information Age. Products sold door-to-door are now more likely to be more subtle in nature: such as sheets of coupons to events or local businesses, season tickets to local professional sports teams (both of these are known in the industry as "Cert [or certificate] Sales", or subscriptions to home television services or broadband internet services. Telecommunications companies like Verizon Communications (FiOS), Comcast (Cable television and internet) and AT&T (U-verse) all contract with various marketing companies for nationwide sales fulfillment at the residential level. While the practice of the salesman carrying a bag of goods on his shoulder to sell to the public declined with advances made in technology and internet selling, there has been a resurgence of door-to-door selling in recent years, especially in the energy and solar industries (SolarCity) (Vivint Solar). Door to Door Promotions agency in mumbai.
Banning and regulation[edit]
In the United States, some communities attempted to criminalize this form of selling by passing what is known as a Green River Ordinance which bans all door-to-door sales. In 1933, the United States Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit upheld such a law valid [6] but in 1976 the Supreme Court extended the First Amendment to commercial speech[7] and in 1980 set forth a four-pronged test regarding the regulation of door-to-door selling:[8]
  1. The pitch itself must not regard things that are in themselves illegal and must be truthful to be protected by the First Amendment.[9]
  2. Assertive governmental interest is substantial.
  3. . Sales agency in mumbai.
  4. If the regulation is necessary to serve that interest (i.e. demonstrating “no solicitation” signs and already existing trespass laws are not sufficient).
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2020.10.15 17:49 parth770 Overcoming price objections: Sales rebuttals for no budget/too expensive

These objections will range anywhere from “We simply think your product is too expense” to “I need a discount to buy” to “We already allocated all of our budget for this type of things.” To overcome these, you need to assure the potential customer that the value they’re getting from your product is worth the price.

  1. Often, people use price as a defense mechanism to hide what their real concerns are - or they’re just feeling you out to see if you’ll offer a discount. Make sure you get to the root of what’s really going on with a price objection and Btl Activation agency in mumbai.

. "Your product/service is too expensive."

When a prospect says your product is too expensive, it isn’t always about price. In many cases, they have the budget for your product, but you haven’t demonstrated enough value to justify your price.
But sometimes it isn’t about price or value. Sometimes your prospects will use the pricing objection to hide their real concerns. The first thing you need to do when you hear the pricing objection is find out what’s really going on.
Master the too expensive objection: How do you manage the pricing objection in sales?
2. “We have no money.”
When your lead throws this one out there, it’s hard to press further because it’s likely true that they simply can’t afford you - right now. The best way to counter this is with strategically-placed follow-ups based on their growth.
Track what’s going on over there, and pounce again when you see some growth that might allow for you to sneak into the budget.
Master the no money objection: Dealing with a “no money” objection
3. “We’ve already spent our budget.”
This is very similar to the no money objection listed above, yet it differs in one key way you can utilize to change your prospect’s mind: funding will return eventually.
You can counter this problem in 2 ways:

  1. Ask your lead when the cash flow will return to them, and follow-up then
  2. Work with your prospect to brainstorm ways you can allocate some of the budget to your product or service - especially if your service is something that will help them save money in Door to Door Promotions agency in mumbai.
Master the no budget objection: 5 ways to tackle the “no budget” objection
4. “I need to allocate this budget elsewhere.”
This objection means that the potential is there to spend money on what you’re offering, but your prospect just doesn’t see it as a priority compared to other things, so they’re putting the money elsewhere.
The best way to counter this is with specific examples or case studies on how other companies like theirs benefited from implementing your solution, and bonus points if you can show them how they’ll actually save money using you. That will make it awfully hard for your lead to object to when it comes to budgeting and resource allocation in Sales agency in mumbai.
Master the budget elsewhere objection: How to handle “no budget” telesales objections
5. "Your product looks great, but the price is too high."

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Delivering Outstanding Returns Through Field sales, Data Insight And Brand Engagement. Your Brand, Our Passion Everywhere, Every Day, We Are local marketing and sales agency.”
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2020.10.15 17:47 parth770 10 proven strategies for overcoming objections in sales

  1. Really listen to the objection - You might think jumping in with a quick response is the best tactic, but it’s much better to listen carefully to what they are saying so you don’t make assumptions about what they want/what they mean and Btl Activation agency in mumbai.
  2. Take the time to understand the objection - Ask further questions about what they mean, as it’s common that your potential buyer isn’t revealing their real objections. Explore with them to get to the real root of the issue that’s holding them back.
  3. Craft a response addressing their biggest objection - Once you understand it, provide a rebuttal to their concerns. If you can overcome this barrier, the call can likely continue with less resistance.
  4. Try to resolve their objection in real time - The better you can satisfy their concerns right away, the more likely they are to proceed further in the sales process.
  5. Keep responses clear and to the point - A long response where you go on and on isn’t likely to be well-received, but instead, seen as more ‘selling’ and less like addressing their concerns.
  6. Don’t wing it - Making up things on the spot is likely to get you in trouble; buyers can sense this and it will create a level of distrust that - in all likelihood - will end the sales call. If you need more information, ask for it, or look it up.
  7. Confirm you’ve satisfied the objection - Don’t assume you have just because they accept what you say. Ask your potential buyer how they feel about what you’ve said, or if you’ve alleviated their concerns. This can help you move in for the close, or if necessary, move on to addressing further concerns they have Door to Door Promotions agency in mumbai.
  8. Create an objection management document- This document should list the top 25 objections you face, along with a 1-3 sentence response for each. If you work with a team, collaborate on this project together.
  9. Practice the objection responses and commit them to memory - You don’t have to recite them word-for-word, but you should at least have them in the back of your mind so you have a strong foundation and can deliver confident, compelling responses every time.
  10. PRO TIP: Customize your objection list to market - Each market has its own objections, and if you aren’t prepared for those, you’re going to lose deals to someone that is. Sort your objections into groups by market, and add objections you get from only certain areas.
The best way to become a master of these strategies is to practice them while selling. But you want to be prepared for these objections so you aren’t losing sales while mastering your objection handling. Here are the objections you’ll see in sales on a regular basis. Sales agency in mumbai.
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2020.10.15 09:11 PletraTech Why to have an app for fruits and vegetable shopping?

Why to have an app for fruits and vegetable shopping?

Why buy fruits and veggies Online?
As fresh vegetables are a part of your everyday meals, some vegetables are hard to find even in the huge supermarkets in your area. However, the luxury of online shopping offers customers the comfort of relishing these veggies by ordering them from the comfort of their homes. While beetroot, amlas, green peas, broccoli can easily be found in the market, the app will make grocery shopping easier for you with their fresh produce delivered in top class packages right at your doorsteps and will give you the benefit of fresh fruits and vegetables every time. Not only the veggies, fruits, and other stuff of better quality but you also save yourself from the trouble of haggling for the price with the vendors on the road, and just in case you find any of the stuff you purchased online not up to the mark, there are a lot of portals/apps which offer you the option of returning the same within 24 hours. So, now why to get stuck up with rotten ladyfingers or cauliflower. Shop the fresh products and get it delivered right to your doorstep.

As we all know there are several reasons why online shopping is a better thing. You must choose to buy fresh vegetables and fruits online because:

Farm fresh vegetables and fruits.
Shop online from the comfort of your couch.
Fresh and organic foodstuff.
Better variety.
No need to bargain and fight.
Have your order delivered to your doorstep within a stipulated time.
Look out for great deals, offers, and value packs while shopping online.
Save time, money, and efforts, by completing your routine grocery shopping online.
Business with an app
customized app for your business
For a good start-up, we need to make a road-map on which we can easily run and win the business race over other competitors. Before making any perfect plan, we need to do an analysis of the market, financial, and operational feasibility study of the business. Without proper planning and strategy, there is no benefit for any kind of business execution which can leave the loopholes in the actual estimation of future income statements, cash flows.

It is Easy for Customer to Reach You
Mobile apps let your target audience access your services or information within a few swipes from anywhere, anytime. For example, a hotel booking mobile app lets the user book the rooms in one go. And this feature makes difference as today’s customers want to avoid multiple pages or steps to access the service or information.
Obviously, a customer will prefer the services being delivered to him in less or no waiting time.

It Raises Your Brand Awareness
A mobile app has your logo and name on it. Once your app is downloaded, your brand is right there in front of your target audience. And they are not required to search for you.

It is a Quick Way to Promote Your Business:
With an ever-increasing number of people using a mobile app for buying, trading, exploring, and transactions, the mobile app is an effective platform to promote your products, services, and offers.

It is Cost-Effective:
Gone are the days when only big businesses could afford the mobile app. Now every size of businesses can get them developed within their budget.

It Improves Customer Engagement:
When you engage the customers, you get them closer to your business which leads to many benefits like increased sales, profitability, and customer loyalty. A mobile app h1elps you increase customer engagement if done in the right way.

Create Online Vegetable Store & Start Taking Order Through It
With the increase in the ratio of the dual-income, nuclear family, a number of working women, and also time constraints to buy fresh veggies every day, there arises the need for online shopping for this segment too. Freshness, Variety, Ease of Availability, Convenience and all type of veggies at one store is what the customer demands.

Fulfill the demands of customers by creating an e-commerce website and app for your own vegetable store and pumping up your sales. Serve them with fresh vegetables at their doorsteps by allowing them to access your store at their fingertips.

find new customers with mobile app
E-commerce sites selling fruits, vegetables find more customers
With online shopping rapidly increasing in India the retailers selling vegetables and fruits are also witnessing an upward trend. Data shows that more and more people are switching from traditional to online shopping.

Times of India reported that when the e-vendor entered the Mumbai market in 2012, it would get around 200-300 orders every day that included fruits and vegetable orders also. Today, the percentage of its average daily orders has increased from 7,000 to 8,000.

Similarly, the other website after setting up its shop in Mumbai in May 2012, out of its total daily orders, 10 to 15 percent included fruits and vegetables, and today some 60 percent of the 800-900 orders they receive on daily basis include fruits and vegetables.

Sunitha Thampi, a local was quoted by TOI saying that when she along with her husband moved to Mumbai from Bangalore, they had to face a tough time settling in and had virtually no time for shopping fruits and stuff so they turned to online shopping. The couple has been in Mumbai for three years now and has been doing their sabzi shopping online ever since. Not only that, now even their other neighbors have begun online shopping for fruits and vegetables.

The growth of online vegetable shopping in Thampi’s neighborhood virtually shows the rapid expansion of this segment.

“We have a no-questions-asked return policy. Customers have the right to reject any item at the door if they’re not happy with it,” Rashi Choudhary, co-founder, has said.

Vipul Parekh, one of the founders of has said the customers who have been shopping with them for three to four months have now become their regular customers.

Online grocery shopping makes sticking to your list easier, it can advance better food choices if done right, it can save time, maybe save money, and it can provide access to healthy ingredients when access is limited.
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2020.10.14 20:51 parth770 What Is Brand Promotion?

Every company must market itself, but what truly sets a product apart from its competitors is branding. Unlike marketing, which encourages someone to buy a product or use a service, branding seeks to build loyalty and a long-term customer base. When done correctly, your brand can become the go-to for a particular product or service and Merchandising agency in mumbai.
Consider the Kleenex brand. When people need a tissue, they are more likely to say they need a Kleenex than a tissue. But Kleenex is just one of many brands that manufacture tissues, so how did Kleenex become the go-to word for an entire product line? Through brand promotion. People remember the brand name through its commercials, promotions and other marketing strategies that made Kleenex a household name. While most companies will not achieve that level of brand recognition, brand promotion is still vital to your business Merchandising agency in mumbai.

Brand promotion is done through marketing a logo, a mission statement, website and social media and even customer service. Building a strong brand requires you to be consistent in your message, in interactions with customers and in the products or services you provide. You want customers to feel as though they can rely on your company to provide exactly what they need.

Brand Promotion Strategies

Brand promotion can be difficult, especially for small businesses that aren’t overly familiar to many people. It is challenging, but necessary, for a company to define its own brand identity before any brand promotion can happen. Brands in many sectors also face heavy competition in the marketplace, with many brands vying for consumers’ attention. You need to find a way to stand out from the crowd.
The right brand promotion strategies can establish you as a leader in your industry. The trick is finding the right mix for your specific business and targeting your ideal customer. Brand promotion strategies include:
· Print advertising, such as in magazines and newspapers. * Social media marketing on Facebook, Instagram and other platforms. * Videos, both informational and viral. * Online advertising through Google ads, banner ads and backlinks. * Promotional products, including pens, mugs, T-shirts, reusable bags and other giveaways. * Customer-focused strategies like discounts and loyalty incentives.
Whatever brand promotion strategies you choose, present a consistent message throughout. Use the same logo, fonts and colors on all branding materials. Use visuals that convey the same tone and evoke the same emotion. Make sure that a customer seeing an ad in a magazine or on social media can make the connection to that same product in a store and Brand Promotions agency in mumbai.
How much money you spend on brand promotion depends on where you focus your efforts. Print advertising and videos are likely to cost more than some other forms of brand promotion, so determine how much you want to spend on focusing branding efforts.
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2020.10.14 20:50 parth770 Merchandising at the point of sale

Merchandising at point of sale comprises a set of techniques aimed at encouraging the purchase at the point of sale. This paper analyzes the impact on sales of two of these techniques, especially used in the context of non-specialized food stores and rarely distinguished in academic research: (1) the presentation of product in the ends of the aisles or main aisles, leading from the side aisle access and, (2) the presentation of the product in islands within the main aisles. This research combines cross-sectional and longitudinal data and analyzes specific information on sales and commercial stimulus for all references in two large categories of products from a hypermarket over ten weeks. Results show that both the ends of aisle and the islands have a positive effect on sales and their relative importance depends on the nature of the category analyzed. There are also greater synergies between ends of aisle and price promotions. Finally, the results provide some evidence into the impact of the extension or termination of these merchandising stimuli and Merchandising agency in mumbai.


According to the AMA (American Marketing Association), merchandising is a wide term that encompasses promotional activities run by the manufacturer in the form of special presentations that take place within establishments, as well as initiatives run by the retailer to make the product stand out. In any case, merchandising refers to commercial actions at the point of sale aimed to stimulate customerś purchases as soon as they enter the establishment. Traditionally, it was conceived as a way to motivate the purchase with the highest benefit-cost ratio (Buttle, 1984). Merchandising agency in mumbai.
The manufacturer's and retailer's reliance on merchandising actions has been growing over the past few years. For instance, in the Spanish market the investment in this communication technique shows an increase of 0.7%, when the average variation in communication and publicity has been −9.9% (Infoadex, 2013). This increasing interest in merchandising can be credited to current studies that show that unplanned purchases make up between 46 and 70% of total purchases (Bezawada et al., 2009, Inman et al., 2009, Bell et al., 2011). That is, there are purchases that are decided at the store and thus, are very influenced by commercial incentives that arise in it. Brand Promotions agency in mumbai. Thus, from the manufacturer’ point of view, the growing competition in the shelves at the point of sale, aggravated with the increasing development of private label (up to a market share of 43.5% in packaged food, according to AC Nielsen, 2013), makes merchandising initiatives very useful actions to increase the visibility and attraction of their brands at the point of sale. Similarly, from the point of view of the retailer, increased competition between hypermarkets, reflected in their increasing number and the falling demands (AC Nielsen, 2013), involves not only the need to enhance the attraction to the stores, but also the need to develop merchandising initiatives which could achieve the best possible performance from customers visit.
Several previous academic contributions have approached the effect of merchandising initiatives on consumer behavior and market response (Chevalier, 1975, Buttle, 1984, Gupta, 1988, Bolton, 1989, Narasimhan et al., 1996, Shankar and Krishnamurthi, 1996, Little, 1998, Van Heerde et al., 2000, Van Heerde et al., 2004, Chan et al., 2008, Bezawada et al., 2009, Inman et al., 2009). However, the role of merchandising is usually analyzed in an aggregate manner as a special presentation within the point of sale (display). In addition, it is usually studied in a collateral form together with an interpretation of external communication stimulus added to the point of sale (feature), with special attention to the effect of price and product promotions in its usual sense. Some studies have explored separate analysis of different promotions and external communication stimuli at point of sale, such as flyers, coupons, ads, etc. (Bawa, 1996, Gijsbrechts et al., 2003, Zhang et al., 2009, Bezawada et al., 2009). However, the effort to analyze the impact of various merchandising initiatives disaggregated manner has been much more limited, despite having been identified as an important issue (Buttle, 1984, Ailawadi et al., 2009, Shankar et al., 2011). The difficulty to collect precise data may underlie this lack of studies.
We seek to contribute in this regard, by using separately and comparatively the effect on sales of various merchandising initiatives. Specifically, we focus on two very common initiatives at the point of sale: the presentation of the product in ends of aisle and the presentation of the product in islands within the main aisles. In addition to the comparison in the impact of both these initiatives, we also discuss the interaction with promotional incentives and potential synergies that this combination may causes.
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2020.10.14 20:48 parth770 B2B Marketing Roundtable: Approaching ABM amid Covid-19

Account-based marketing (ABM) has always been coined as a long-term strategy. However, Covid-19 has presented a number of obstacles. B2B Marketing’s ABM experts Andy Bacon and Robert Norum recently hosted a roundtable discussion in which B2B marketers shared and Merchandising agency in mumbai.their thoughts on the challenges they have faced, along with some of the processes they’ve implemented over the past few months.

Identifying what ABM truly is

If you were to ask 10 different people what ABM is to them, you would get 10 different answers, because every business adapts ABM accordingly. Marketers brought this point up early on in the roundtable.
One marketer commented: “Getting a clear definition of what ABM is in your organisation is absolutely a critical starting place because so many companies I work with start with the best intentions, but, as time goes on, it becomes clear that everybody has a fundamentally different understanding of what they mean by ABM.”
While it’s okay to tailor the definition of ABM to fit with your business, everyone in the company should be on the same page. While there is no universally accepted definition of ABM, defining what ABM is across the board should be the number one priority before you get started as B2B Sales agency in mumbai.

Keeping it simple in the beginning

When it comes to the number of accounts to start off your ABM journey, is there an optimal number? Most marketers agree that it is best to start simple. There’s a lot more work to ABM than what meets the eye, and one of the biggest pitfalls marketers can make is taking on too much too soon.
Taking on 10 accounts at first can be overwhelming. Rather than overloading accounts, bring in a cluster of three of four and combine that with a one-to-one or a one-to-few approach. Having this hybrid approach enables you to cover the sales team.

Creating an SLA

To make sure everyone is on the same page, outline your goals for sales. It might seem overly simplistic, but creating a service-level agreement (SLA) document for marketing and sales to draw back to will help establish what each department is responsible for. It can be as simple as writing up what you’re expecting from sales and the number of leads you’ll want for a long-term engagement plan.
One B2B marketer said: “We’ve spent some time discussing what the deliverables are for a one-to-one programme for our key accounts and for a one-to-few programme. We also discuss the expectation from sales. It’s not like a gargantuan document or anything. It’s just a few slides, but it really helps set the tone of the partnership between marketing and sales and Brand Promotions agency in mumbai.
We’re still in the early days of this, but it seems to be well-received.”
Especially with Covid-19 in place and meetings being done exclusively by video, it’s more important than ever to outline these documents to create clarity across the board regarding your ABM strategy. In addition to this, having a universal document to draw back to will especially be handy if you have multiple offices globally. These SLAs can serve as the glue.
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Delivering Outstanding Returns Through Field sales, Data Insight And Brand Engagement. Your Brand, Our Passion Everywhere, Every Day, We Are local marketing and sales agency.”
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2020.10.14 19:26 RiotResponses [Heretmrwbig] Mumbai servers are now live!

Original Post

Username Link Response
ArmiesofZNight Link We will be reviewing all of our latency data and will be reaching out to relevant ISP's to see what we can do to improve things where we can.
ArmiesofZNight Link It's likely an ISP routing issue. We have some things we can try on our side, but reaching out to your service provider can sometime assist.
ArmiesofZNight Link Which ISP are you playing from?
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2020.10.13 21:29 parth770 Promoting Your Apps with Video Content the Right Way

If you’ve ever tried to create a mobile app (either as a pet project or as a part of your business), you know that the competition is harsh out there.
Many industries are discovering that creating a mobile app is even better than having a mobile website in terms of functionality, user preference, monetization, and Mobile App Marketing agency in mumbai.
The thing is that, with so many apps out in Google Play and the App Store, you need a way to stand out from the crowd! Well, today, we’ll be talking about the one I consider more effective: video content.
Establishing a solid video marketing strategy around the promotional efforts of your app will help you gain visibility, ensuring that more people get interested in your app and try it out. Today, we’ll discuss how to use video to promote your apps effectively!
Unless you create an entirely disruptive marketing strategy, you’ll probably make content that’s composed of text, images, video, or a mixture of them all. Of all these three elements, it has been proven extensively that video is the one that produces the best engagement online.
Videos that present products have been used for many years, and a lot of them have become advertising icons in their industries, often staying on the consumers’ minds for decades.
These videos are made to introduce a product to its audience, to show the benefits of using it, and how to get it.
But videos are also used to trigger emotional responses on the viewers! And this is why videos stick on people’s minds for so long: They manage to trace an emotional connection between the product and its consumers! That’s the power of audiovisual storytelling.
Mobile apps are no different from other products. With video, you can present your mobile app to the users directly and engagingly. Door to Door Sales agency in mumbai
There are certain differences between videos for the Google Play Store (Android) and the ones for the App Store (iOS). Both are made to improve conversion on the app listing and to get more engaged users, but their formats and limitations vary between operating systems. Sales Staff agency in mumbai
On the Google Play Store, videos don’t display on the search results. On the App Store, they will, and they’ll also start playing on mute while scrolling, which can be a great asset if you can make the video interesting enough to make people click on your product.
· Vertical or Horizontal Video?
The orientation of your video also varies! On iOS, videos are device-specific, which means that they must be optimized for the different resolutions of screens. Because of this, they’re vertical, and that makes a better experience for mobile users!
On the other hand, videos on the Google Play Store are embedded directly from YouTube, which means that they can be either vertical or horizontal… but it also means that people might have a bad user.
About Us:-
Delivering Outstanding Returns Through Field sales, Data Insight And Brand Engagement. Your Brand, Our Passion Everywhere, Every Day, We Are local marketing and sales agency.”
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DATA RECOVERY MUMBAI provides guaranteed service in a single point of contact for your entire IT products. We are in the data recovery industry since the past 21 years successfully operating from ... Trombay Mumbai Maharashtra India Vile Parle Mumbai Maharashtra India We could get more locations for each area, which would allow more information to be collected. Mumbai Data is a tool to visualize open geospatial data of Mumbai City. This tutorial describes how to use the tool. Our governments create and release vast quantities of data about us and our ... ESDS Navi Mumbai DC at Mahape in Bombay Data consumption in India has doubled in the last two years driving the need for new data centre businesses. Indian entrepreneur Narendra Sen has founded his... A 72-hour siege. 34 brave hearts. 1600 lives saved. Zee Studios & Purpose Entertainment present #HotelMumbai. An incredible true story of bravery & courage. ... Mumbai is a city of extremes. In this video, I go looking for the richest neighborhoods. MUSIC in this VIDEO (free 30-day trial!) 🎵 http://share.epidemicso... ABOUT ME: I LOVE TO VLOG MY LIFE Camera : Sony a7Riii Follow me on instagram : nikkkhil Thank you. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. CtrlS Mumbai datacenter specs: • 2 lakh sft. of datacenter space • 20,000 racks space ensures scalability for over a decade • Load bearing capacity of 2,100k...