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Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood (Steam PC/ Mac) 55p @ Steam Store

2020.11.18 16:32 SuperHotUKDeals Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood (Steam PC/ Mac) 55p @ Steam Store

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£0.55 - Steam Store
For a shade over 50p, hard to go wrong in my view.
MetaScore of 80**
England, Anno Domini 1190 – Richard the Lionheart is held prisoner and his brother, Prince John rules over the simple peasants with an iron hand and this pure force of arms forces them to bend to authority. Only one man takes up the struggle against the oppressors, supported by a small band of brave and loyal followers. His name; Robin Hood.
Roam the dense foliage of Sherwood, come face to face with royal trouble and battle against Prince John’s forces as you take on the role of legendary nobleman, Robin Hood. Team up with Little John and the rest of the Merry Men as the battle for the King’s throne ensues in this stealth-based, real-time strategy game.
Key features:
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2020.11.07 17:05 iskaandismet On Modding Drama and Why JFD's Rise to Power is now Hidden/Private

So this is the internet and I could really not give a shit without any consequences (that might even have been wiser), but obviously I do because I wrote a really long post about it. This post is
What is now a while ago, in the wintespring of 2016, I found JFD's proto-works (Then in the form of a handful of gameplay mod compendiums, titled Cities in Development, Exploration Continued Expanded, and Rise to Power) on The CivFanatics Forums. While the community had made some very impressive mods for CiV (CBP was getting retitled to VP around this time iirc, among many other worthy mentionables), few matched the quality and breadth of JFD's mods. By that time already I had already put many hundreds of hours into CiV, from Vanilla to G&K to BNW, so I was aware of how much content there was in the collection of mods relative to an official expansion. I did not however manage to complete any of the many games I started, as I frequently ran into crashes or other insurpassable bugs.
This somewhat dampened my enthusiasm, but JFD was posting updates quite frequently, even weekly, with swathes of bugs fixed each patch. It was only a matter of time, I was sure, before his mods were stable. With the help of past programming experience, I found my own enthusiasm for modding and dipped toes into the CiV lua environment, eventually releasing a small mod called Courage and Cowardice that added a Morale system for Units. (There's an irony here that I'll circle back to later.)
Time went on, and eventually JFD stopped maintaining his collection of mods on the CFC and bundled them together into the Rise to Power mod, releasing updates on a what he would later call a "private" Discord server, but which (as far as I know) was and still is publically accessible. Whenever the updates ran stale (dry spells lasting upwards of a year before development finally ceased) I would give the lastest beta a try, and while never less than impressed I also never failed to be disappointed by some new problem.
I released my own first compendium of gameplay mods, inspired and compatible with (in some cases enhanced by) Rise to Power, which would be called Reign of Heritage and then renamed World at War. (WaW). (An aside, the title I was so proud of (My CS professor Uncle would laugh at it when I called him with questions about an obscure bug) was catchy enough to be noticed by fellow modder S-Man, who would release his own mod compendium some months later, which he titled "The World at War".) Blah blah features blah, but two key parts of this are relevant: WaW added a fourth Ideology, Heritage, and also very carefully didn't overlap with any of the concepts or gameplay mechanics that JFD had included in Rise to Power, or that he had discussed including in future mods or shown screenshots of (specifically the Prosperity and Piety mechanics.) I designed it with as much compatibility as I could, intending to eventually write compatibility between the one major UI overlap (JFD's Piety and my own Pantheons both heavily overwrite the ReligiousOverview), because I assumed JFD would soon or eventually rerelease his mods and I could play with both his and mine together.
Before continuing, it's worth noting a few things that have happened in my own past that would influence the decisions I made next. My first video game was Age of Mythology, and as both a prepubescent obsessed with the Lord of the Rings and a technophile, I zealously followed a mod for Age of Mythology called Legends of Middle-Earth by an author called Stephen Caines. I was very inspired by his mods, and had an extensive medieval-overhaul mod of Age of Mythology of my own inspired by the same passion for history that would eventually lead me to Civilization. Much like adult-me, however, child-me didn't have much talent for art, but instead plucked up his courage and wrote his very first formal email asking Stephen if it was possible if perhaps I could use the excellent textures from his mod in my own personal mod, for my own personal use?
Stephen was warm and encouraging, and in hindsight it must have been very obvious that it was a child writing to him. He encouraged me to use whatever textures I cared for and included some other kind platitudes. It was one of those interactions children have that delude them into thinking that pettiness and spite are things that are grown out of.
The other thing that would affect my next (contentious) decision is that at some point between when I released WaW and my next mod, I would get heavily involved into modding Skyrim, and stumble across this wiki article written by members of the TES modding community about fair use and mods, specifically about what they called the "Cathedral vs Parlor" dichotomy. Needless to say to anyone who has opened the Creation Kit, Skyrim modding is a dark hole I'm quite glad has never become a real habit for me.
Anyway, back to the main story: May of last year, 2019, JFD began to post mods on the workshop again, under the title "JFD's Gameplay Mods". Specifically, these were initially Films, Relics, PoWs, Revolutionaries, Nationalism, and Spirit Ideology. While I was quite excited, because this seemed to be the start of a JFDeissance and possibly the rerelease of all his mods, the last one took me aback a little because it seemed to be very similar to my own Heritage Ideology. Some of the Tenets were mechanically similar in their bonuses to Civs focused on Religion and I felt that there was an overlap in what I would call, I suppose, aesthetic or lore, but what JFD would later refer to as "concept". Anyway, ho-hum, my own mod could very fairly be called derivative of a mod by an author called Tokata who had published a "Fundamentalism" Ideology. The distinction being between Tokata's and mine that the AI wouldn't choose his ideology or be converted to it properly because he lacked the necessary DLL code, which I had been very proud to figure out and get working.
Regardless it was a bit galling that there was now overlap between JFD's works and my own, as it meant I had to make a choice now if I decided to try playing with both our sets of mods; his religious Ideology or mine. (To be fair, they were technically/mechanically if not conceptually/aesthetically compatible.) I downloaded JFD's newest collection of mods and found numerous bugs that subtly broke the game or created UI issues. It was around this time I poked my nose into the Discord for the first time to report bugs, and found JFD and some of his pals with some screenshots of my own code, rudely making fun of some more crude solutions that I'd written earlier on before I became more adept at lua. I was quite hurt.
Coincidentally, it was around this time that I had my first real heartbreak irl, and I found a lot of solace in the dark hours of the morning in front of my computer screen. My understanding of how the CiV code worked and how to mod it substantially deepened, and I completed a couple of projects that I had previously given up on. I found myself at a crossroads: I was now a skilled enough modder to finish any project I started, given enough motivation, but a lot of what I wanted to add to Civilization, mechanics I felt had been lacking since I first played the game in 2011, had already been claimed by JFD, either through betas or screenshots of future works/declarative plans. (I started writing down a list of features that I knew JFD had claimed to be working on or would work on, off the top of my head, but stopped when the list hit twenty items because it seemed superfluous.) I held the belief that there was no point in producing a mod that covered a gameplay concept that had already been covered in RtP; because JFD's mods were the bomb and Sukritact and Janboruta are dope artists whose cumulative work was better than anything I could produce.
This was still May of 2019. It had been more than half a decade since JFD had posted the mod that would eventually become Rise to Power, which had never made it out of beta or been bugless enough for me to consider it playable or for him to apparently consider releasing it. For the last three years, word was that there was an update happening "next Christmas." iirc that particular Christmas came and went without a beta release. Civilization VI had been released, and JFD was working on Rule With Faith. Rise to Power seemed very much to be abandoned.
SimCity 4 is another one of my favorite games, and one I return to every so often. I was plonking down a hospital in a new city when I realized that what I wanted to mod into CiV most of all was an expansion of City management, and an increase in the depth of how City Yields worked. I had an epiphany. Why the fuck shouldn't I make whatever mod I wanted? Who the fuck cared if JFD had already made a mod that did exactly what I wanted to do? Not only was his mod broken, unreleased, and hanging in peril of abandonment, but I couldn't tweak it or tune it or make major changes to it like the tinkerer inside me likes to do.
After 3+ years of wishing that CiV would be the game I wanted it to be without breaking and regularly checking RtP to see if there had been updates, it took me less than a half a week to stitch together my own enhanced-Cities mod from MkZ's Emigration, FramedArchitecture's Health and Plague, and a couple of my own less polished mods involving revolutions and corruption. I played a full standard-time speed game without a single issue and wondered why the fuck I hadn't done this earlier. I began writing my own Health and Plague systems and Emigration systems due to some dissatisfactions with MkZ's and FA's code (kudos to them, their mods are awesome), and for the same reasons I hadn't prised the CiD code out of RtP and started with that as a base: I didn't want to use other people's code and work from a foundation I didn't know intimately.
Throughout the development of the mod that I would later call "Iska's Might and Majesty" (JFD's taste in names and prefixes obviously rubbed off on me) I used placeholder art, but as everything began to work without any obvious hiccoughs, I realized I wanted to share what I had created and that I would need to obtain some art, specificially Building Icons for the newly added Jail and Apothecary Buildings and several FontIcons for the new mechanics, including Crime, Colonies, and Loyalty. So, proudly thinking that what I was working on was a spiritual succesor to RtP, and with Stephen Caines and Skyrim Modding not necessarily on my mind but in my history along with many others who disdain the idea that you need a right to copy, I downloaded RtP and pulled out the Jail and Apothecary Icons and added them to my project without a second thought. I did the same with the Health and Plague Icons, since I knew them to be from another game entirely. The remaining FontIcons I needed (Crime, Loyalty, and Colonies) I recolored from base game assets, several in the style of RtP since I thought they were quite intuitive and liked them or there were few viable alternatives.
A short while later, I had incorporated several other non-JFD-overlapping gameplay mechanics into my mod, and was satisfied enough with the state of it that I posted a beta to the Steam Workshop and a link to reddit asking for feedback. The description on Steam simply said "this is a beta.", and this is where I made my first stumble. It should be obvious to you, reader, that I can pull many words out of my ass, and if you take a look at either of the descriptions of my mods currently on the workshop, you'll see dense walls of texts followed by a long list of credits. At the time of uploading this newest mod, "Might and Majesty" I had two other mods on the workshop, World at War, already mentioned, which was comprised solely of my own code with a few credits listing where I had obtained the art, and Stones to Stars, a modpack I had published in the style of many, many other mods around the workshop that are really just collections of other people's mods. Stones to Stars said as much at the top of its description, and a had a long list of credits and authors at the bottom.
So I posted my beta mod with the non-description of "this is a beta." at 3AM EST intending to update it some time later with more explanation about what exactly the mod did (and of course, credits), and went to sleep. JFD woke up at some point and either found or had a mod pointed out to him that shared art and gameplay concepts with a mod of his, with a description that didn't indicate anything at all, including where the art or code had come from, and a first glance the mod seemed suspiciously similar to his. So this, I think, is where the drama really began.
You can go look at the comments, which according to my professor mother look like a verbal slapfight between two pedantic postgrads, but to summarize what happened, I was accused of plagiarism and I vigorously defended myself. I hadn't derived any code from JFD or his works, and the art I had used I had presumed was released into the world without any legal stranglehold, and I pointed to the Open Modding wiki article. I admitted my failure to properly credit the artists and promptly updated the mods page with Janboruta's name. This, however, did not seem to be enough for JFD, and he seemed to indicate that he disapproved of my releasing my mod, or that he felt that I owed him some sort of credit due to the similar nature of our mods. I did not agree; if Jan wanted to be a dick and tell me I couldn't use his art (because... he said so?) then that was Jan's prerogative, and I certainly wasn't obligated to give JFD credit for gameplay concepts because he had created a mod that behaved similarly or covered identical historical concepts. (See MkZ or FramedArcitechture.) JFD indicated that he believed my design was derivative; I disagreed. My design was my own, it had been so long since I played a RtP beta that I couldn't even remember how the RtP systems worked. I also pointed out the similarities between MkZ's and FramedArchitecture's and both of ours, which are obvious results of design convergence due to limited design space. Furthermore, I pointed out, had JFD not released a mod (Spirit Ideology) that overlapped with my own Heritage mod in a similar way? This struck me as hypocritical. Could the mods not coexist?
It was around this time that fellow modder TPangolin approached me to work with him on a couple of projects, and I was invited to a couple of Discord servers JFD had previously frequented. An inadventant search showed previous badmouthing by him towards my mods, including the choice word of "garish" to describe my custom UI, and a determination to not consider the possibility of compatibility re: Governments. Eventually he re-invited himself to TPang's team, and discussion came up between JFD and TPang regarding TPang's project that I was obliged to take part in. My questions to JFD were either ignored or rudely answered. Whatever, "I'll do it myself, with blackjack and hookers" ended up being my words, and I left Discord for some time.
I woke up one morning some time later to find I'd made a brief, undignified, severely inebriated return to CiV Discord the night before. A lot of rude things were said by a variety of people and nobody came off any better or made any meaningful points.
Anyway all this and similiar behaviour by other members of the community (words like "thief" and "stolen content" have been bandied about), along with other more imaginative and hurtful things, have led me to disengage from the CiV Discord for quite some time. It's also summer, and there are better things to do than sit in front of a computer. However, my country is still relatively locked-down due to Covid, so I've quite some time on my hands, and for some inexplicable reason the internet on my desktop won't stay stable enough to let me play Team Fortress 2. The obvious solution is to do something about that, but I'm not not a programmer because I'm not not lazy. So the programmer solution is to play a singleplayer game, like CiV, whch has led to me beginning to update some of my mods.
As I mentioned above, I've had a mod on the Workshop for quite some time called Stones to Stars. It exists for the following reasons;
Anyways, as I update my mods, I consider where I stand in regards to JFD and why or why I shouldn't include two particular mods of his (Great Relics and Great Films) amongst the many others in StS. The following reasons led me to consider including them;
All this and the previous accusation of uncredited plagiarism in mind, I decided to go to Discord and ask for JFD's blessing to including Relics and Films with the next version of StS. He had mentioned on reddit that he has "freely given permission for others to use and change my works in the past - most notably to the VP crowd - when I've been asked about it beforehand; its always when I have to stumple upon my works that I resent its use." Most notably, imo, the whole of a beta CiD is included in Anno Domini: JFD had shown in the past that he was willing to allow others to include his major works with theirs.
All did not go according to plan. Tensions were high and hackles were raised to begin with due to my previous bombastic visit to discord. Eventually I was called a cunt and banned. A bit later JFD set his Rise to Power mods on the Workshop to Private.
So I can either
A few barely relevant things:
Some time ago, I messaged Korean modder aa0905766k asking if he could make public his DLL code so that I could incorporate it into my own DLL and allow compatibility between his excellent mods and mine. He replied that he was no longer maintaining his mods and graciously offered to send me all his released and unreleased work, including both the DLL source and previously unreleased, high quality 3d leaderheads. The Holy Grail of Civ V modding. I was ecstatic, and quickly wrote my very first actual Civilization mod for Civilization ever (I had never done so before due to my personal dissatisfaction of the stark contrast between the 3D Firaxis Leaders and the inevitably 2D modded Leaders, no matter what quality) to make use of aa0905766k's (A0K's) excellent Jayavarman leaderhead. A few days later, I found a message from fellow modder PineappleDan asking if he could use the excellent Jayavarman leaderhead for his own Khmer mod, and a subsequent message telling me he was using the Jayavarman leaderhead for his mod. I was quite upset and browbeat PineappleDan into reverting his mod to it's previous 2d leaderscreen because I somehow felt I had a rightful claim to the exclusive use of A0K's Jayavarman leaderhead. (Because I had... contacted him first?) The hypocrisy of my actions hit me pretty quickly, and within a couple of days I sent a message to PineappleDan encouraging him to use the leaderhead and apologizing for my attitude. In the past, I've made it clear to Tpangolin amongst others that they are free to use rewrite and redistribute my work as they see fit. I would be flattered.
Circling back around to the irony I mentioned at the top of this post, recently, modder DMS released a Unit Morale mod on the Steam Workshop. Afaik DMS is amongst the camp of people who seem to think that by releasing Might and Majesty, I did JFD dirty in some way. His mod looks quite cool, and I'm not trying to say that I came up with a Unit Morale mod first and therefore I have first right to the idea, I just want to highlight that if you go far enough back, someone has always done something first.
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2020.11.04 09:48 RebornInLife Prophecies of Gottfried Von Werdenberg

Prophecies of Gottfried Von Werdenberg
Here is a summary of the prophecies of a modern German mystic, Gottfried Von Werdenberg.
An extraordinary Seeër is living in Austria. All that he has prophesied to date has happened. Very many people bear witness to this fact. He sees himself in a situation whereby he experiences the coming years, the Third World War, the cosmic events, and the first few years of the coming epoch of Genesis. He saw all of it like a film before his eyes.
  • The collapse of the Reichsbruecke (bridge) in Vienna;
  • The nuclear disaster of Harrisburg, U.S.A.;
  • The nuclear catastrophe at Chernobyl, Russia;
  • The dissolution of the Soviet Union;
  • The fall of the Berlin Wall and German reunification;
  • The Middle East War (against Iraq);
  • Civil War in Yugoslavia
There will not be an energy crisis, political or otherwise, in the near future in Middle and West Europe. However, do not depend on oil or gas. Coal and wood will celebrate a comeback. Before the Third World War begins, Russia will cut supplies of gas and oil to other nations. In addition, there will be a second military conflict in the Saudi Arabian region before WW3 (World War 3). There will not be another Chernobyl disaster before WW3. The energy crisis will come, however, before WW3.
Small farm holders should not sell. They will be safe. Today’s policy of “chemical” farming will not last long. Only those living in the country will survive the War. Happy are those who will have a small farm.
Germany, France, Italy but also England has many foreign subjects. Many countries will experience public unrest, a kind of civil war. Shortly before the outbreak of WW3, many people from East Europe and South East Europe will pour into West Europe. Islamic members will grow in strength and confront Christianity.
Germany’s economic power will come to an end. The “economic miracle” will be finished forever. Germany will not recover economically before WW3. She will bleed. She cannot cope with her position as the treasurer for the whole world, the cost of her reunification, and the recession to come. Taxation will become unbearable for her people; the standard of living will fall, and the economy will become desolate.
The Czech and Slovak countries will remain stable until WW3. They will not suffer events like those that happened in the former Yugoslavia. However, they will suffer very much during WW3.
The civil war will finish before WW3, probably with the help of foreign participation.
Poland will suffer a grave, armed conflict in the near future, probably in the South. The reason is not known. It might be connected with the civil unrest in neighbouring nations, e.g. in Germany. Political stability and peace have finally ended.
Inflation will rise in Europe, but there will not be a complete currency collapse. The economic and monetary bankruptcy will come before the civil wars and merge into WW3.
Russia will remain politically stable, materialistic, and atheistic. People who keep saying that Russia is beginning to be converted, show complete ignorance and a confused mind. Together with other global powers, Russia will remain godless. Even the increasing number of Christians will not change this fact. The real conversion of Russia comes after WW3. Military leaders will take over power in Russia before WW3.
The youth in Western Europe has no interest in joining the armed forces. This will have grave consequences in the coming war. Governments should provide powerful and effective defences, efficient protection against pollution, and a restrictive policy for foreign subjects. US Forces will withdraw completely from Europe, thus making matters easier for the Russians. The chaos will be perfect.
The decade of the 90’s belongs also to Satan. The destruction of children and youth by an awful school system, drugs, pornography, sex education, etc. will continue. Immorality is flourishing, family values are ridiculed and bad examples (e.g. pop and film stars) are idolized. Socialism will gain strength again, especially the influence of the extreme left will grow.
China is the only exception economically. She will continue to grow. A clever leadership will use the billion people. Their demands are very modest; cheap labour in agriculture and industry combined with modern Western technology provide huge profit for China which she will use to strengthen her armed forces with modern weapons. China will become a superpower and, like Japan, it has a homogenous population which is very beneficial for a nation, unlike the Western nations and Russia where many foreign nationals and ethnic minority groups live.
There will be a cosmic event most definitely before WW3. It will be a beautiful summer’s day in Austria; no cloud to be seen in the sky. People in the village are excited; they look towards the sun which begins to darken. It is approximately 10 o’clock normal time, not summer time. Whilst the sun is getting darker, dusk is covering earth. It is not the usual solar eclipse but a kind of fog in the universe far outside of our atmosphere. The sky is getting darker. At first there are only a few stars, then more and more appear. One is able to see them at first in the west, then in the north. There are no stars in the east and in the south where the sun was last seen. There is no moon. It is a normal clear sky illuminated by the light of the stars. One is still able to identify the ground, but one cannot read any writings.1 Suddenly the stars disappear. Complete darkness is covering the earth. A few minutes pass; now it is getting brighter. One is able to see the surrounding area. There is no sun. Billions of white dots can be observed in the east. It is like a rain of glowing fire moving from east northeast to west south-west very quickly. It is hitting the ground like a heavy fall of hail. The glow turns from white to yellow, then to glowing red before hitting the ground. They fall in distances of 50 m (165 ft.) to 100 m (330 ft.) apart; they make no noise. When they hit the ground, they look like dust particles or grains of sand. Some are as big as a child’s fist. The villagers do not seek cover; they do not appear to be afraid. The time between the sighting of the particles in the north east and their hitting the ground is a matter of seconds, maximum a minute or so. Once the particles hit the ground, it becomes bright again. A fierce storm begins to blow now from the east and creates fire; it drives before it the fierce fire. The grass is burning; forests are burning; fields are burning; barns, sheds, and farm buildings are on fire; houses and factories are burning, too. The sun will not shine again on this day. 1 Matthew 24:29. 4 The cause of the rain of glowing fire might be a comet, directly or indirectly responsible for it. The seer is unable to tell. The time of year is the summer, probably the first half of August. The year is not given but it could be any year from 1995 onwards.
The destruction of New York will not be part of World War Three. It will happen beforehand. The seer cannot give the year (God has his own reason). New York is destroyed by the hatred of Islamic-Arab circles. It is probably connected with the US engagement in the second - and a still to come - Middle East war; but in any case it is done in reply to something that the Americans have done to the Arabs. The seer has seen the destruction of New York in all details. It is beautiful early summer weather in Austria. It could be noon. The year is not known. New York will be destroyed by several small nuclear devices; one of them could be a small atomic bomb. The main nuclear device is probably launched from a ship. The missile will fly in a curve and explode behind a large building facing the sea. Buildings will not collapse immediately. The waves created by the nuclear explosion, will shift whole buildings; some may lean a few degrees. However, the result is that they will break up at the base. If one watched the spectacle from the sea, it would seem as if the skyscrapers were walking towards the sea but slowly disappearing into the ground. Manhattan will be flattened completely. New York’s suburbs will not be harmed, only New York’s center will be destroyed. Radio and television in Europe will report the event. Words will not be minced. People will say that what the Americans did to the Arabs was abominable, but to destroy New York is going too far. The destruction of New York will have no consequences for Europe, where no imminent signs of a forthcoming war are visible.
The rain of glowing fire can be considered a warning that World War Three is close. The same applies to the destruction of New York. Even the armed conflict in the Middle East which will take place on Arabian soil and include Saudi Arabia, but does not involve nuclear weapons, is a sign of a major war to come. The USA will invade Saudi Arabia’s oil area, but will be defeated. Prior to WW3 there will be war in Africa, from the north to the south. The fate of South Africa is not known, but people are warned not to emigrate to South Africa. Only the west of the African continent will survive relatively unscathed. Before WW3, power in Europe is held by the radical left. Bolshevism and Communism celebrate a renaissance. Christendom and Church suffer persecution by leaders of the extreme left, especially in Italy and France. 5 The multi-national society will show its multi-national crimes. Attacks, theft, murder, drugs, rape will be daily occurrences. There will be civil war in France, Italy, and England. Germany will suffer a similar situation, also countries in northern Europe. Bohemia (the Czech and Slovak nations) will remain stable. The energy crisis will reach its peak before WW3. Shortly before the outbreak of WW3, millions of people from the east and south east of Europe will flood West European nations. The chaos in Europe begins approximately at the same time, or shortly after, the American forces have completed the greater part of their withdrawal from Europe. One cannot rely on the USA during WW3, only on the Chinese. Immorality, the absence of love for one’s neighbour, and a refusal to serve in the armed forces will reign supreme. War in West Europe is the punishment for it all. Russia will be ruled again by an authoritarian red regime. They will reassure the West of their “peaceful co-existence”, and many West Europeans will be blinded by it.
There will be no war in Central Europe (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) until… 1998. Most likely it will be 1999. (Author’s note. This is 1999 in the AMD Calendar, Anno Mori Domini.. Counting from the Death of Jesus which was at 33 so that puts us at 2032-2033)
First it will be Austria’s turn, then Germany’s, then Switzerland’s; this is certain. The military conflict will be finished at the turn of the century. Cosmic events, like the fall of comets, and earthquakes may last a little longer.
The military conflict will last approximately 2 years; somewhat less in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The Russians will first occupy Austria for her strategic importance. There will be very little resistance by the Austrians. The U.S.A. will not intervene. The Russians will steal what they can so as to keep their troops fed. Any resistance will be useless. When the civil war in Italy reaches its peak, Russia will invade it.
Approximately at the time of the Russian occupation of Austria, civil war will rage at its worst in Italy and France ruled over by godless extreme left-wing governments. The clergy is being persecuted. There will be mass murder and violent plunder.
The social outcasts, the mob, are a danger for all countries which share borders with France and Italy. These murdering and plundering hordes show no mercy. They will also destroy Rome, and Paris, set alight by the mob, will burn like a torch. In any event due to the war, large cities and towns will be destroyed more or less. SURVIVAL IS ONLY POSSIBLE IN THE COUNTRY AND IN SMALL VILLAGES.
The first nuclear weapon will be used in Europe in the Mediterranean. Many nuclear bombs will be exploded high in the sky above the Adriatic Sea, from the North to the South. The consequences are, of course, major flooding in that area. Shock waves can be felt in Austria and Germany.
The nuclear attacks by the Russians in the Adriatic Sea and later in the North Sea, are meant solely for the destruction of enemy ships operating there. There will also be a war in the Balkan countries, from Albania to Bulgaria to Turkey. However, the Russians will lose the battles.
China will help Europe, indirectly and with great reluctance. Chinese troops will fight the Russians in Central Europe. On their way to Europe, the Chinese will conquer South Russia, and their many, small tanks will be superior to the Russian tanks. The Russian troops will be defeated.
The European population is suspicious, but they do not hate the Chinese; they hate the Russians.
At first, the Chinese and Russians will fight each other with conventional weapons in Lower Austria and in the Czech Republic, north of the Danube. The front will be broken three times. Many, many people will die as a result of the tank battles which will destroy the whole area. No stone will be left unturned in Lower Austria and in the Czech Republic.
A similar fate will be experienced by other nations worldwide. The U.S.A. and Canada will be devastated.
As the war progresses, Russian troops will invade Western Europe. The latter has no real resistance to offer against the Russian. The total defeat of Germany by the Russians is avoided only with the aid of Germany’s space vehicle. It is able to remain suspended in space, and is equipped with a revolutionary engine, electromagnetic gun and a machine that can fire lightning bolts. This space vehicle is superior to what the Russians have, and can destroy even the most modern missiles.
By now, half of Europe and half the world is a heap of rubble. Now the Americans decide to help Europe. Gigantic battles will take place with the most horrific weapons systems. At least one nuclear battle will take place in the North Sea. All countries bordering the North Sea, will be affected.
Gigantic waves will flood England, Belgium, Holland, North Germany, and Denmark. The sea waves, caused by a Russian nuclear explosion in the North Sea, are more than 75 m (250 feet) high. They spread quickly and grow even more. Their power is fierce, and they do not only destroy London but also large parts of Southern England.
Back to Central Europe. The Czech Republic is a neutral nation. Nevertheless, Russia will occupy her, and the nuclear battles will destroy the whole nation. Hell reigns in the western part of the Czech Republic. Nuclear and neutron bombs are used by the Russians and the Chinese in their first encounter. The second battle is even worse. The Chinese are trying to encircle the Russian forces, which are trying to escape to the north.
The vibration of the multiple nuclear explosions can be felt everywhere in Central Europe. Whole mountain ranges are removed and flattened, in order to defeat the enemy. One cannot describe the satanic brutality of the war.
A sulphur-yellow glowing fire rises above the West of the Czech Republic; it is perhaps the result of the exploded neutron bombs. Then follows a short, powerful, white-yellow explosion which throws fire high in the sky. The fleeing Russians may have detonated their nuclear weapons stored in the Czech coal mines. This is the last explosion in the Czech Republic, for now the crust of the earth splits open.
The first eruption high into the sky shows the Crucified Lord, animated, with His Wounds. The world will shout: “There is a God!” Our Lord remains suspended in the sky, then slowly He takes on the form of a birch-tree (this has a special meaning, as a prophecy was made in Germany centuries ago in connection with a birch-tree).
Now tons of lava, stones, and debris are ejected into the air covering areas more than 100 km (63 miles) away from the centre. The city of Prague will be covered completely by it, and nobody will be able to say in the future where Prague once stood.
Immediately after the earth crust splits open, the most gigantic earthquake in human history will shake the whole planet a whole day. Nothing will remain standing on earth, but God will preserve some homes.
Immense quantities of poisonous gas are freed. It will rise into the atmosphere and biosphere and create three, and more, days of darkness. The air is poisoned for days, but winds will drive the poisonous clouds to the East.
However, the war is not yet over, although one is fighting now with moderate means. The Russians are now on the run. European countries form a new army made up of volunteers. The Russians are hated for this holocaust which they started. Discipline and moral are gone in the Russian forces. They are wiped out completely. Not one Russian will see his homeland again.
Russia collapses. The Communist leaders are being killed, and their historic guilt is now washed in the blood of millions of innocent dead people.
Survivors worldwide have nothing left. Of six billion people on earth, approximately 600 million will be chosen to survive. This is more than enough for our devastated planet.
After the war, there will be no hatred between nations. Old historic borders will be established again (peacefully), so as to form homogenous nations. The multi-national society is finished. Germany will have an Emperor. She will be given back all German-speaking countries and German lands in the north, south, east, and west. Even Austria and Switzerland will voluntarily belong to the new German Empire. Poland will return parts of Poland to Germany but will be given back her land in the east from Russia. The Chinese will be given part of Siberia, and Italy - after a battle which she will lose - must return South Tyrol to Austria. All religious sects will be united in a cleansed and renewed Christendom; it will unite all nations in peace but without merging them and their cultures. The Church will no longer be a worldwide powerful institution. Christendom, in its purest form, will enter the hearts of the survivors, and will not be used as an excuse for oppression and exploitation. Due to cosmic events ― a collision between earth and another space body ― the North and South Pole will move to a new position. The earth will not be stable for some time to come, because of minor earthquakes. From the book “Vision 2004 — Die nächsten 10 Jahre.” It was published in the German language 1995 by Mediatrix Verlag, Gloriette 5, A-3423 St. Andrae-Woerdern, Austria.
submitted by RebornInLife to PropheciesOfTheFuture [link] [comments]

2020.11.02 17:00 nstav13 Phantom Time, Alchemy, and Wars of the Holy Roman Empire - Mildly Obscure Setting Discussions

A common trait Assassin’s Creed groups have is the constant theorizing about future settings, because historical tourism is one of the best parts of the series. Many fans want pretty cliche settings such as the American Civil War and Wild West, World War 2, Ancient Rome, and Feudal Japan. Most of these popular settings will be discussed in my series on commonly suggested settings. The common thread between all settings in this series of posts is that they have not appeared on a Ubisoft poll or survey that can be easily found (China, Japan, Rome), they are not overly requested settings by the fanbase (see wild west and world war 2), and they all are relatively known enough to be marketable to a broad base. In each of these posts, I’ll be discussing map areas, cities, architecture, culture, wars, historical events, historical characters, broad conjecture on how AC could work with this, and any existing lore in this area. Like with the Commonly Discussed series, I wanted to discuss a few potential settings in the Holy Roman Empire today. My ideal setting for Germany and Austria would be the German Revolutions of 1848 which you can read about here.

The Ottonian Dynasty
Otto I came to power in East Frankia in 936ce, not even 100 years after Valhalla. At this time, most of the 3 kingdoms of Frankia were ruled by local duchies and headed by a single King, who ultimately had to submit to the dukes that controlled the states. Otto gained the power of the devotion prong within the lore and began reducing the power of the duchies. The dukes would rise up in protest but he’d violently put them down, asserting his power. In 955 the Hungarian Magyars attempted to invade his lands, causing him to meet them in battle at Lechfeld, defeating them, killing their leader Bulcsu, and stopping their attempts to invade. With this, his Christian kingdom was secured. In 961 he would follow up by invading Italy and being crowned King of the Romans, reforming Charlemagne’s Roman Empire. By his death in 973 he had reconquered part of Lotharingia as well, leaving his son a large empire to contend with. His son, Otto II had been made co-ruler of Germany years prior, though his coronation left some within the dynasty unhappy leading to the War of the Three Henrys in 977. After squashing the rebellion, Otto II went to war in southern Italy only to lose to the Muslims occupying the region and then followed by a loss in the east, losing the Elbe river to the Slavs.
Otto II died suddenly in 983 leaving his 3-year-old son, Otto III as king. His cousin Henry II, Duke of Bavaria acted as regent for Otto until trying to claim the throne as his own in 984. After his insurgency failed, he exiled himself and Otto’s mother became regent until 991 when she died. During this time Crescentius II rebelled against the Empire and tried to make Rome independent. Otto’s grandmother became regent for another 3 years. Otto was eventually crowned as Emperor in 996. Soon after, he reasserted dominion over Rome, executing Crescentius, and reformed the Papacy starting with his cousin Gregory V. Sylvester II was installed as pope in 999 after Gregory died. Sylvester, Otto III, and Emperor Basil II of the Byzantine Empire have been accused of conspiring to fabricate 271 years of history in the “Phantom time” conspiracy so that they were alive in 1000ce and adoption of the Anno Domini dating system. Within AC lore this is clearly false as we know Eivor was alive in 873ce, during the 271 years of “false history”. What could be interesting is if they fabricated 2 years or so of history, which wouldn’t have as much of an impact, but could still play into the conspiracy. Otto III would go on to spread Christianity to Poland and the Slavs crowning Stephen I as the first Christian King of Hungary before dying in 1002 with no heir.

The Salian Dynasty
Otto III’s death left his cousin, Henry II to become King of Germany and eventually Emperor of the Romans. Henry died in 1024 once again leaving no heir, and forcing the dukes to elect Conrad II as King of Germany. The first three years of his reign were settling disputes in Germany and taking the Crown of Italy and quelling a rebellion in Milan and Ravenna by force. This led to his crowning as Emperor in 1027.
The following year the duchy of Swabia attempted to rise up in rebellion but was quelled with the duke being imprisoned and later having his titles revoked. The duke of Carinthia grew angry during this time due to raids from Hungary and after negotiations with Conrad went bad, attacked Conrad’s men in the streets. Duke Adalbero was removed from office and died in Bavaria 4 years later. Mieszko II of Poland then began fearing an invasion from Conrad due to the conflict in Swabia and Carinthia in 1028 and thus invaded Germany. In 1029, he allied with Stephen I of Hungary. Conrad would continue his campaign until 1032 when Mieszko would surrender, only to be deposed by his duke, Bzprym. Mieszko would have Bzprym killed but would continue to fight for his new role as Duke of Poland within the Roman Empire until he died in 1034. His son Casimir would flee from Poland until returning in 1040 to restore its power within the empire. Stephen I and Hungary would cease hostilities for the remainder of Conrad’s reign. In late 1032 with hostilities ending with Mieszko, Conrad marched to Burgundy, France, due to the king, Rudolph, dying and plunging his kingdom into chaos. With this, the three kingdoms of Burgundy, Germany, and Italy were securely within the Roman Empire and in 1038, Conrad secured the ascendency of his son Henry to become the next Emperor and formally starting the Salian Dynasty.

Frederick Barbarossa’s Ambition
Frederick Barbarossa was an esteemed duke in Swabia, whose uncle Conrad was then the King of Germany under Emperor Lothair II. In 1147 he joined the Second Crusade and assisted in the Siege of Damascus after which he witnessed the Knights Hospitaller which was one of several military orders that were tied through the Knights Templars, as we saw in AC1. He returned to Germany in 1149 and in 1152 was at his uncle’s bedside as Conrad died, and was handed the royal insignia, passing the crown to Frederick rather than Conrad’s young son. The German Princes would come to confirm him, as they ultimately had more power than the king for the past 80 years or so. His first action as king was to strengthen his court and unify the 1600 princes under him, followed quickly by establishing strong ties with the pope.
In 1155 he invaded Italy for the first time, and following the success of his campaign was crowned as Emperor of the Romans. He could conduct 5 more campaigns in Italy attempting to secure the lands, mostly in the south, to varying degrees of success and failure. In 1172 he even changed the name of his empire from the Roman Empire to the Holy Roman Empire, a name that has since been anachronistically applied to the empire stretching back to Charlemagne. During these years contemporaries would revel in his battle acumen and ambition for Italy. Despite Pope Urban III’s objections, he would marry his son to the heiress of the Kingdom of Sicily. In 1187, tension began rising in the crusader states as Saladin began conquering them and capturing Guy of Lusignan. This would be a major spark in the Third Crusade which would be declared 2 years later by the new King of England, Richard. Frederick would join Richard in the Crusade leading multiple battles before drowning in a river he was crossing.

The Rise of the Habsburg Monarchy under Charles V
In the 13th century, a single-family began to dominate affairs in Europe, becoming the primary line of Holy Roman Emperors. In the late 15th century Spain was finishing its Reconquista and unifying under Isabella of Castille and Ferdinand of Aragon. Their daughter, Joanna would marry into the Habsburg monarchy with Phillip the Handsome and as a result, gain control of the Netherlands. Their son, Charles the V was born in 1500 and by 1506 began raking in territories under his control as family members died and he inherited the lands. In 1516 his mother was declared insane and despite continuing to “rule” would, in reality, cede actual rule to Charles V. By 1519, he was crowned as Holy Roman Emperor of Germany, Italy, and Burgundy and was de facto King of Spain. This was his empire. Just was like 40% of Europe.
The influence of the Habsburg Empire was rivaled by France, though. During this time the Protestant Reformation also began, with Charles V declaring Martin Luther an outlaw at the Diet of Worms in 1521. France would then attempt to take Italy in a series of Italian Wars that would continue throughout his entire reign. Charles had no capital either, and as such was always traveling throughout his empire. Over 25% of his time as Emperor was just time spent traveling on the road. France would align themselves with Suleiman the Magnificent of the Ottoman Empire as well, causing Charles to lose some land in Hungary, including Buda. Eventually in Augsburg in 1556, Charles V agreed to allow Lutheranism in the Holy Roman Empire, (but not Calvinism), and later would abdicate to his sons, splitting the Habsburg Empire and handing Spain, southern Italy, and the Netherlands to the senior branch, while the Junior branch controlled the Holy Roman Empire and Austria. There’s not much in lore about Charles V other than that he had the faith prong and passed it on to Hernan Cortes after approving the conquest of the Americas. The big issue with this time period is how big the empire is. Maybe it’d be best suited as a game in the old style only focusing on 2-3 cities and a little countryside in between.

Alchemy and the Occult under Rudolf II
This game should only be set in Prague. Rudolf II became Emperor in 1576 and moved the capital to Prague in 1583. Ultimately Rudolf was an ineffectual leader. He did not have a deep love for Christianity and as a result sat on the fence for the debate between Catholics and Protestants, only furthering the divide between them. He would later start a new “crusade” against the Turks only to be defeated and have the Hungarians exhausted and hating him. His younger brother would start a coup and have him imprisoned in 1609. He was released in 1611 only to die 9 months later.
The interesting thing about Rudolf and this period is his love of the occult sciences. Especially Astronomy and Alchemy. Local legends spoke of a Golem stalking the streets at night killing alchemists causing him to put guards on alchemists. Allegedly this Golem was created by angry jews for injustices from the state. Even within lore this Golem was real and spoke to the English poet Elizabeth Jane Watson. Alchemists Alley exists in Prague due to the patronage of Rudolf. We do know that alchemy exists in the AC universe to some extent due to a philosopher's stone being created in the 16th century based on the notes of Nicholas Flamel. It’d be interesting for sure to have a dark and gritty based AC game in Prague and trying to find the root of the occult in the city, maybe tied to Templars influencing Rudolf and testing limits of drugs and alchemy similar to what we see them doing in Assassin’s Creed 1 to test the potential effects of the apple.

Thirty Years’ War
While a fantastic period for the setting of the Dutch Golden Age, I don’t feel the Thirty Years’ War is the best for an AC in Germany. It started as a civil war in Germany due to issues over Protestantism and Catholicism and originally lasted from 1618 until 1624. That’s when the Dutch and Polish decided to invade, lasting another 5 years as they swept through Germany. Then 1629 the Swedish invaded during which time a leading Bohemian Mercenary was killed by his own men following rumors he planned to betray the Holy Roman Empire. Sweden suffered a defeat in 1634 making them start to retreat, only for the French to then invade Germany for another 14 years. They only signed the Peace of Westphalia in 1648 after both the French and Germans completely exhausted themselves. In the end, up to 8 million German civilians had been killed, and they fled the major cities and farmlands due to the cities being sacked and invaded. This period is definitely interesting, but it’s so long and honestly depressing, the majority of big assassinations would also be surrounding battles, and would likely suffer from a similar issue as AC3. Especially with how many other settings can do the setting of Central Europe justice, such as the Revolutions of 1848, I don’t think this is a setting we need in a game and would be best explored in external media.
submitted by nstav13 to assassinscreed [link] [comments]

2020.10.25 07:23 Nathan1123 How much was the Anno Domini calendar used before 1000 AD?

Hey guys,
I was reading answers to a recent question about 1000 AD, and that got me thinking of a different question that I always wondered about: how much was that dating system even being used at that time?
I know that the AD system first appears in the 6th century AD by Dionysus of Ephesus, who is presumed to have invented it. But its not used by a historian until the Venerable Bede in the 8th century AD, almost 200 years later. In fact, by the Carolingian Empire in the 9th century AD we are already getting pretty close to the year 1000, and it seems the AD system is still only being sparsely used.
At what point do we start to see medieval chronicles, recording events on a year-by-year basis, assigning each year to a date in Anno Domini? Or dates on coins?
It just fascinates me to think that such a limited amount of literature or date stamps in general in Anno Domini originate from the first millennium AD, utilizing three digits instead of the usual four.
Edit: To not be confused, I'm not talking here about the "average person", as I know people weren't literate enough to know the calendar year until much later. I'm talking about sources that are known to record things on a regular basis, like royal or ecclesiastical chronicles and coins.
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2020.09.02 15:02 Krabice Any other mods with lance recruitment?

Are there any other mods except Medieval Conquests, Anno Domini and Hispania 1200, that use the lance recruitment system?
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2020.08.29 00:57 zfride Sol Race

To celebrate the third millennium of the anno Domini or Common Era in the Gregorian calendar and for the first time in history, mankind is organizing a galactic race through its home solar system.
This race is only for the best of the best and requires in-depth knowledge of the latest technological achievements of mankind. Through the race from Mercury to Neptune, the challengers must stand up to the most insidious features of our neighboring planets.
Feel free to add ideas for protagonists/antagonists :) It would be so much fun to learn more about our own solar system through a SciFi movie.
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2020.08.19 03:09 CreepyZion The Phantom time hypothesis theory was developed by German born historian Heribert Illig. He says that the Anno Domini (AD) dating system is made up and that between 614 – 911 there was no human history at all.

The Phantom time hypothesis theory was developed by German born historian Heribert Illig. He says that the Anno Domini (AD) dating system is made up and that between 614 – 911 there was no human history at all. submitted by CreepyZion to mystery [link] [comments]

2020.08.01 17:58 BacklinksInComment But while it may be girl

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2020.07.28 11:37 BacklinksInComment Hoodies-promos-if-you-wish-share

Oh, certainly, if you wish it

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2020.06.16 01:15 BlueSabere What is it the 41st millennium of? What’s the anchor point for the Imperium’s dating system?

Is it still going off of Anno Domini? It’d be kind of weird for the Imperium to have a dating system tied to a heretical religion. Presuming that it’s not, what exactly is the Imperium’s dating system tied to?
submitted by BlueSabere to 40kLore [link] [comments]

2020.06.09 02:18 AssaultRider555 Gundam Timelines and connection theory - The Timelines surrounding the Universal Century

Since there are Gundam Timelines that takes place in the same universe, here's a theory I came up with. It's gonna sound like total bullshit and pure brain-hurting material. Well, that's because is IS!
Final Warning: Your brain can and will hurt if you proceed to read this bullshit theory I created purely out of fun.
Anyway, here's my theory:
Anno Domini ➡️ After War ➡️ Universal Century ➡️ Correct Century ➡️ Regild Century
Now, I mentioned Anno Domini here first because in the Regild Century, or more specifically Aida, actually references the AD calendar. Of course, this would be just a mere coincidence but I'm gonna include it anyway.
Now, Gundam 00 was set in the AD 2307. Earth fuel fossils have been depleted and solar energy became a replacement. It is important to note that mankind is just beginning to venture into space and that there were no space colonies. Gundam 00 ended with several humans going through Innovation and setting off to find the future.
And now, the After War timeline. Humanity had developed several colonies only for them to be dropped on to the face of the earth due to the 7th Space War, sending the earth into a Nuclear Winter state.
This following statement was taken from the Gundam Wiki:
"Although the exact reasons for the start of the war are unknown, one of the known causes of the 7th Space War was the secession of a colony from the Earth's government due to ideological differences regarding the existence of Newtypes."
But what about the Innovators then? It just doesn't add up, huh?
But first, what exactly are Innovators and Newtypes? The following definitions have been taken from the Gundam Wiki:
"Innovators are a natural evolution of humans are humans that naturally evolved from exposure to concentrated high grade GN Particles. In theory, a Genuine Innovator has the ability to sense other users of quantum brainwaves (QBWs), possesses telepathic abilities that allow him or her to sense the thoughts and feelings of neighboring people, enhanced reflexes and a sense for danger precognition, and the capability to utilize the special propeties of high grade GN particles to communicate emotions/feelings out towards other people."
"Newtypes are a natural evolution of humans. They have an extremely high degree of focus and spatial awareness, almost a sixth sense. They are capable of empathically detecting other Newtypes and are sensitive to the hostile intentions directed at them by others, allowing them to uncannily react to their opponents even before the offender carries out the intended action."
They seemed so similar but it has been proven that Newtypes are more powerful as proven by Kamille Bidan as he has the ability to channel sheer emotional pressure for summoning the spirits of his dead friends to boost his unit's power for a brief but devastating attack.
Weird flex but okay.
So, it could be passed off that Newtypes are actually a natural evolution of Innovators. They were classified as Newtypes because their abilities vastly differed from Innovators and are much more powerful. The Newtypes then began breeding to a noticeable degree as the Space Colonies were built.
This brings us back to the one of the known problems that caused the Space Wars. The idealogical differences regarding the existence of Newtypes.
Meaning, just like how the conflict between the Naturals and Coordinators in the Cosmic Era, Newtypes were resented by regular humans who couldn't evolve into one, escalating into a war.
The Newtypes began developing advanced Mobile Suits that would help them win this war, the Gundams, adopting the name of the Mobile Suits that had once changed the world, hoping that they would also be able to do the same. The creation of the Satellite System involved a Luna Solar station of the moon which suggests that a few aspect of the GN Drives were adopted. Not to mention, the fact that D.O.M.E is connected to said station could imply the use of the supercomputer, Veda.
But of course, things didn't quite work out for anyone due to the colony drops. Also, regarding Cyber Newtypes, it can be said that they were created using the same technology that the Human Reform League used for their Superhuman Project due to the large psychological problems that Cyber Newtypes have as Marie Parfacy/Soma Peries also suffered this problem but much worse as she couldn't use any of her 5 senses.
Now, let's treat Universal Century as a clean slate. Let's just say that the problems of the After War is gone as the earth had completely recovered. The Mobile Suits were destroyed and their development was completely abandoned in order to gain peace and also for humanity to focus all their resources to gain back their former glory that was space, marking the start of the Universal Century.
79 years later, they were successful but the world was far from peaceful as the Principality of Zeon had already developed their own Mobile Suits for quite a while to take over space and earth. Other factions stood no chance since as stated before, Mobile Suits developement was completely abandoned. This however did not include the Earth Federation who had been developing the Guntank, the Guncannon and most importantly, the Gundam. A legendary name that had echoed throughout history.
After thousands of years and endless wars that had occurred in the UC, the Correct Century happened. This was a timeline in which all technology on Earth and human civilizations in space, except for the Moon, were destroyed - the culmination of mankind's "Black History". As a result, the technological level on Earth in this timeline is comparable to that of the real world in the early 1900s.
Mankind learned and tried to be better. The results were shown 500 years later during the Regild Century. Although, technology had made a lot of advancements since then, "taboos" were created to keep everyone in check.
Wow, you actually read through all of it. Congratulations. Now, you can call yourself Kamille Bidan. (Haha, get it?)
Side note: I can't think of any Timelines happening in between the UC and the CC as the advancement of UC technology did not fit the criteria of the technology of the other series.
I thought about fitting AC in between Anno Domini and After War but then I'd have to take Mars Century into consideration and I don't really know much about it.
Anyway, that's all.
submitted by AssaultRider555 to Gundam [link] [comments]

2020.05.12 12:58 oviddreams Co-op for Bannerlord in the style of Medieval Conquests mod from Warband?

The mod Medieval Conquests (based on Anno Domini) for warband featured a very basic type of co-op play I'd love to experience in Bannerlord. The implentation was fairly simple - battles were exported onto a multiplayer server where one or multiple friends can chose to control a character, and then upon re-entering the single player, you choose to import the battle results from said battle.
It's a crude system, but it was fun and I imagine not too hard to create. Have any of you guys heard of something similar being worked on for Bannerlord?
submitted by oviddreams to mountandblade [link] [comments]

2020.05.05 15:43 aiquoc anyone want the old warband combat coming back?

It seems to me that battles in Bannerlord do not improve much from Warband's combat, aside from graphic and better command control. But somehow I find the combat here somewhat even less exciting than Warband's, especially some well made mods like Anno Domini 1275.
First of all the weapons' meta: in Warband swords are the most useful melee weapons on horseback, both against cavalry and infantry, only weakness is their reach. Spears are harder to use except crouching lance. No polearm can be swung from horseback except the Khergit glaive but it is rare and very slow when swinging, not too op. I quite like that system, making all weapons quite balanced.
In Bannerlord however, in horseback, spears are much easier to use - which I do not complain, but swords are much harder to use, even against routed enemy. On another hand, there are alot of swing polearms on horseback, and they are really, really effective and easy to use, making swords somewhat worthless for cavalry.
Now, I don't think swinging a polearm in horseback should be harder than swinging a sword. And it's still debatable that swing polearms was actually used on horseback at all, despite whatever Romance of three kingdoms said. Anyway, whacking a fully armored cataphract down from his horse with one swing of a long stick is not really fun or awesome, it feels cheesy. I always like the broken lance mechanic in mods that make crouch lance less cheesy, but now swing polearms are even more cheesy.
Secondly, I found battles are somewhat shorter. Maybe because enemy are more eager to run away now. In a big battles usually two blobs of troop will clash into each other then one side turns back a run after a short time. It can only be longer when the stoopid AI be in charge and start retreat and advance back and forth instead of just charging. I remember the best moment of mount and blade to me are those long, hard fought battles in the open field in the AD 1275 mod, when I rode through the chaotic battlefields full of corpses and fighting men, chasing after those horse archers. In Bannerlord I only experience one moment like such.
I really hope the developers will overhaul the entire battle system in the future, or maybe some modders will do.
submitted by aiquoc to mountandblade [link] [comments]

2020.04.14 20:15 Barksdale123 The Origin and History of the B.C.E / C.E Dating System

In recent years, a persistent criticism has been leveled against the use of the BCE/CE system (Before the Common or Current Era/Common or Current Era) , rather than BC/AD (Before Christ/Anno Domini or 'Year of Our Lord'), in dating historical events.
So..... what is the actual truth of both dating systems?
In this episode the prolific writer Joshua J. Mark guides us through the history of B.C / A.D and B.C.E / C.E and debunks quite a bit of myths and misinformation surrounding these topics in general while guiding us through Ancient / Medieval and Modern Historiography and how these dating systems affect the accuracy of how we view the past.
For clarification this post is in no way meant to start arguments or arguments about the social / religious movements of our day but to discuss the timelines that we use and why we use them?
SO, what are your thoughts? I personally use the terms BCE/CE when discussing history in general and BC/AD when discussing the history of Christianity. What about you?
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2020.04.14 20:13 Barksdale123 The Origin and History of the B.C.E / C.E Dating System

In recent years, a persistent criticism has been leveled against the use of the BCE/CE system (Before the Common or Current Era/Common or Current Era) , rather than BC/AD (Before Christ/Anno Domini or 'Year of Our Lord'), in dating historical events.
So..... what is the actual truth of both dating systems?
In this episode the prolific writer Joshua J. Mark guides us through the history of B.C / A.D and B.C.E / C.E and debunks quite a bit of myths and misinformation surrounding these topics in general while guiding us through Ancient / Medieval and Modern Historiography and how these dating systems affect the accuracy of how we view the past.
For clarification this post is in no way meant to start arguments or arguments about the social / religious movements of our day but to discuss the timelines that we use and why we use them?
SO, what are your thoughts? I personally use the terms BCE/CE when discussing history in general and BC/AD when discussing the history of Christianity. What about you?
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2020.04.14 19:57 Barksdale123 The Origin and History of the B.C.E / C.E Dating System

In recent years, a persistent criticism has been leveled against the use of the BCE/CE system (Before the Common or Current Era/Common or Current Era) , rather than BC/AD (Before Christ/Anno Domini or 'Year of Our Lord'), in dating historical events.
So..... what is the actual truth of both dating systems?
In this episode the prolific writer Joshua J. Mark guides us through the history of B.C / A.D and B.C.E / C.E and debunks quite a bit of myths and misinformation surrounding these topics in general while guiding us through Ancient / Medieval and Modern Historiography and how these dating systems affect the accuracy of how we view the past.
For clarification this post is in no way meant to start arguments or arguments about the social / religious movements of our day but to discuss the timelines that we use and why we use them?
SO, what are your thoughts? I personally use the terms BCE/CE when discussing history in general and BC/AD when discussing the history of Christianity. What about you?
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2020.04.14 19:57 Barksdale123 The Origin and History of the B.C.E / C.E Dating System

In recent years, a persistent criticism has been leveled against the use of the BCE/CE system (Before the Common or Current Era/Common or Current Era) , rather than BC/AD (Before Christ/Anno Domini or 'Year of Our Lord'), in dating historical events.
So..... what is the actual truth of both dating systems?
In this episode the prolific writer Joshua J. Mark guides us through the history of B.C / A.D and B.C.E / C.E and debunks quite a bit of myths and misinformation surrounding these topics in general while guiding us through Ancient / Medieval and Modern Historiography and how these dating systems affect the accuracy of how we view the past.
For clarification this post is in no way meant to start arguments or arguments about the social / religious movements of our day but to discuss the timelines that we use and why we use them?
SO, what are your thoughts? I personally use the terms BCE/CE when discussing history in general and BC/AD when discussing the history of Christianity. What about you?
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2020.04.14 19:57 Barksdale123 The Origin and History of the B.C.E / C.E Dating System

In recent years, a persistent criticism has been leveled against the use of the BCE/CE system (Before the Common or Current Era/Common or Current Era) , rather than BC/AD (Before Christ/Anno Domini or 'Year of Our Lord'), in dating historical events.
So..... what is the actual truth of both dating systems?
In this episode the prolific writer Joshua J. Mark guides us through the history of B.C / A.D and B.C.E / C.E and debunks quite a bit of myths and misinformation surrounding these topics in general while guiding us through Ancient / Medieval and Modern Historiography and how these dating systems affect the accuracy of how we view the past.
For clarification this post is in no way meant to start arguments or arguments about the social / religious movements of our day but to discuss the timelines that we use and why we use them?
SO, what are your thoughts? I personally use the terms BCE/CE when discussing history in general and BC/AD when discussing the history of Christianity. What about you?
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2020.03.25 17:57 pinkquack A copypasta about college decisions to send to your friends after Ivy Day (will also be posted in comments)

Salutations my fellow homo sapiens, extant members of the subtribe Hominini and of the genus homo, characterized by your bipedal locomotion, high manual dexterity, and societal structure. As of right now, I understand that we are both currently obtaining a high school education in the United States of America, North America, on planet Earth in the Solar System orbiting Sol, in the Milky Way Galaxy in the Local Group, located in the Virgo supercluster within Laniakea supercluster, and we are both in the last year of our time in high school, since we are around 17 or 18 years of age.
During this year, commonly referred to as “senior year”, many American students initiate a rigorous application process to a four-year university to pursue a bachelor’s degree. Since you happen to be in the aforementioned group, I am extremely inquisitive on this date of the status of your admissions to the universities that you have applied to for a bachelor’s degree, of various deadlines ranging in between October 1st, 2019, and March 1st, 2020, based on the Gregorian calendar. I am especially interested in the status of your admissions of the top universities in the United States of America, North America, on planet Earth in the Solar System orbiting Sol, in the Milky Way Galaxy in the Local Group, located in the Virgo supercluster within Laniakea supercluster, including but not limited to: Princeton University, Harvard University, Columbia University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Yale University, Stanford University, University of Chicago, University of Pennsylvania, Dartmouth College, Cornell University, California Institute of Technology, Northwestern University, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, New York University, Rice University, Duke University, Johns Hopkins University, Vanderbilt University, University of California-Berkeley or Los Angeles, University of Southern California, and Washington University in St. Louis. Based on the date of my sending of this message, I am specifically inquiring about the universities you applied Regular Decision (RD) to, including but not limited to eight of the top universities in the United States of America known as the Ivy League. Most of these universities released their decision ranging from 2:00 Post Meridiem Central Standard Time on March 13th Anno Domini, 2020, to 6:00 Post Meridiem Central Standard Time on April 1st Anno Domini, 2020, with the Ivy League releasing their decisions at 6:00 Post Meridiem Central Standard Time on March 26th Anno Domini, 2020. Thus, because of the proximity in time between now and the release of most of the decisions, I find it acceptable to inquire of your status.
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2020.03.02 20:01 _DysonBird Something We Do

Currently, the year is 3,500,002,020 LE, or Life Era (also called Living Era). LE is when you add an extra 3.5 billion years to the current date because that's around the amount of time that life has existed on earth. We came up with Life Era here at DysonBird. There are so many systems like AD (Anno Domini), CE (Common Era), and HE (Human Era) already, so we made that new system.
Since we created the LE system, you probably won't find it with your search engine. Also, if you're a kid in school, you probably shouldn't use LE in your project because, well... nobody will know what that is. The reason we created LE is because we wanted to try something new.
Sometimes we will end up just using the Holocene calendar (HE) instead of LE because of convenience reasons. In videos, we won't always be saying "3,500,002,020 LE". Additionally, when we talk about history, we will just use the regular system of BC/AD, not HE or LE. We'll only really use LE when talking about DysonBird. We'll use HE for everything else except for history, where we'll use BC/AD. We'll also use HE when it's not convenient to use LE. For instance, let's say we talk about something we did in the past. We'll use LE for that unless it's not convenient. But if we're talking about, say, the First World War, we'll use BC/AD. This is sort of complicated, but (hopefully) you get the idea.
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2020.02.11 23:44 darthholo [DEVELOPMENT] PAX TRUJILLO; The Foundation of the Federation of Trujillo


Following the First Treaty of Flores, which created a ceasefire between the forces of the Provisional Government and the Autonomous Communes of Chiapas, overt military action became increasingly rare as the Provisional Government focused on the integration of the La Gran Ciudad of Nuevo Méjico and the Secretariat of the Autonomous Communes expanded internal efforts, including infrastructure and welfare.
And now, as the stalemate continues, the leaders of each of the major combatants have been invited to return to Flores to discuss a formal end to the Catholic Civil War.
Representing the Provisional Government is a delegation led by President Álvaro de Luña and Councillor Antonio de Mendoza. Representing the Autonomous Communes are General Secretaries Samuél de Costas and Abrahán Oquendo of the Societas Amicorum Populi and the Falange Seguro u Nacional, respectively. His Grace the Duke of Honduro, Agustín Cisterno, has arrived from Tegucigalpa, while Lord-Protector and K'uhul Ajaw Henrrique Peñalosa represents the Lacondón, the Pasión, the 'Itza, and the other Tribus Águila of the Outer Yucatán.
Although this Conference of Flores would continue for weeks, as debate continued regarding the future of what were once the Lands of the Order, on February 7, anno Domini MMCXXIII, peace had come at last.
The product of the debate is the Constitution of Trujillo, of which four copies exist to be enshrined in Villahermosa, La Concordia, Flores, and Tegucigalpa. They have created not a single unitary state as was expected at the time of the outbreak of the Catholic Civil War, but instead a federation of the warring powers that have now agreed to accept the superiority of the Federal Government.



Article 1

These lands shall constitute the sovereign territories of the Federation of Trujillo, a democratic union between constituent subjects ruled by the Federal Government of Trujillo. The Federal Government of Trujillo is to be composed of the Presidium and the Congress.

Article 2

The Congress of the Federation of Trujillo is the legislature of the Federal Government of Trujillo, composed of the Governing Council and the Popular Assembly.
The Popular Assembly is to be elected by districts of equal population according to the laws of their constituent subject, with Assemblymen serving two-year terms and exactly 1/2 of the Seats in the Popular Assembly being up for election every February 7.
The Governing Council is to be composed of two Councillors from every constituent subject chosen by the governments of those constituent subjects and is to be led by a Prime Minister, if one exists, appointed by the President of Trujillo. The Prime Minister may be removed from office by the Popular Assembly if at least 2/3 of the Assemblymen present vote for a motion of no confidence.
After every election, the Popular Assembly shall elect by secret ballot one of its number to serve as Speaker of the Assembly of Trujillo, who will preside over the Popular Assembly.

Article 3

The Presidium of the Federation of Trujillo is the executive and head of state of the Federal Government of Trujillo, composed of the President of Trujillo and the advisory agencies that he has formed with the consent of the Congress. The President of Trujillo shall be elected by one representative of each constituent subject every five years on February 7, which is to mandated as a federal holiday.
The President may, on the advice of the Popular Assembly, appoint the Prime Minister of Trujillo from among the members of the Governing Council.
The President is not responsible except for the crime of treason, for which they may be tried by the Popular Assembly and impeached from their position, at which point snap elections shall be held.


Upon the ratification of the Constitution of the Federation of Trujillo, four constituent subjects were organized from the warring factions of the Catholic Civil War: the Governorate of Villahermosa, the Autonomous Communes of Chiapas, the Lord-Protectorate of the Yucatán, and the Duchy of Honduro. Minor land exchanges were conducted and the Admiralty was reintegrated into the Federal Government, but borders are much the same, excepting the unincorporated territory around La Gran Ciudad that the eponymous Villahermosa gave up to secure the capital of the Federation.
Political affiliations were largely as one might expect, with a number of factions joining the Societas Amicorum Populi. Of note is that, despite being based on a Parliamentary system, political parties have been banned entirely from Trujillo, instead being replaced with informal "factions" that behave in much the same fashion.
Faction Ideology Power Base
Factio Liberalis Trujillo (FLT) Liberal Conservatism Villahermosa, Honduro
Táan u Seguro Trujillo (TST) Tribal Nativism Yucatán
Sociatas Amicorum Populi (SAP) Marxism-Gutiérrism Yucatán, Chiapas
Falange Seguro u Nacional (FSN) Social Nationalism Yucatán, Chiapas
Despite offers by the Falange for a Leftist Alliance, General Secretary Samuél de Costas chose in a controversial move to work alongside the Liberals and Nativists to create a National Unity Government composed of the "Fathers of the Fatherland" and guide the fledgling Federation of Trujillo. Abrahán Oquendo was heard to have been furious with the decision, but it has resulted in a surge in popularity for the Falange from former radicals of the Societas who do not wish to work with the Liberals.
As was expected, the FLT found a plurality of votes, winning 36 of the initial 100 seats in the Popular Assembly. The SAP won a narrow 32, the TST won 19, and the FSN won 4, and non-aligned independents won a total of 9 seats, primarily in Honduro, which does not closely align with any major factions.
Owing to previous agreements made by the factions of the National Unity Government, it was quite easy to form a government. Álvaro de Luña was elected President and appointed as Prime Minister Samuél de Costas, with Henrrique Peñalosa, on the moderate end of the spectrum of Táan, being elected as Speaker of the Assembly.
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