Ranbir Kapoor dating Sonam Kapoor

any rom-com bollywood movies and/or web series recommendations?

2020.09.01 21:21 anshika526 any rom-com bollywood movies and/or web series recommendations?

i've been watching a lot of bollywood movies recently but ran out of my list and need some more lol, any recs (side note: ive watched a lot of them so less mainstream the better)
Edit: Heres my recommendation list if anyone cares lo
Dream Girl ~ a) Ayushmann Khuranna is in it so like what other reason do you need? XD b) i laughed my ass off in this movie, it was so funny and i loved and somehow it taught like an important lesson along the way. its two hours full of laughter i really do love it its amazing Shubh Mangal Zyada Saadhvaan ~ a) I probably misspelled the name but I loved it cause once again Ayushmann Khuranna but also because it was so funny and like actually showed the difficulties of being in a same-sex relationship and was more about just acceptance with not just gay people but also with ourselves. Most of the characters go through their own character development where they realize that they are enough the way they are and don't need to change for society. Jab We Met ~ a) Did yall know that Shaid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor actually DATED for a while?!? I sure as hell didn't, but I found out in a Koffee With Karan episode. b) their chemistry is AMAZING and its such a cute movie and i love their personailities and their crazy adventures, truly is beautiful. Veere Di Wedding ~ a) whoever wrote this movie sounds like they just found out what the word *fuck* is and decided to LITERALLY INCLUDE IT IN EVERY LINE like use curse words but dont overuse them geez b) i loved the movie because it was about friendship, love, family and the difficulties that come between all of them and everyone was able to find a way out of their real struggles and become better people after them I Hate Luv Stories ~ a) Imran Khan has sadly left the movie industry but I love him in this movie its really good its adorable how his attitude changes because of a girl and he uses cliches in a funny way really enjoyed it. Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga ~ a) sorry again if i misspelled the title but it was such a good movie because Sonam Kapoor and also it was so cute, like it showed with the power of acting how you can truly make a difference in the world. And the love story between the dad and the aunty is SO CUTE AAAAAA Khoobsurat ~ a) Again A CLASSIC and like Fawad Khan is too hot NOT to watch this movie like we need him in more bollywood films A i love him b) its amazing how this free spirited girl is able to change this guys family and life and bring some happiness in it again 2 States ~ a) I LOVE THIS MOVIE first of all Arjun Kapoor is SUPER UNDERRATED and second of all its just an awesome movie overall and its interesting to see how the whole situation played out in terms of the characters and what they went through and the efforts that they go through to prove their love. I don't like how its done through the narration of the guy with a therapist but besides that awesome movie. Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya ~ I feel like no one knows this movie but like its on Netlfix and I was bored so I watched it and its actually really good so like I highly suggest it. And the ending of the movie is really funny and theres a twist midway that confuses everyone at first but makes the movie more enjoyable.Chennai Express ~ theres so many iconic scenes in this movie and really shows the power of loveHappy New Year ~ no clue why everyone hates this movie i really liked it Ae Dil Hai Mushkil ~ literally made me cry i hated the ending but it was so powerful and emotional and beautiful and the songs literally made the movie so much better Yeh Jawani Hai Dewani ~ I loveeeeeeeeee Ranbir Kapoor and the songs in this movie are the BEST and like the whole storyline just made my heart happy Mubarakan ~ made me laugh so much and so hard love arjun kapoor total gem Barelliy Ki Barfi ~ i thought i would hate this movie but watched it cause kriti sanon, and ayushmann and i loved it it was so cutesy and adorable Luka Chuppi ~ BEST MOVIE EVER made me laugh so much and like it was the funniest thing everrr Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl ~ anushka sharma and ranvir singh? count me in Dil Dhakane Do ~ love it hated the ending And ofc theres the classics like K3G, Kahbi Alvida Naa Khena, Kal Ho Na Ho, DDLJ, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Hum Aapke Hain Kaun, etc.
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2020.06.20 08:54 iamanonrobo Stumbled upon this article. Soooooo much chamchagiri here man. Ufff.

Bollywood’s pampered and privileged generation
By Subhash K Jha
September 08, 2019 at 11:30 AM
Say ‘hi’ to the P&P (pampered and privileged) generation. The first time I met Anil Kapoor’s daughter Sonam on the sets of her soon-to-be-her-director Sanjay Bhansali’s Black, I saw this really tall, dusky, sweet and angelic girl eager to prove herself. Little did I now what was in store for her. Sonam was trying her best to make herself useful on the sets. She was eager to learn and was raring to go. The fact that she had just returned from abroad and had the best of education and opportunities only added to her anxiety to prove herself. Spoilt kid? No way! Ranbir Kapoor too is an exact antithesis of what you expect a star-kid to be. Polite, clued-in, alert and computer savvy, Ranbir cannot afford to be anything but the paragon of patience and discipline.
Sonam and Ranbir needed to prove themselves twice as hard as other newcomers. The fact that they belong to two of the most illustrious families of filmdom puts an extra burden on them. Today they’ve done it on their own. Family names apart. It doesn’t matter how talented or charming you are. Being privileged means being persecuted. And I don’t mean just being a star-kid. Be small, be humble and apologetic about your privileged background. It’s the only way you will get past the producer’s smirking disdain. I think Abhishek, Esha, Karisma, Kareena, Ranbir, Varun, Alia, Sara and Janhvi have had to struggle far harder than the average outsider (some of whom are truly average!). Time and again, they were pulled up for where they came from, so much so that soon they began to believe it was a crime to belong to a film family.
One of them once confessed, “Nothing I do is right. My face, my hair, my body language, facial expressions, they are all supposed to be terrible when compared to my mom’s. What do I do? Should I publicly disown my pedigree and pretend to be this poor jholacarrying struggler from Rohtak who has to sleep her way to the top?” Relax, my dear. That stereotype is way too passé to be even remotely parodic. Even Mallika Sherawat, who once confessed to me that she had to “claw” her way out of poverty and bigotry, turned out to be indulging in a whole lot selfdelusory romantic hokum.
My dear departed friend Rituparno Ghosh once said to me, “The class of archetypal strugglers who landed at Mumbai Central with dreams in their eyes and Rs 500 in their pocket, who slept on the pavements and danced for amused producers, hoping they’d get a role, died with Dharmendra and Mithun Chakraborty. There are no strugglers in the true sense. Many of these new wannabes drive sports cars and carry glossy portfolios of their pictures. We can’t hold their lack of ‘struggle’ against them.” Rituparno had more to say. “These young boys and girls are extremely focused because cinema isn’t a meal ticket for them. And by God, they’re so professional! One major upcoming ‘classic’ actress whose first film got her awards galore opted out of my big epic film due to date problems. She didn’t bother to even call me to opt out. She had her business manager send me an SMS, telling me she had quit and why. Now what do you say to that?” Yup, this is a new forceful and upbeat breed which doesn’t think much of the old role-model of how a star should behave. At the same time, the new P&P breed of wannabes are bigger stars in their heads than Rajesh Khanna ever was or Kumar Gaurav could have ever been.
Link: https://www.nationalheraldindia.com/entertainment/bollywoods-pampered-and-privileged-generation
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2020.01.02 11:09 Karimbravo Ranveer Singh and his fake image.

From the outset, Ranveer Singh (Bhavnani) is quirky, high energy (dancing in the middle of busy Mumbai road in Krrish costume) wears the most random clothes etc etc etc. Truly proving that Ranveer does not give a fuck. After all, he’s here to break the barriers of what’s considered normal. (He wore a skirt!!!111) He is different.
One of the biggest “normal” in Bollywood is nepotism. To succeed in this industry, you need to have some solid familial connections. No matter how poor actor you are, the goodwill of your family will provide you with innumerable films to ruin. (Abhishek Bachchan, Shraddha Kapoor, Arjun Kapoor entire careers exist due to this fact.) So, in an industry where nepotism and familial connections help you succeed Ranveer would promote that he was a complete outsider to Bollywood. Why would he do this? Because he was building his image to be the next Shah Rukh Khan. At first, he would completely disregard the fact he was related to Anil and Sonam Kapoor’s family. When Ranveer was asked about this connection, he would assert that the Kapoors did not help him throughout his career, and the family would only come into contact during the filming of Dil Dhadakne Do (2015) where both Anil and Ranveer were cast.
Ranveer Singh claims he has no connections to the industry whatsoever, that he one day gate-crashed a party with a friend at 16 where he met the director Shaad Ali (also at the time working for Yash Raj Films). The director would eventually let Singh assist him on various adverts and films before making his debut.
Interestingly, on an episode with Koffee with Karan, Singh talks about his relationship with Arjun Kapoor (related to Sonam Kapoor through her father’s side) developed a friendship due to their love of dancing at parties during sleazy Hindi songs. Ranveer would say they developed this friendship during their debut years ( both having debuted at Yash Raj Films around the same year) however, Arjun Kapoor clarifies that they’ve been partying way longer than this before he is cut off.
Also, during Vogue BFF’s Zoya Akthar describes meeting Ranveer at a mutual friend’s party, Ranveer exclaims, “That’s 15 years ago, bro!” 15 years puts this event at 2001 – when he was 16 years old.
Singh also shared on ‘No Filter Neha’ that his girlfriend ditched him for Aditya Roy Kapur, “Ya, he was like every girl’s fantasy in junior college and the girl that I was crazy about that time who is now married with a kid, so she, I was really like, this is like, I was mad about her. It was a good 4-5 years that I was crazy over her. And then she finally broke up with me. It was in order to move onto a certain Aditya Roy Kapur.”
Again, placing Ranveer at the age of 16 when he met Zoya Akthar and Shaad Ali and again, Aditya Roy Kapur a nepotism kid, part of the industry that Ranveer claims he has no connections to. Who was the girlfriend? Ahana Deol, the daughter of superstars Dharmendra and Hema Malini, you guessed it, within the Hindi Industry!
It’s not only enough for Ranveer to claim he’s a total outsider he also has to showcase how poor he is. His father Jagit Bhavani is a real estate mogul, rumoured billionaire, whose net worth has been mysteriously wiped off the internet. So Ranveer can make statements like, “The other day I was cleaning my shoe closet, which has some 100 pairs now. It was a staggering sight. Dad walked past the room and he started crying. He said I remember once you had just two pairs – one for everyday wear and one while going out.”
In an interview with GQ India for their April issue, Singh revealed how he couldn't afford fashionable clothes and would wear second-hand clothing. He said, “When I was studying in Indiana, I couldn't afford a lot of fashionable clothes, and wore a lot of hand-me-downs. At any given point I'd have a pair of all-white Ice Cream sneakers, which I'd very religiously wipe with Clorox to get the stains out.”
Ranveer Singh said to Conde Naste Traveller, “We didn’t have a lot of money when I was growing up. So, my parents would save up and save up for that one big summer holiday abroad; I remember going to Indonesia, Singapore, Italy, but most often it was the US – we had a lot of family there. And December was always Goa with my grandparents.”
Funnily enough, there is one interview that states that “Singh, who grew up in an affluent family in Khar, Mumbai, says they provide for everything, leaving his money untouched. “I have all the comfort that I need and it is mostly provided to me by my father and my family... Whatever I am making is pretty much there and ready to be invested.”
This is not the only part he’s exaggerated about his life. “You can check with the women, but I know that I’m the best boyfriend." Ranveer Singh boasts in an interview in 2014, he would repeat this continuously over the next few years. In particular, he would brag about this in an episode of Koffee with Karan alongside contemporary, Ranbir Kapoor in 2017. If Ranveer had been spouting this for many years, why did this claim matter during this moment this most?
Simply because Ranveer Singh had built his image around being the opposite of being a ‘Ranbir Kapoor’. For those who don’t know Ranbir Kapoor, he is from the lineage of the so called “first family of Bollywood” a total insider, self-admitted cheater, (despite his denials) a playboy. He would date Deepika Padukone for a short while before he cheated on her. Thus, starting Deepika Padukone’s persisting ‘victim image’. This was Ranveer’s moment to remind the audience that he, Singh, was better than Kapoor. A true visual comparison.
An episode of Koffee with Karan, where a ‘jury’ comment on the season’s iconic moments. (Credits: Buzzfeed India, 4th panel translation: “He’s saying so much about himself.” “He’s like no one saying this about me, so I’ll say it myself.”)
Ranveer Singh in 2012, within a week after he broke up with Anushka Sharma; would start releasing articles confirming his relationship with Deepika Padukone.
Ranveer & Deepika’s (or their shortened portmanteau: Deepveer) relationship would go on to become #relationshipgoals. A relationship beneficial for both as it became the perfect marketing strategy over the past few years. A recent example of this in work would be Deepika's MET Gala appearance, where she failed to make an impact and instead had received criticism for not following the theme. Deepika would post a series of pictures on Instagram, the first justifying her look, the next few her actual look. She would also start a paid trend on Twitter India (reaching #2) "Deepika at MET". When that failed to make an impact outside of a few PR articles; that night in the midst of partying at Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja's wedding reception, Ranveer Singh would suddenly be caught on camera calling her and commenting on the MET pictures on Instagram.
Suddenly the narrative became how sweet Ranveer Singh was to spare a moment for his 'lady love' no matter how busy he was at a family function. Bringing back Deepika's MET Gala appearance and his perfect boyfriend façade to the forefront of the media’s attention.
Of course, Ranveer bragging about being the “perfect” boyfriend in what seems to be an average, mutually benefitting PR relationship is not in itself a problematic situation. Fake? Sure, but understandable. The problem with being the “perfect” boyfriend, like his struggler image, is that Ranveer slips up and reveals his misogyny underneath. For example, in 2016, during an interview with Harper’s Bazaar Ranveer himself admitted, “See the thing is, I am smarter than all the chicks I have met till date. Their EQ is much higher than mine, but IQ, I am yet to be taken by surprise.”
This is not the first time Ranveer has spoken in a demeaning manner about women, in his debut episode of Koffee with Karan he made the following comments about Kareena Kapoor
“She used to come to Otters club, I was a kid at the time and I used to just look at her, and she ushered me into you know?” I went from child to boy.”
Kareena who at the time was cast for Ram Leela opposite him would drop out of the film, feeling uncomfortable by Singh’s comments. When asked about this, he would comment "Now I don’t feel that rush of excitement [for her]. My feelings have waned. (laughs) I’ve grown up. I was effusive about my admiration, but I didn’t do anything wrong. It came and bit me in the face. People really judge you." Effectively shifting the blame back to Kareena Kapoor.
(Also, note Otters club is a very exclusive club, of which many Indian celebrities are a part of)
Ranveer’s only gotten into hot water over his sexism once and that was during the Jack & Jones controversy.
It took actor Siddharth to call out the misogyny in the advert before it caught media attention.
It would take a few days before an “official statement” would be released where a “source” claimed that Ranveer was upset by the controversy. Ranveer Singh is mighty upset that his image took a severe beating after a Jack & Jones advertisement that showed him picking up a miniskirt-clad girl on his shoulders with the tagline ‘Take you work home’.
“Ranveer never ever thought endorsing a clothing brand would bring him disrepute. He is someone who is extremely image conscious and has deep respect for women. He is hurt that the tagline written by those who conceptualised the ad went terribly wrong. He has told the brand that it shouldn’t have happened and their writers should have been more careful with their words.”
Ranveer’s official apology would come nearly a week after Siddharth raised the issue: "It was important to give the brand the creative freedom while designing the campaign but I guess we got it wrong on one of those billboards. I am sorry this happened but it is a thing of past. We rectified it immediately by having the hoarding taken down as early as possible from over 30 cities overnight.”
Ranveer’s image is more important than his actual work, remember the barriers he was breaking by subverting the norm and wearing a skirt at the GQ Awards? When asked about it his fashion choices, said that he would never cross-dress as that is a bit too extreme. When he was reminded about the time when he had worn a skirt for an award show, he said, "Yeah but...That's like a man's skirt."
leading fashion magazine thought it had an innovative cover in mind when it approached a young leading actor and a sprightly female star for its next issue. While the gorgeous pair does look lovely together, the male star had some misgivings. He wasn’t too happy to bephotographed with the leading lady because, er, she has just got married. He thought a photograph with her would affect his ‘young’ image. Tch, some men just refuse to grow up.
It’s not surprising that Ranveer has outdated thoughts about women, when he asked about feminism in 2017, Ranveer replied, “I believe in gender quality, so I feel like it’s lopsided being on the either side of the coin, you know? By being a ‘meninist’ and ‘feminist’, you’re essentially already submitting and subscribing to the fact that there’s an imbalance. Why won’t we just accept the equal status goal and move on?"
This image break-down, doesn't contain his unhealthy obession with sex, including his boasting that he lost his virginity at 12. I also didn't cover that racist, sexist, homophobic, roast he did with All India Bakchod.
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2019.10.27 05:04 Oxeam3 Diwali 2019: Mark My Word Thread (and link to previous predictions)

First of all Happy Diwali Guys. Keeping up pollguard legacy and /India tradition. I present to you Mark My Word Thread of 2019.
Happy Diwali Guys
In this thread, we write down our prediction of one thing to come until Diwali 2020.
You can make prediction about absolutely anything and you do not necessarily have to justify them. Obviously you have to keep them India-centric.
Some examples at the top of mind: escalation in war, a particular party coming to power in your state, some criminal getting acquitted/found guilty, a bollywood movie breaking records, Sensex levels, exchange rate
Take your pick and some redditor in the Diwali of 2020 will dig out this thread and see how well India did.
Last years thread-https://np.reddit.com/india/comments/9uxnic/diwali_2018_mark_my_word_thread_and_link_to/
Now let's check last year's predictions -
Username Prediction Result
Deleted I would attend my first infosec conference We need a update OP i am rooting for you. :P
u/newinvestor0908 Rahul will be PM in 2019 elections Well dont know about that mate. he lost and retired.
u/sakht_launda Sab mar jaayenge, sirf Trivedi bachega bari dubhida hai. dont know konsi trivedi you talking of.
u/hateloop_ Elon Musk will announce Oxeam3 Elon falied but i Did.
u/ghost__boy India may suffer from huge economic loss At the Brick of it,
u/indifit I will overcome my 13 year old addition (I am tired of it). I will be getting six packs. I will change atleast one Indian's life. I will learn 3 new things Update Did you quit? OP replied >>No i did failed to quit the habit but made some changes like going to gym everyday since 8 month's. I will try again this year.
u/89ny I will move out of this shithole before next Diwali, don't want to part of the Hindutva cancer Did you?
u/LazyBinger K-pop will finally start making waves in India K-pop wave is very real in india now.
u/ssj_cule Everyone would still end up being a virgin ! Can confirm.
u/yashovardhanchaubey Politics : 1. Next PM would be among P. Chidambaram/ Rahul Gandhi or Nitin Gadkari/ Arun Jaitley. 2. CBI troublemaker Alok Verma is joining Congress. 3. Keshav Prasad Maurya will replace Yogi aditynath as CM after BJP rout in UP Loksabha polls. Bollywood : 1. Ranbir breaking up with Alia. 2. Sajid Khan landing up in jail. Politics : 1. Our beloved modi ji is still PM. 2. Alok Verma in more controvery. trouble never seems to end. 3. yogi ji is still CM of UP. Bollywood : 1. Ranbir and Alia getting married. 2. did not into jail.
u/shr3yas3 Brahmastra, Bharat & Kesari will be top hits of 2019/ india wins 2019 worldcup, Dhawan & Bumrah Tops, Dhoni retires/Mumbai Indians wins IPL'19/ Urja Company will boom/Suddenly India will see rise of cycles all over the country/ BJP will win by short margin & cheap politics/ Shivsena & MNS will unite/ Nationwide protests against rapes/ I'll learn & be efficient in Meanstack & python / have a gf / will succeed in business dont know about that/ England won it/ mumbai indians won 2019 ipl/i dont understand stocks/ there is already too many cycles/ bjp won by huge mergin/ no nationwide protest against rape that i am aware of/ how did you progress?/ hope you got a girlfriend/ how is business?.
Deleted Well, i predicted Ram Mandir will be built in Ayodhya. Never mentioned which Ayodhya, and now we have two of em. no mandir yet.
u/Abzone7n I will become an Investment/Finance Professional and work in one among the top tier firms./ I will learn a language I'm not familiar with at least to level of communication./ I will adopt the Kaizen as my way of life to continuously learn and improve my life, profession and relationships./ I will pay off half of my students loan. Update us OP.
u/ssj_cule The world won't end next year. ether world did not end. or we are in a simulation. u/Merc-WithAMouth it is sad.
u/Lawda_lehsun Coalition for 2019/Riots before 2019 elections/ Way too much Hindu-Muslim drama on news before elections./ Modi would still be silent on major shit/ Better FIFA ranking for India/ Kejru wins all 7 Delhi seats in 2019/ More name changing in UP NDA still in power :(/ Mandir nahi banega
u/rickdiculous_guy 3 more cities name will be changed. Only two places name were channged.
Deleted Urijit Patel will release a revealing biography, Stock Market will see decade's biggest crash, a nation-wide public awareness to save environment will get traction, Patel Statue will be desecrated, assasination attempts on modi at the behest of RSS./India will improve further on Ease of doing business index, Amit Shah will undergo a major surgery, general elections will see a fall in voting percentage./India will not qualify for the semis in World Cup. England will win./Sonam Kapoo Priyanka will have a kid, Taimur will have a cameo in a Karan Johar movie. Ranbir-Alia break up. Sonakshi will get married./Indian scientists will make a breakthrough medicinal invention./I will get the first fat paycheck from my business. How is the paycheck? breakthrough happened in medicince. ranbir and alia getting married. england won no semis for india. no improvemnt for india. no biography that i am aware of he resigned in dec 2018.
u/souled-monk I would have written Civil Services Mains by next Diwali. did you write civil Services Mains.
u/oxeam3 I would either have a girlfriend. Or would be married. I would be a Mod of India. India would have 250k followers next Diwali. JioFiber would be here. Kolkata would be more active. My internet connection would improve. I would be much more happy. I might die too according to astrologer. have girlfriend now, no modship for me, /India crossed 250k followers, JioFiber is commercially available still getting one is a mystery. /Kolkata is dead AF. Breath in some life guys go and subcribe. i dont have internet anymore. i am very happynow. fuck the astrologer i am alive AF.
u/anmol4alll I ll get to 5K MMR by next diwali whats MMR now?
u/veertamizhan England wins world cup They did.
u/navigator404 Every citizen who linked their bank account to Aadhaar will get 15 lakhs in their account No money in my account ye4t, plese tell if you guys got it and i was left out?
u/PoornachandraTejaswi India wins 2019 world cup. Modi is PM again but, BJP doesn't have majority. kohli scores 10 more international centuries. The girl I have started dating recently seems special. Hopefully, it will go somewhere. India did not win worldcup, modi is PM again, need status update bro.
u/illuminatisucz Modi will declare that he's trapped in a wrong body all along. He is actually a muslim woman named mahiya! % points to illuminati. Happy diwali to you too.
u/Nick0Knight Furqaan gets a year back, Aditya gets a 'entierly' new pc, BJP won't get single majority, NDA will still be in power in the center, Aditya doesn't take up the job offer, T series over takes PewDiePie T series crossed PWedds.
u/TMO0003886 Politics: The BJP and Congress candidates for 2019 will do AMAs on Reddit. Massive vote brigading will result in several bans. Subreddits: India: 350,000 subscribers by Diwali 2019. MakeFriendsInIndia gets over 5000 subscribers. no one did amas on reddit, thank god. , still very far, still very far to go. will happen before 2035.
u/xScar_258 I'll still be a virgin. yeo still a virgin. i did the test personally.
u/prshnt india, as always continue with shit posting. AND I fear it will have increasing Facebook or Instagram like posts. We will loose some bollywood star. BJP will win, but not with thumping majority. No recession and market will stay strong, because of election year. Sacred games season 2 will not be as good as season 1. Petrol prices will stay around ₹80. /India facebook insta now. we lost bollywood, bjp won with trumping majority, recession af, did not watch scared games, petrol = kidney now.
u/rhomdusk My crush will ignore me again /thathappened
u/SirThighPiece Ramdev gets exposed, Coalition for 2019, Brazil pulls back from Paris Agreement and cause fissures in BRICS, India overtakes UK in GDP and maybe Germany as well no Coalition.
u/Kaniyan_Poongunran We will watch GOT final GOT was jack shit.
u/mercified_rahul I Will Become a better person neither confirm, nor deny.
u/dbejsfau someting or the other will happen next year year boring nothing happen.
u/beebeight India will sign on to China's OBOR initiative following some concession from China (maybe related to Pakistan), plans for rail lines linking China-Nepal-India to be made.
u/Sudx Some new cringy viral/trend will emerge. People well get hurt during this process. happened.
u/m_vPoints Nifty would hit 7000 sometime next year. Nifty would hit 12500 sometime next year.
will add more later.
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2019.08.08 06:01 13peejay Tara Sutaria Now Dating Aadar Jain

CELEB PR READING THIS, PLS NOTE: Get some creative on, really! I mean we are D.O.N.E believing dating rumors of starkids/somewhat celebs who haven't even learnt how to walk-the-talk in B'wood.
Peepingmoon: The speed at which some young Bollywood stars play the Dating Game, leaves us breathless. Here’s the latest on this social media-driven crazy merry-go-round. It seems that Tara Sutaria, the drop-dead gorgeous and hugely talented debutante of SOTY2, is dating Aadar Jain – first cousin of Ranbir Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor Khan. His mother being Reema Kapoor, Aadar is also the grandson of Raj and Krishna Kapoor and nephew of Rishi and Randhir Kapoor.
Aadar, 25, made his Bollywood debut in YRF’s forgettable 2017 musical drama Qaidi Band. While the genius of music composer Amit Trivedi got rave reviews, Aadar’s performance went unnoticed. Now there’s talk that the young Kapoor is getting a second shot at stardom in a comedy that Farhan Akhtar is planning. He will be re-introduced in a different way, is what is being said. Aadar is spotted playing football with Abhishek Bachchan and Ranbir Kapoor and hanging out with Tara.
Not long ago, we had heard that Aadar was dating Athiya Shetty. Their Instagram accounts had several pictures of the two (along with others in their BFF circles) and word got around that they were a couple. This was after Athiya was said to be seeing cricketer K. L. Rahul who was himself reported to be in a relationship with Punjabi actress Sonam Bajwa.
As for Tara, we forget who she was reportedly dating earlier, young Rohan Mehra (Vinod Mehra’s son who debuted last year in Bazaar opposite Saif Ali Khan and Radhika Apte) or childhood friend Ishaan Khatter. Guess what matters now is that Aadar and she are reportedly a twosome.
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2019.07.06 22:39 alisha40s III No Pyaar for PR: Deepika Padukone

Part Three – Brand Deepika
Part One and Two here.
Disclaimer: As with Parts 1 and 2, everything mentioned here is from information available online already! This is not a hate post. This is just an informative series on a topic that is referenced many times on here just so the uninitiated or new members can know what the drama was all about.
In this conclusive article, I’ll be talking about her marriage, an open letter written by her fans, and some of my final thoughts on this entire circus.
Maintaining a pristine image in public that is both influential and motivational is as important for Bollywood’s top stars as is investing their time and money right. Both are dependent on each other. There is a constantly running machine that works 24*7 to build, maintain, and push the public image of an actor commonly known as their PR.
Prabhat Choudhary of Spice said, “Every individual has two kinds of wealth, one is tangible wealth and the other is intangible wealth. Your bank balance, cars, properties, assets are counted as tangible wealth. But, every human being has intangible wealth also. The entire idea of you which essentially has dignity, integrity that defines you, that is your brand. Celebrities have high net worth of intangible wealth. There is an image of Deepika Padukone, an image of Hrithik Roshan. We are intangible wealth managers of these celebs. They have handed over their intangible wealth to us and we are supposed to grow it on their behalf.”
Deepika and Ranveer’s planned photo releases on Instagram gave the impression that we were always a part of the occasion. The carefully curated wedding that unveiled on Instagram was so put together that at a glance one could have easily mistaken it for a magazine photo shoot with the best designers and photographers. But, it wasn’t a shoot. It was the wedding of Bollywood’s two biggest stars (arguably) and was bound to cause a storm.
The wedding unfolded in two different timelines, one beyond the Instagram filter, and the other through it.
The actual wedding, which happened in Italy within a grand Indian setting inside an exotic venue worthy of a Karan Johar or Yash Raj set, was beyond the Instagram filter. We were not privy to anything that happened there. Guests were not allowed mobiles inside the venue either at the request of the couple themselves.
What the rest of the world saw was a second timeline of the wedding which unfolded on Instagram a while later. The first photos were shared by the newly branded Singhs on their own accounts. By doing so, they set a narrative about being the ones in control of their public image as a couple & the media has no other option but to take it as it is. Take what is being offered. There were photo-ops for the media at the airport when they returned to India, the balcony waves from their residence and the pre-reception media shoot. The rest of the wedding was seen only on Instagram by what was carefully chosen to share.
The need for privacy during a wedding is not what I am highlighting here. Everybody should be entitled to their own privacy at special occasions as they like it. However, what we need to note, and discuss, is how it all unfolded subsequently.
Instagram is a powerful tool in the hands of many, but most celebrities know that the platform is a very valuable tool for manufacturing and manipulating one’s public image. Deepika and Ranveer had been dating for several years, and yet, it wasn't until a little while before they got married that their PDA/flirtations on social media flared up as each started commenting and interacting with photos of the other amidst 'wedding rumours'.
However, many celebrities use social media, particularly Instagram, to declare their relationship status or announce that they are in a new relationship, or over an old one. Alia & Ranbir also confirmed their relationship when a photo of the two together from Sonam’s reception was posted by Alia on her account.
Often times the conflict arises when there is obsessive and continuous talk about their rights and need for privacy, and on the other, they compulsively construct and re-construct their public images and go to great lengths to have one. While most off-the-grid celebrity weddings, like that of Deepika-Ranveer, happen so that the people involved in them get their desired space to be with their 'loved ones', the moment these ceremonies are over, the world get a notification on their phones telling them in expertly staged shots or photo-shopped pictures that it had happened.
They share many things about their weddings, from invites to photos of different ceremonies. But, once the wedding bells are done ringing, and they are back to shooting; revisit their Instagram feed or all the photos that have been shared with the media, and we realize how much of an outsider one really is even though one has been under the perception all this while that we knew everything about the wedding. In reality, our role was only religiously reading all the articles, liking all the photos, and consequently contributing to their new brand image whether we want to or not.
They are stars, after all, they only show themselves when they shine.
Open Letter
Following the wedding, DP’s fans took to Twitter to trend the hashtag #WorldsMostBeautifulBride as a 'token of love’. This did not go down well with the rest of Bollywood Twitter, and they opposed the trend by calling it a paid PR move. They expressed their love for how subtly Sonam Kapoor and Anushka Sharma handled their wedding without the need for any paid trends or comparisons. It was ultimately labelled as ‘lack of grace’ from the Padukone Camp.
In 2016, an open letter was issued by her fans. The following quotes are from the letter:
Your name has been recently linked to many big projects. Claims that are sometimes very unbelievable and upsetting to others have been made. All of this is very harmful to your image and the constant attachment of your name to other projects is not the way we want our idol to be known.
“As fans we are tired of the constant comparisons being made between yourself and all other actresses. All of us can see who the common factor is in all these comparisons. It’s never ending and your PR team is also not helping the situation. Actors have even openly spoken out against your team. It takes away the joy of being a fan of someone.”
“We believe in your talent and hard work, but cannot stand for smear campaigns. One article read you had replaced Aishwarya Rai Bachchan for a popular brand, another said you replaced Priyanka in an upcoming movie, yet another article said Kangana had approached Sanjay Leela Bhansali for Padmavati. All of which were false at the end of the day.”
“Another example is the constant comparison between XXX and Quantico. The one is a Hollywood movie and the other a successful already released international TV show. It’s upsetting to see the vigorous way in which you’re promoted by your team here. It’s uncomfortable when we are pushed to defend a movie that hasn’t been released on the market.”
“We want to be loud and clear. We want you to do the best movies out there and unleash your full potential. Please, do not let us down anymore,”
Clearly, none of this was acknowledged by her team as the same tactics are being employed three years on as well.
Nobody comes into this industry to make friends primarily. Most of them have lives outside of the industry where their friends and family reside. It’s not that important for Deepika to be friends with other women in the industry but it is important that they all respect each other and support one another in a professional capacity. Many of them supported her during the Padmavat situation & she needs to extend that professional courtesy back to them even if it is as simple as directing her PR not to promote her at the expense of her colleagues.
Now is the time for women to come together and improve the situation for actresses as a whole. They can dislike each other in private or within their inner circles but when things like the Padmavat threats occur, or shaming Anushka when Virat does not perform well in a match, they need to be there for each other. It’s not about making friends, it’s just about simple respect and courtesy towards the industry, and the people, that earn you your bread and butter.
What Deepika now needs to start doing is to release clear denials instead of vague statements. She needs to speak out when news related to her comes out that is false and harms her colleagues in the process. All actors have fans that are negatively inclined and tend to start fights with others & these actors have responded to such fans and asked them to stop. Varun Dhawan does this regularly. However, Deepika has never done this.
As noted in Part Two, she even follows these accounts and her team themselves ‘like’ negative comments on social media. The recent ‘identity proof’ act at the airport backfired again despite all attempts from her team to spin it into positive news. It is an airport. There is nothing new about being asked for an ID. It is not ‘gracious’, ‘humble’, or ‘kind-hearted’ to provide one. Case closed.
This is extremely damaging behaviour - one which tends to offer no path to fix what has happened.
Her alignment with Ranveer Singh has helped boost her image because she benefits from Ranveer’s positive fan base. It is now up to her to keep the momentum going & earn success on the basis of her own credibility & not her PR. Here’s hoping for a new socially aware brand in 2020.
Signing off,
A x
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