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Going on R&R from Iraq and back.

2020.11.20 01:05 Snoo_44245 Going on R&R from Iraq and back.

Balad to Oregon and back, circa December 2003.
My second bout with being Aircraft Commander (first was taking our ADVON to Kuwait) occurred when coming home on leave/R&R). We were authorized 14 days leave from the time we hit the US and that’s exactly what we got.
Getting to the US started at Balad Airbase (LSA Anaconda). A full C130 of Soldiers departed with a somewhat thrilling combat takeoff (spiraling up and away, just in case bad guys with guns were hanging around). We flew to Kuwait to spend the night before catching a charter flight to Boston. During the remainder of the day, they had travel personnel help each of us arrange round trip tickets from Boston, to home and back to.Boston. I noted that we would be arriving on 10 December and reporting back in Boston on December 24th. I was hoping that this report date was not true, that no one would do that to us.
Again, I was appointed Flight Commander and again, I expected (and got) no problem from our homeward bound kids. We got to Boston very early in the morning and were heartily greeted by the VFW and others (very nicely done). As we came into the terminal several of the VFW guys asked for our tickets and went behind the counter with the reservation folks. They were trying to get us out on earlier flights than were had been scheduled for (very nice again).
I was informed that my new flight departed in 15 minutes and was given a gate number, far, far away. Several of us were on that flight and we sprinted as far as TSA where things slowed down. Well, thanks to the inventor of speed laces we made it just in time. This flight was to LA and being a red eye was totally uneventful. We slept. My next flight to Portland was a mid-morning flight. By this time I realized that we did not smell very good. While our uniforms were clean by our standards, we (at least I) came from a base where we burned the human waste we produced. With the poop of 16,000 people making a brown cloud the swirled around the base impregnating everything with a certain smell. I was very pleased that none of my fellow travelers mentioned this.
We took off and got to altitude and the drink cart started coming down the aisle. When the stewardess asked me what I would like. I responded that "I have been dying for a glass of red wine for nine months". She said just a moment and went forward towards first class. She returned with a real wine glass and told me that this was what they were drinking in first class. Wow, thank your personnel for me United.
Later in the flight, the same stewardess came back to me and presented me with an unopened bottle of red wine, saying "this is for you and your wife tonight". Again, thanks United.
Upon arrival, I met up with my wife just outside TSA (nice). We drove home and had a wonderful two weeks. During that time, I hoped against hope that the Army would somehow change that report date. It was not to be.
At the end of my leave, my wife drove me back to Portland International and parked in short term parking. My wife's intent was to go with me and wave me off at TSA. On getting out of the car, I realized that my emotions were running high (going back to Iraq). With tears in my eyes, I told her I wanted to go in alone as I would make a scene if I had to say goodbye in public. We parted in the parking lot.
I don’t remember the flight to Denver at all. I do recall that when I got there, I went to a lounge near my next flights gate and ordered a beer. The bartender would not let me pay and as I finished my beer, another patron bought me a second. Thanks to you good people. I decided to avoid more free beer and left for my gate. There was only one other person there in uniform, a sad looking Private. I sat next to him and chatted him up. Yes, he was going back to Iraq on my charter flight. As they began the process of boarding, the guy behind the counter told us to, stay where we were. When we finally were told to board, he had moved us to first class.
Being a late afternoon flight, we were served dinner right away, followed by requests for drinks. The Private next to me was looking a little dejected at this point, so I leaned over and said "You know that rule about drinking in uniform?" He nodded. "Son, we're going to Iraq." He smiled and we both ordered a drink.
Landing in Boston, I found that the VFW and several other organizations had coordinated to cordon off an entire section of a concourse for my Soldiers (yep, as Aircraft Commander they were mine again). They provided us with a complete Christmas Eve dinner. They also had several tables off to the side covered in cell phones. They invited us feel free to call our loved ones and wish them a Merry Christmas. This almost made up for having to be there on Christmas Eve. Almost!
What really made me proud of these kids, was when we had our final headcount, every Soldier that flew in with me was there to fly back. No AWOLs, no sick, lame or lazy, no missed flights, they were all there.
The flight was uneventful, even forgettable (I don't remember). Upon arrival in Kuwait, I realized I was back in the Army when I heard the greeting "Merry Christmas, line up over there".
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2020.11.19 17:29 SaintRidley Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ June 13, 1988

Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words, continuing in the footsteps of daprice82. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.
The Complete Observer Rewind Archive by daprice82
1-4-1988 1-11-1988 1-18-1988 1-25-1988
2-1-1988 2-8-1988 2-15-1988 2-22-1988
2-29-1988 3-7-1988 3-14-1988 3-21-1988
3-28-1988 4-4-1988 4-11-1988 4-18-1988
4-25-1988 5-2-1988 5-9-1988 5-16-1988
5-23-1988 5-30-1988 6-6-1988 *
  • The WWF is the source of most of the news this week, and the first major thing is the Superstars taping on June 1. Dave was in Oakland and gives a full recap of the show. They had 12,120 in attendance (around 9,000 paid) and a gate around $110,000. Dave compliments the show’s atmosphere and WWF’s commitment to putting on a show, even if their style has some drawbacks. He does say that for an arena show, 29 matches is normally way too many, but since it was a tv taping, you know what you’re getting yourself into. Everyone who complains about modern tv tapings, be glad you weren’t going to these. They managed a good pace overall and kept the entire taping under 4 hours (last year’s taping in San Francisco was nearly 5 hours and had fans booing everyone in the last hour because they just wanted to see Hogan and get their money’s worth before leaving). Anyway, if you know 1980s Dave, you know his first major complaint is always going to be about unannounced changes to the advertised card. All during their tv hype for this, they were pushing Honkytonk vs. Beefcake with Jimmy Hart banned from the building. They forgot about that last bit and Jimmy was there. Then they talked about how the next show in town, Jimmy would be banned from the building. They also advertised free t-shirts to all fans in attendance, and they didn’t come through on that. Dave thinks it’s a real swing and a miss - 12,000 fans all wearing a Randy Savage t-shirt would have been a remarkable sight and been really effective. Anyway, Dave thinks most were pretty happy with the show as a whole.
  • I’m not going to go through everything on this taping, because Dave seriously covers all 29 matches, but here are some highlights and even that’s a lot. Dave gives a Brady Boone vs. Steve Lombardi dark match 3.25 stars. WWF is now doing all announcing from their studio in Connecticut, so no live announcing in the arena or even intros for each hour of the taping, which makes it hard to tell what’s going to be on what week’s show. That said, this did help things along in terms of speed. They had Slick do an interview introducing the Big Boss Man, and because they didn’t really work to change his look, he got some chants of “Bubba, Bubba” from those who recognized him. Dave takes the time to comment on Warrior’s utter lack of conditioning, as he was winded before he could even finish his entrance and could barely beat his chest. He says it’s a real statement to call anyone a worse worker than Andre the Giant right now, but Warrior has him beat by a mile. Bossman’s tv debut match was against Louie Spicoli. He squashed Spicoli in about a minute or so, then cuffed him to the ropes and beat him with his nightstick. The Hart Foundation has reunited as a face team and kicked Jimmy Hart to the curb. Rick Rude has a lot of heat thanks to the angle with Jake Roberts, and Dave can’t remember the last time a heel was so universally hated. At most he had a dozen women cheering for him, while everyone else was against him. Don Muraco “chased” Jimmy Hart to the back in an angle clearly setting him and Greg Valentine up for a feud and potentially writing Billy Graham off as a manager, but Jimmy ran so much faster that he beat him to the back by a mile and a guy behind Dave joked that Jimmy Hart is the best athlete on the show. The Rockers re-debuted for WWF and have made it two days with the company, doubling their previous record for WWF tenure. Dave thinks Michaels and Janetty are exactly what WWF needs: a babyface tag team with a rock and roll gimmick (WWF has never done that before, while other promotions have overdone it) and they got a good reaction. Dave makes an ill-advised comparison between Beefcake being over big in the area because he’s billed from San Francisco to “taking pride in living in the AIDS capital of the world.” I think we can expect letters about that in the coming weeks. Badnews Brown is doing a thing with the raising a black gloved hand in the air and Dave thinks it would have been really over if this were 1969, but it’s about 20 years too late to really strike that iron effectively and Dave jokes that you’d think Verne Gagne came up with that one until you realize he only just learned last year that baseball broke the color barrier. Dave compliments Rude again and says he’s such a good heel that Dave doesn’t even like watching him. By hour 3, fans were catching on with the Bossman’s gimmick and it was getting some good heat. The Hart Foundation’s first face match saw them beat a face jobber team and wrestle like heels while playing to the crowd like faces. The crowd was a bit confused, but Dave thinks faces who wrestle like heels could get over well once the crowd shakes off the classical conditioning. He especially compliments Bret’s fake knee injury as the best thing on the card and best sell of a fake knee injury he’s ever seen in WWF. Fans started leaving after the 26th match on the show and by the time the DiBiase vs. Savage (with Elizabeth) match happened, there were fewer than 7,000 left (and under 4,000 left by the finish). Dave quips that they probably left after seeing what Liz was wearing. Sure, Dave.
Watch: Big Boss Man makes his WWF tv debut
  • Electronic Media Magazine wrote a pretty frank kayfabe-breaking note in their May 23 issue, and they predict Ted DiBiase as the next WWF champ. They say:
While sports prognostication is normally a risky business, the scenario of who becomes the World Wrestling Federation’s champ is scripted out months in advance. It’s based on the popularity of the wrestler, not his record, according to the results each performer inspires in WWF’s multimillion dollar merchandising sales. Based on that criteria, insiders are laying odds that the next WWF champion will be “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase. But look for Hulk Hogan to reclaim the crown in a matter of months.
  • Anyway, Dave gives his thoughts on this prediction. Dave figures Hogan’s a draw with or without the belt, so he’ll probably be paired with Bossman and Andre for the fall while Savage needs the belt right now to remain a draw. He’s reminded of New Japan 1983, where everyone assumed the boom from January to August was due to Inoki and without him things would stall out, and the same would be the case for WWF this summer without Hogan. New Japan didn’t stall and that eventually led to the split that created the original UWF. WWF doesn’t have to worry about anything like that happening, but it’s conceivable that WWF continuing fine without Hogan could reduce Hogan’s pull because the company would know they can weather through without him. So Dave thinks, given that and how far behind the NWA is, that keeping the belt on Savage for the time being (provided he still remains able to draw) is the smart move. Ultimately, when Savage loses the belt comes down to Hogan’s ego and whether Hogan feels he needs the belt and if he’ll demand it when he returns, if he’ll have patience, or if he’ll leave the company if he can’t just call his shots. If Savage does stop drawing, by all means transition to DiBiase then Hogan, but right now Savage is working as an attraction and it’s best to work in such a way where you can have two of those (Hogan and Savage) rather than only just one. It may even be better to have Savage as champion since Hogan only works weekends and tv, rather than the full schedule like Savage does.
  • WWF is also expanding their schedule again beginning on July 7. They’ll be running a fourth touring group to hit small towns they used to consider too small to be worth going to and do charity shows. Dave interprets this as WWF’s attempt to deliver a killing blow to the other promotions that are currently run pretty ragged. The charity shows, for instance, are most probably designed to be able to snipe charity deals from smaller promotions because WWF will be able to offer a more lucrative product in place of, say, a charity show run by Ron Fuller. It also opens roster spots up for WWF, which means plenty of room to hire disaffected NWA guys.
  • Finally, on to something not WWF: Chigusa Nagayo appears to be preparing to retire from All Japan Women. The promotion is planning a huge show in a baseball stadium to commemorate her retirement. Chigusa is easily the most popular and highest paid woman wrestler in the history of the business, and she’s only 23. The implications for All Japan Women are huge. They just had three other key retirements recently, including Devil Masami, Dump Matsumoto, and Yukari Omori. For big draws from their golden era of 1984-86, they only have Lioness Asuka left, and her popularity is significantly down from its 1985 peak. Surprisingly, it looks like AJW wants her gone just as much as she wants to be gone. Maybe she’s outgrown the company and become difficult to deal with, maybe the promotion doesn’t feel they need her enough that they need to submit to her demands. There’s also the fact that since she has had her peak popularity, the promotion is worried that keeping her as the main attraction will make the promotion look bad for being centered around a fading star (Dave gives examples like Dusty in the NWA, Inoki in New Japan, the original Sheik in Detroit, the Von Erichs in WCCW, Lawler in Memphis, etc.). Just as the Beauty Pair (Nancy Kumi and Jackie Sato) and Mimi Hagiwara gave way to the Crush Girls (Lioness Asuka and Chigusa Nagayo), so too must the Crush Girls give way to the next big stars, and AJW seems to want Yumiko Hotta and Mitsuko Nishiwaki to be the next major stars.
  • Chigusa leaving will be a big blow to AJW for a long while, but if they can get these new wrestlers over, they can build up again. The company and Chigusa both know that she can’t be on top forever and she has nowhere to go but down from being the top star of the women’s wrestling industry. Chigusa has numerous options available to her. She has a clothing company, can use her celebrity to do game shows, and could even gather wrestlers together and start her own promotion, as some of the speculation suggests. Dave spends a bit of time describing Japanese teen idol culture and concludes that it’s very fun to follow how it all works and how it intersects with wrestling. Anyway, this is all a bit premature and a false alarm (the part about Chigusa retiring - all the implications of what would happen upon her retirement is super interesting and important to consider). Chigusa will do a tour in the U.S. and Canada later this year and will return to AJW in the fall, before retiring for the first time in 1989 (she’ll unretire in 1993.
  • The June issue of Washington Monthly has a piece on commission regulation of pro wrestling. Mostly it kind of laughs at how wrestling is regulated currently. It’s written by the same guy who wrote the Penthouse piece on the Von Erichs that’s in development hell. That’s tentatively scheduled for the September issue now, by the way.
  • There were three shows in Oregon last weekend: Owen, Haynes, and McMahon. Haynes put on his championship tournament final and won that in front of a crowd, while Owen did a kids get in free gimmick and had Buddy Rose vs. the Assassin in a bullrope match to main event. WWF, however, drew their biggest crowd ever in Oregon on May 30, getting 7,500 people (Hogan never even cracked 5,000 in Portland).
  • Also, the advertised Hennig vs. DeBeers AWA title match in Salem Oregon on May 19 did not happen, as expected. Hennig was no longer champion and didn’t even show up, so they made a battle royal the main event. Matt Borne won. DeBeers claimed in an promo that “Verne Gagne has put economic sanctions on me.”
  • The IWGP Title is currently held up because of silliness involving Riki Choshu. The main event on May 27 was originally supposed to be Fujinami defending against Seiji Sakaguchi, but Riki Choshu complained and got inserted as challenger instead. The finish to the match, which to be clear was obviously a work due to the fact that Fujinami took his boot off, involved the ring breaking and Fujinami “spraining” his ankle. So Choshu attacks the ankle, Fujinami removes his boot and tries to fight on, but they stop the match and rule it a no contest. Choshu says that since it was an accident, he didn’t want to win the title that way, so the belt is held up until the June 24 show in Osaka.
  • Owen Hart also won the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight title on the same night. He’ll likely drop the title before the end of the tour, but he is scheduled for another tour in late August, which throws a wrench in Dave’s understanding of any plans he has vis a vis WWF.
  • Adrian Adonis is being cheered in New Japan. He was a big star here several years back and the fans still remember him. He’s definitely put on a lot of weight since those days, though, so the fans have also been pretty shocked by his physique.
  • Steve Williams is probably not going back to New Japan any time ever. He’s skipped out on too many tours and they weren’t happy about that.
  • UWF has announced their June 11 card. They’ve got Maeda vs. Takada in the main event and Kazuo Yamazaki vs. Norman Smiley. The show is already sold out (7,000 seats at a price of $28/ticket = $106,000). All Japan has a show in the same building a week earlier and tickets are selling slowly. UWF is trying to get Bob Backlund in against Maeda for their December show, but that’s conditional on getting Backlund to do the job. Good news from the future: Backlund will be on the show. We’ll get into the details and how plans change down the line.
  • Devil Masami came out of retirement for JWP’s May 28 show. JWP was going to fold on May 29, but they managed to draw 4,000 fans and are going to do occasional spot shows from here on out. Dave says those shows will be “promoted by the local mob” and that may or may not be snark, I’m honestly not sure.
  • No real news from All Japan Women beyond the Chigusa Nagayo situation. Retirement rumors are swirling, and Leilani Kai beat her in a non-title match on May 28, so it might be that they’re prepping Kai as her retirement match.
  • The lineup for the second NWA Clash of Champions has changed. Barry Windham will now be wrestling Brad Armstrong in what’s sure to be a fantastic match if it’s given time. TBS’s press release about the show gave Dusty the biggest bio (no surprise) which called him “one of the two biggest stars in professional wrestling today, along with Ric Flair.” Dave notes that Windham’s bio calls him the “frequent tag team partner of Lex Luger,” so obviously these are a touch dated. Clash shows are set for September 7 and December 7 as well.
  • [NWA] Jimmy Garvin did a great promo on the June 4 TBS show. He admitted he’s married to Precious and really heated up the rivalry with Kevin Sullivan. Dave thinks it’s no coincidence they’re doing this at the same time as Rick Rude is feuding with Jake Roberts over Jake’s wife. It’s a formula that gets over big.
  • NWA is putting a lot of hype into Luger vs. Flair at the Great American Bash, and it’s getting lots of buzz among fans. Most people Dave talks to think they might even put the title on Luger. Nothing’s certain yet, but they’re definitely doing good work in the build here.
  • [WWF] Islander Tama (Sam Fatu, aka Tonga Kid) has quit WWF. That leaves the islanders as Siva Afi and Haku, which really sucks because Tama and Haku worked really well together and Siva is… not great. Dave’s heard two stories here. One is that he was upset with his Wrestlemania paycheck and the other is that he was upset with how Sika was let go and the rest of the family put pressure on him to follow suit.
  • [WWF] At the Rochester, MN tapings on May 11, Vince apparently gave a speech about the evils of steroids. According to the speech, being on tv will make you larger than life and you won’t need steroids because you’re on tv. This all stems from an employee in some auditorium finding a needle and leftover steroids backstage after a WWF show and accidentally getting stuck by the needle and freaking out about potentially getting AIDS. Remember, kids, don’t share needles.
  • Terry Taylor is coming to the WWF to work as a babyface. I think he’s too chicken to try being a WWF heel.
  • There’s talk of WWF doing a feud between Cheryl Roberts and Raven. No, not Scott Levy. Cheryl is, of course, Jake Roberts’ wife. Raven is Rick Rude’s valet, played by his sister Nancy.
  • TV in Memphis to set up the June 6 Hennig vs. Lawler match was really hot. They had Hennig in studio making fun of a local car dealer and attacking him, then later demanding Lawler come out and when Lawler didn’t come out he destroyed the studio. Lawler only came out when Hennig threatened to beat the shit out of Lance Russell if Lawler didn’t come out by the count of 10. Of course, they kind of undercut some of the tension by having the Toyota dealer promise to refund the fans if Lawler doesn’t win on June 6.
  • WCCW’s Memorial Day card in Fort Worth drew roughly 1,500 (5,000 claimed on tv). That’s the biggest crowd they’ve had in a long time. Plans for Lawler to come work with Kerry Von Erich appear to be shelved - he’s coming in on June 17-19, but he’ll be working with Terry Taylor and Iceman King Parsons instead.
  • Makhan Singh is a heel and currently feuding with Kerry Brown in Stampede, but appears to be developing a cult following. He’s doing well on promos and he’s doing color commentary with Ed Whalen and a lot of folks feel like his work on the desk has significantly improved the show. So he’s developing a fanbase that quite likely will cheer for him. Can you believe that this guy winds up being Bastion Booger?
  • Dave gives a June 1 Continental match between Tom Prichard and Tony Anthony 4 stars. It was a 9 minute first blood match and Prichard bled first, but Danny Davis wiped the blood off him to keep the referee none the wiser.
  • In USA Wrestling, Doug Furnas almost won the Tennessee championship from Buddy Landel in a tv match, but Guerrero shenanigans kept the gold off him. Furnas won clean, but Hector Guerrero slipped a foreign object into Furnas’s trunks and told the ref, who reversed the decision promptly upon discovering the weapon. Guess we can see where Eddie got his ideas from.
Watch: Hector Guerrero lies, cheats, and steals
  • Over in Europe, Otto Wanz still reigns supreme. Scott Hall is over there right now working for him, and Wanz is defending his version of the world title against Bruiser Brody on July 9. Apparently he got Andre the Giant back in January and Andre did a job for him too. Well, it was December, and it was by countout, but yes.
Watch: Otto Wanz vs. Andre the Giant, December 1987
  • AWA is looking for a new booker. They fired Wahoo McDaniel and Ray Stevens for running their own independent show in Virginia without telling AWA about it. Just in case you thought Vince was the first promoter to not like his guys running their own shows.
  • Windy City Wrestling is holding a show on July 16 at DePaul University and they’re hoping to get Brody in to wrestle Nord the Barbarian in a cage match. Brody is already booked that weekend, though, so if he doesn’t come, it’s because he’ll be in Puerto Rico. He really should have picked Chicago that weekend.
  • There’s a really fascinating letter about the western Pennsylvania wrestling scene from the 1950s and into the 70s. They used to get tv from the International Amphithetre in Chicago featuring guys like Thesz, Gagne, Buddy Rogers, the Lisowskis, and others and the letter writer wonders if anyone still has the old film of those matches sitting on a shelf somewhere. They did, and there’s a youtube channel dedicated to all this old wrestling: The Chicago Film Archive. Anyway, by the late 50s, tv wrestling in Pittsburgh got taken over by a live studio show from Philadelphia every Saturday, but it wasn’t very good and then another promoter took over the tv there and you had guys like Waldo Von Erich, the Tolos Brothers, Ilio DePaolo, and others. Soon after, Toots Mondt (an associate of Vince McMahon Sr.) started romoting in the area and brought in the best of the NWA at the time - Argentina Rocca, Buddy Rogers, the Kangaroos, Haystacks Calhoun, Sweet Daddy Siki, and a young Bruno Sammartino. But the biggest star was the Crusher (Reggie Lisowski), who started heel and became even bigger when he turned face, and in his later years they tried turning him heel again to go against Bruno, but the feud died because his appeal was gone and turning him heel was a mistake (this is weirdly reminiscent of Steve Austin’s trajectory and the mistake of his heel turn, it feels like). When Bruno became the champ, that was shortly after WWWF broke off the NWA and the local shows started to die off as he went on tour, but the big shows still did well and there was still a surge of excitement and popularity. Big monthly shows in the local arena did well, but rarely sold out. Things went bad when Bruno dropped the title to Ivan Koloff and wrestling interest dropped significantly and it wasn’t until Bruno got the title back that things interest started rising again. It’s really remarkable how important a figure Bruno was in the western Pennsylvania scene at the time.
  • A writer asks Dave if he thinks Flair should consider jumping to WWF, and Dave responds. He says there’s a bigger chance of it happening now than at any previous point (not that he’s saying Flair will jump, just that the circumstances are most favorable to a jump right now), and that does make it an interesting question. If they wanted to, they could go all in on Flair and he’d be a big draw. But because Flair’s synonymous with the NWA, there’s a lot of ways they could sabotage that because of the egos at play and the need to show that they’ve been better than the NWA all along (see WWE and anything remotely WCW in the past 19 years). And some of the reasons they might convince themselves Flair wouldn’t get over with their audience are even valid: Flair thrives in long matches and WWF doesn’t really do those. He’s pushing 40, and that’s pretty old (ha!). So yeah, if Flair were to be the top of the card in WWF, that would feel to some like an admission that the NWA is on par with the WWF, and that won’t sit well with some of the suits with big egos. But at Flair’s age, a run with WWF to make the big bucks and work shorter matches is likely to have some appeal - he’s an old man in a young man’s game, and he’s got to know that. Well, let’s look at what Ric Flair had to say about the idea of being too old to do it and retirement, about 20 years later.
Watch: Ric Flair’s thoughts on being an old man in a young man’s game and retirement
  • Another letter asks Dave for some more information on his sources for the OWF debut and the World Class Texas Stadium show. Basically, some quibbles about attendance in the former, including asking for clarification on what Dave meant when he said the crowd had “a higher class of fan, similar to a WWF crowd.” In the case of the World Class stuff, the writer straight up disagrees on the quality of the latter and asks Dave to be more positive about WCCW for the sake of the business. Dave goes ahead and answers the challenge. He names the source for his claim on the “higher class of fan,” which he meant in terms of socioeconomic class: Mike Rodgers, who publishes the major newsletter on the region called Ring Around the Northwest. Rodgers has been following wrestling in the area enough to know what kinds of crowds different promotions draw in the area and Dave stands by Mike’s assessment. As for World Class, Dave had 21 letters from those who attended the show and all but four (and those four include this letter Dave is responding to) considered the show subpar, and Dave makes sure to clarify that he didn’t call it subpar, but that he reported fan reception as indicating it was subpar. Dave even called a contact who knows the regulars for WCCW’s shows in the area after getting this letter and asked him what people generally thought, and that contact also reported general disappointment. As to being more positive about WCCW, Dave gives credit where due (he was very positive on Michael Hayes as a booker), but the promotion is showing no signs of a turnaround. It’s loads better than it was when Fritz was still in charge, but they’re still flubbing basic business in so many ways and making terrible booking choices and Dave can’t just give them a pass for that. There’s also some stuff about WWF in here where the writer calls WWF fans idiots and claims nobody intelligent would pay to go to a WWF show, and Dave mentions that he has paid to go to WWF shows and finds them enjoyable as a social outing with friends, even if he’s not interested in their wrestling enough to go on his own. So yeah. Mostly included the stuff on this letter because it’s a peek behind the curtain of Dave’s contacts and how he gauged fan reactions back in the day.
  • Also, Percy Pringle is playing face and holding the mic for interviews on World Class tv now. Dave says his facial expressions are hilarious, and I’m demanding we get a Percy Pringle facial reactions subreddit and simp account like the Alexa Bliss one asap.
NEXT WEEK: NWA Blows Clash II advertising, Clash II review, Bodyslam movie review, Brother love coming to WWF, Summerslam announced, and more
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2020.11.16 04:01 Comicfan18 Tiffany Walker - Alien

Basic Info

Name: Ebo 26.1001
Nickname/Alias: Tiffany Walker
Date of Birth: A long time ago. Tiffany isn’t sure of the exact date, but it would correspond with sometime in the early fall.
Age: 75. Aliens live up to 200 years of age.
Gender: Tiffany is fond of the female genitalia for herself. Men’s is too many extra appendages.
Sexuality: Hetrosexual, but leans into biromantic sometimes.

Human Appearance

Eye colour: One green eye and one brown eye. She typically wears round wire rimmed glasses.
Hairstyle: It varies. She ‘dyes’ it a lot, but in all honesty, she just likes colors. Typically, her hair is a wavy platinum blonde with a single streak of seemingly random colors.
Height: 4’11’’. Listen, it’s easier to be short in this world. The gravity is killer!
Weight: Probably about 50 pounds, maybe less. Very light. Way too light.
Physique: Tiffany is a bit on the lanky side, but is quite happy with her hourglass shape. She can adjust her physical body to be just about anything, but tends to keep herself at the same shape that mirrors her actual shape.
Face Claim:

Real Alien Appearance

Not too different from the human one, honestly. She’s the same height, weight... Oh, but she lacks skin and instead is a gelatinous nearly see through shape of a woman. Her colors shift between green and blue.

Species Information

Species: Shapeshifter
*Classification: Alien
  • Jelly bones - Really, it’s no bones. At all. She’s very stretchy and elastic. She can make herself stretch pretty far out, but tearing is always an issue.
*. Shapeshifting - Into any humanoid creature.
. Technomancer - The technology here *speaks to Tiffany. She understands it better then humans and can do so much more with it.
  • Physical labor. Basically, strength checks.
*. Slicing attacks. Blunt force doesn’t really matter when you got no bones, but something like a simple cut might result in Tiffany losing a finger.

Additional Information

Alignment: Chaotic Good
Personality: A trickster. Tiffany enjoys playing little pranks here and there, but more importantly she likes to study. She’s a naturally curious person and the self proclaimed genius in town! She will gladly fix anything that’s broken in town, but it may or may not be sending signals back to Tiffany’s home so she can study you better.
It may also play the macarena every fifth time you use it. Car? Macarena. Jukebox? Macarena. Your phone? Macarena. You think your AC can’t hum the macarena? Wrong, it can.
It’s probably her favorite song.
However, a good trick many of the locals have picked up on is to bribe Tiffany with candy before she fixes anything. Peppermints are her favorite, but she will take anything.
However, Tiffany does have a hard time sleeping at night. Call it PTSD, insomnia, whatever... She tends to stay up at night and tinker.


Tiffany was born on a planet far away from earth. Her planet was rather uniform and monotone. You were made for a purpose and that was your designation. Tiffany didn’t really have parents, she had mentors who trained her and evaluated her skills. Once she was of age, she was placed in the military and worked as a mechanic. But everyone was military on her planet. They were in the middle of a war.
It was Ebo Prime Vs. The Fantastic. They looked for fantastic planets like their own. Planets that stood out among the stars and if they didn’t met the criteria, they were wiped from the star map. Often by force. Tiffany never knew why they did this, but it wasn’t a shock that Ebo Prime had failed their inspection. Everyone looked the same. Acted the same. They might as well be the same person.
Ebo Prime had withstood the attack for awhile, Tiffany had been made during the climax of the war when fighting was at an all time high. When it became clear that Ebo Prime was on its last legs, and there was no hope, Tiffany felt her first emotion.
She hijacked one of the ships that she had been working on and fled. Escaping into the stars and flying at top speed. She wasn’t sure how long she had been in the ship, but she felt a whole array of emotions while confined on the flying space pod. Solitary confinement would drive anyone crazy, but experiencing those emotions for the first time would drive you over the edge.
Eventually, the ship ran out of fuel and got pulled into the gravity field of the nearest planet. Not being a pilot by any means meant this was a pretty wild landing. Tiffany had no idea where she was landing! She got lucky and crash landed somewhere in Mississippi in the early fall in the early 1970’s.
It’s safe to say that she lived.
Earth was her chance to really express herself, and she did go a little buck wild. The 70’s thru the early 90’s was just a haze of flower power, disco, grunge, and a lot of drugs. Like too many drugs. She laughed, loved, almost got kidnapped a couple times and probably arrested more times then she could count. She traveled all around America, Canada, and Mexico. Earth quickly became her new home, her favorite home! The humans were so expressive and anyone could be just about anything they wanted! They had fun!
One place that she kept popping up in was Portland. At least once every decade, she would wind up in Portland. Sometimes, it wasn’t by choice: A drunken stupor might lead her there. Other times, she just got lonely and decided to go there. When some of the older crowd started to catch on to her, Tiffany just fed them some lie about whoever they saw in the 90’s was a relative of hers. Humans bought that story pretty quickly, and Tiffany was sure to adjust her overall appearance during each visit.
About 2 years ago, Tiffany decided she needed to settle down. Her nightmares were getting more and more plentiful, and she was worried about The Fantastic showing up to Earth. The drugs probably weren’t helping... So, she settled in the one reoccurring place in her life. Portland.
It’s been two years now. She’s taken up official residence in [insert name here]’s pool house. It’s like a loft apartment, very cozy. She’s also managed to be self employed, as she quickly earned a reputation for being the best handy man. Tiffany could fix just about anything and is on loan to many local businesses in town. Tiffany charges most big businesses for her work, but friends often pay her in food.
She does have a name for her little company, but she changes the name so frequently she can’t print anything on cards or t-shirts because two days later it will be something different.
Today, Tiffany sits outside the pool house on a lounge chair, tapping away at a laptop. She periodically stops and chews on her thumb, looking at the screen with a concerned expression.
The streak of color in her hair changes slowly, fading from one color to the next. Red to yellow, yellow to green, green to blue... the privacy fence all around the house and pool would protect her from prying eyes...
And the alarms would tell her if anyone tried to climb the fence or opened the gate to the back.
Her phone buzzed next to her, and Tiffany picked it up. It was an old flip phone, because she liked those.
“Tiffany Walker Of Walker Fix-It-Stuff, formerly Electronics By Tiffany and Day Night Electronics. Tiffany speaking, how can I help you?”
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2020.11.16 01:50 _shanenigans_ Darien Duke - Master Hunter

Basic Info

Name: Darien Josef Duke
Nickname/Alias: Duke
Date of Birth: March 23, 1985
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual


Eye colour: Blue
Hairstyle: His long, wavy, dirty-blonde hair is usually either pushed or tied back to keep it out of his face.
Height: 6’3
Weight: 228 lbs
Physique: He is in great shape, in part thanks to his supernatural abilities. Though he is built like he focuses on endurance, he is quite strong for his size. Though he tends to rely on brute force rather than speed. For reference
Face Claim: Josh Mario John Two Three

Species Information

Species: Supernatural Hunter
Classification: Master Hunter
Passive Abilities:
Equipment: Duke has various equipment that a hunter would possess. His favorite and most used weapon is a sawn-off double-barrel shotgun. Shotgun shells are the easiest to modify, so he likes the creativity he can get when crafting ammo.

Additional Information

Alignment: Chaotic Good
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Duke is a little rough around the edges, both in appearance and the way he carries on. He’s blunt, impulsive, and has a tendency to swear like a sailor. He’s a quick thinker, thanks to his many years in the Guild, but can often be impulsive at times; especially when the Hunter Instinct takes over. Couple impulsiveness with a short temper, and Duke has a tendency to go in guns blazin’. Shoot first, ask questions later type of approach.


Duke was born in Dallas, Texas where he grew up on a ranch. He never knew that his father had once been a Hunter for the Guild, who eventually settled down into a quiet life. Despite the years of training he had, his father couldn’t handle the overwhelming force that tore his family apart.
Duke was only 7 at the time, and only managed to survive because he hid in the floorboards of his family’s home. The wolves never managed to sniff out because of the amount of blood from his mother and brothers, and were quickly run off when a group of Hunters came and chased the wolves off.
One of the Hunters had been an old friend of Duke’s father, and because of that took him in on the hope that Duke had the Hunter Instinct dormant in him somewhere. Duke was raised within the walls of the Lodge, mainly working under the Master Hunter in helping out with duties like cleaning. He was given an education on supernaturals, but wasn’t allowed to start training until he was 18.
After four years of formal training, Duke was finally allowed to go out on his first hunt. The hunters walked into a trap set by vampires, and once again Duke barely managed to escape. Only by killing a fledgling vampire was he able to escape, but the Hunter Instinct had been awakened in him. From there, he went on a bit of a killing spree, holding a personal grudge against werewolves for killing his family.
Duke stayed in Texas for another 10 years, eventually achieving the rank of Master Hunter. The line of succession in the Lodge had already been determined, and he didn’t think he would ever achieve it by staying in such a large state. Instead he decided to head west, and heard rumors of the increase in supernatural activity.
Duke had been in Portland for a couple of years now. He had established himself at the Lodge, but was not the Master Hunter in charge of operations. Rather, his seniority and skill were put to work in training some of the new recruits as well as investigating the presence of supernaturals in the area.
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2020.10.25 02:32 SpeedsAutoBody Portland’s Finest Quality Collision Repair

Portland’s Finest Quality Collision Repair


Restore Your Car To Pre-Collision Condition

At Speed’s Auto Body we handle every type of collision repair. That includes full-frame and unibody repair as well as fiberglass and other materials. We work on cars of any age, make, or model. In over 62 years of delivering quality collision repair to Portland, we have earned our reputation as a premier auto body shop.
Our dedicated technicians have been hand-picked for their knowledge and skill. They also go through continual training to stay up-to-date on the latest collision repair technology, procedures, products, and technology.
No touch up is too small and no collision is too large for us to give it the same dedicated quality we offer all our customers. From dents and dings to crumples and gouges, we can handle all of your collision repair concerns. We guarantee all of our collision repair work for as long as you own your vehicle.

Collision Repair Insurance Services

Free yourself from the aggravating details by appointing us your collision repair representative. At no extra charge, we negotiate your benefits directly with your insurance company.
Benefits of Collision Repair with Us Include:
  • Free Estimate
  • Towing
  • Loaner Car
  • Pick-up and Delivery
  • Shuttle Service within 5 Miles
  • Collision Repair Representatives
We do everything we can to make your collision repair process as smooth as possible. You can count on us to get your vehicle to our shop and back to you, without hassle. We know people work and are busy. We also know you need your transportation. That is why we get your car in and out. While we never squelch on quality, our technology and fast-drying 1,000,000 BTU Paint Booth ensure that your car, truck, SUV, or fleet vehicle is returned to you in like-new condition, quickly.
We make every effort to turn a negative experience into one with a positive ending.
Address: 50 SE Main St., Portland, OR 97214 Phone: (503) 238–3386 Website: https://www.speedsautobody.com/
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2020.10.06 13:55 ZandrickEllison Offseason Blueprint: the Oklahoma City Thunder fought off a rebuild for another year, but a new era will be necessary eventually

The NBA Finals are starting to heat up, but there are now 28 teams sitting at home with nothing to do but twiddle their thumbs and wait for next season to start.
For their sake, we wanted to look ahead with the next edition of the OFFSEASON BLUEPRINT series. In each, we'll preview some big decisions and make some recommendations for plans of attack along the way. Today, we're looking at the Oklahoma City Thunder.
step one: back it up but don't blow it up
By all accounts, the Oklahoma City Thunder blew it up. They traded Russell Westbrook, they traded Paul George. BOOM goes the dynamite. The ember and ashes scattered all over the wreckage, signaling the end of an era of playoff contention.
However, the team didn't get the memo. Chris Paul and company emerged from the flames, walking tall and proud and unscathed. Their 44-28 record was actually better than the prior season (with Westbrook and MVP candidate George). While they didn't win in the playoffs, they gave the Houston Rockets all they could handle in a tough seven-game series.
If the Thunder wanted to run it back, they could be a good team again. But to what end...? Another R1 loss? It's hard to envision them being the favorite in a first-round series out West, which should be as strong as ever.
To be clear, making the playoffs and losing in R1 isn't an awful fate. If you're a small market team like OKC, it's a reasonable goal and a lifeline for your franchise. Maybe Sam Presti and the team want to keep chugging along as long as possible and use their new draft picks to supplement the team.
Moreover, blowing it up (for real this time) isn't going to be terribly easy. Chris Paul still has a massive contract ($41M + $44M player option.) Steven Adams is still on the books for another year at $27.5M. Dennis Schroeder is on the books for $15.5M. If your goal is to bottom out, it could be hard to scramble and find appropriate trades for them all.
Still, taking a step back feels like the most reasonable plan. Chris Paul has rehabbed his reputation and trade value and may actually be on the positive side of the asset ledger now. If you trade him, you also allow more of an opportunity for Shai Gilgeous-Alexander to slide back to a PG-SG role. According to basketball-reference, SGA only played 6% of his minutes at PG this year. He's capable of playing "up" as a SG or SF, but you'd be taking away the size advantage that represents one of his better virtues as a guard. If OKC is going to be a good team in 2022 and 2023 and beyond, Gilgeous-Alexander will likely be playing a lead guard role.
Even though CP3 looked good this year, it's never easy to trade someone with a $40M contract. The trade partners may be limited. Allegedly, the New York Knicks are considering it (for whatever reason.) Philadelphia and Milwaukee would make more sense as "win now" teams. Who knows -- maybe a team like Miami or Orlando decides they need Paul to help push them to another level. In any circumstance, I'd expect the trade return to be modest. You may get a mid to late R1 pick -- you may get nothing at all. But the decision to trade CP3 or not should have more to do with finding a direction for the franchise than haggling for prices.
step two: embrace the youth movement and prep for the long haul
If the plan is to take a step back (which Sam Presti has not signed off on yet, by the by), then the trickle down effect could be felt across the roster.
If the team isn't pushing strong for the playoffs next year, then re-signing FA Danilo Gallinari doesn't make much sense. He's played well enough over the last two years to justify close to $20M a season in a short-term deal. The Thunder can utilize that to potentially swing a "sign and trade" for him. Teams like Portland would love to have a sweet-shooting forward like that on their team. Presumably, OKC can get an additional R1 pick if they trade Gallo and take on a bad contract in return.
Losing Gallo would also open the door for more minutes for current-rookie Darius Bazley. On paper, Bazley struggled as much as you could expect from an inexperienced 19 year old (who just turned 20 in June.) Still, the "eye test" suggests an athletic kid with good stretch potential. If the Thunder push their timeline back, then developing Bazley will become more of a priority for them.
As long as we're taking a step back (call it peeling off layers as opposed to a total teardown), then the Thunder can float offers for Dennis Schroder and Steven Adams as well. However, trading them isn't mandatory. They're both 27 years old, which is a stark difference from Chris Paul (35) and Gallinari (32).
Even if we lose some veterans, we can see the outline of a team that makes sense here. You'd have Shai Gilgeous-Alexander as a focal point combo guard. You'd have People's Champ Lu Dort as your go-to defender. You'd have Darius Bazley working his way into a potential starting role down the road. Still, this feels more like a supporting cast than a perpetual playoff team. OKC may be one signature star away from completing this next phase.
It'll be hard for Oklahoma City to draw in that future franchise player in free agency, and it'll be hard for them to do with their draft pick this year ( # 25). Fortunately, they're going to have a lot of swings at the plate in the years to come. They own their own picks after this year, as well as a boatload of future R1 picks via the Westbrook and George trades.
Overall, this is a team that needs to be thinking with a long-term approach. Even if they want to roll it back and try to make the playoffs this next season, they'll need to start the next era eventually.
step three: get back out on the dating market and get re-married
The uncertainty about the future (and perhaps the inevitability of the rebuild) helped spur coach Billy Donovan to travel elsewhere. In his place, the team will need to find a coach who has the patience and skill set for a long-term plan.
We haven't heard much about the Oklahoma City coaching search, which makes sense since they are not likely to spend a ton to find a big name. In fact, I wouldn't be shocked if they default to someone like current assistant Mo Cheeks as a cheap placeholder. If the team decides to keep the core together, an experienced coach like that makes some sense.
More likely, they're try to find a younger coach who can take the reins for the foreseeable future. There are a ton of quality prospects in that ilk. Among them: Ime Udoka (PHI), Stephen Silas (DAL), Wes Unseld Jr. (DEN), Nate Tibbetts (POR), Jay Larranaga (BOS), Chris Fleming (CHI), Darvin Ham (MIL), Nate Bjorkgren (TOR), Becky Hammon (SA), and Alex Jensen (UTA). Bigger names like Kenny Atkinson and Dave Joerger make some sense as well, although they'd be more expensive given their prior experience.
Given the supply and demand, the Thunder can take their time and be thorough in their search. They need to find someone who can be in lockstep with Presti going forward. In a sense, Presti is going to have to go on a bunch of speed dates and propose to someone at the end of the night. They want this marriage to last for the next 5+ years or more.
Without the benefit of being in the room for those interviews (or having any basketball experience at all), it seems like Ime Udoka would be at the top of the list. While he doesn't have head coaching experience yet, he's been knocking on that door for some time. He's built up a good resume, with experience as a player, as an assistant in San Antonio, and as an assistant for Team USA. He checks the box for a developmental coach, but also would have some credibility as a former player to connect with veterans like Chris Paul (if he stays put.)
step four: prepare for the future with more modern basketball as well
With Chris Paul taking the lead role, the Oklahoma City Thunder were a good team. They were also an old-fashioned team by the standards of their offensive shot distribution. They finished 27th (out of 30) in three-point attempts. It made sense for this team to take advantage of their midrange game when they had CP3 in tow, but that needs to change if they play without him in the future. Not hitting threes puts you at a natural disadvantage. It's no surprise that -- as talented as the team was -- they only finished 16th in offensive rating this year. They arguably outplayed Houston in the playoffs as well, but 3s are going to beat 2s in a larger sample.
Increasing your 3PA isn't going to be easy if the team loses Danilo Gallinari in free agency (or sign-and-trade). They don't have great shooters lined up waiting in the wings either.
Practically, there are a few steps that OKC can take to increase their three-point shooting. For one, they need to limit the amount of defensive stoppers they have in the rotation. Free agent Andre Roberson still has a lot of defensive potential, but he's never going to be a great offensive player. Now that you have Lu Dort locked up under a team-friendly contract, it doesn't make a world of sense to double dip with another defense-only player. If Roberson wants to re-sign for a very cheap deal, that's great. But realistically, his days with the Thunder may be over.
Similarly, SG Terrance Ferguson needs to step up his offense in order to merit extended minutes. He's a solid defender, but he's a 3+D player who hasn't been hitting threes reliably. Last season, he sagged to 29% beyond the arc. Ferguson is still a young player (age 22), but next season will be his 4th in the NBA. Unless we see signs that he's going to get notably better, then he may need to have a reduced role. Effectively, OKC needs to pit Ferguson and Dort against each other to see who justifies minutes. Playing both (and/or Andre Roberson) is going to make their offense tougher sledding.
Free agent center Nerlens Noel is a trickier proposition. On face value, he's another player with limited offense that won't help boost the team on that end. Still, the fleet-footed Noel has always been undervalued by the NBA, so the Thunder should keep him as long as he's at his typical bargain prices.
All in all, the Thunder will need to add more shooting and more offensive talent eventually. As nice of a story as their 2019-20 season turned out to be, it was more of a bridge to the future than a permanent fixture.
previous offseason blueprints
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2020.09.17 21:44 Pjd7510 Group Select Survey Results

Top 3 answers get +3, +2. and +1 balls, bottom 3 answers get -3, -2, -1.
Question 1: Favorite Baseball Player and Why
Growing up every day with Chipper and Andruw Jones in the Braves lineup for the first like 15-20 years of my life was special, Chipper in particular. Acuna is catching up fast, though.
I asked for one player though, not your entire Barves lifestory
Jake Arrieta, his rise really mirrored the cubs, and that 2015 season was incredible.
Arrieta can pound a bag of dicks for being absolute shit
Barry Bonds. He was the greatest hitter of all-time and it isn't even up for discussion. He was a hall of famer before the "alleged" steroid use and became the greatest player of all-time after. The man would get one pitch in the strike zone to hit every night and he would hit it for a home run everytime. No batter has ever been feared the way Barry was feared, not even close. Everyone can say they hate Barry Bonds and don't respect him or whatever crap they want to spew out, but the truth is, when he came up to bat, literally everyone stopped what they were doing to see what he would do, and then when he'd hit a massive home run, everyone would be in awe of his insane abilities.
Barry Bonds is lowkey one of my favorite players, this is valid reasoning.
David Ortiz. Self-explanatory.
Fuck the Red Sox
Jason Kendall bc he was a leadoff catcher and gritty as hell. He refused to ever sit out a game even though he played such a demanding position.
Kendall was one of my favorite Pirates to watch, glad to see someone else is a big Kendall fan
matt kemp, restored my love of the game. in his prime he was incredible and he seemed to be having a blast playing. oh and i'm hyper vain and he dated rhianna while being the best player in the sport and i think that's cool as fuck.
Kemp should have won MVP over Braun. Fuck Ryan Braun
Frank Thomas? Frank Thomas is just a mythical figure of childhood for me. The 2006 A's were an extremely formative team for my baseball fandom and Frank Thomas was probably the first time a player I was already aware of outside of the A's became relevant to the A's, and having him play for Oakland felt like being blessed by a god. Objectively or statistically there are more dominant hitters than Frank Thomas in history but in my mind he's the most impeccable hitter of all time.
I forgot that Big Hurt was an A. Thomas was a fun player to watch
Rickey Henderson. Unbelievable talent with a rare skillset, combined with a cool "hometown hero" story, long career, endless mythology and great stories.
Yankees Legend Rickey Henderson
Vladimir Guerrero for teaching me that strike zones are merely suggestions
It's a shame his son took that lesson the opposite way
Mariano Rivera, just a great feeling when he would come into the game and lock it down. ice cold blood in the veins, and a great team player and ambassador for the game.
There will never be another as good as Mo when it comes to locking down a game
+3 Ruairi, +2 Rose, +1 Jiggy
-3 Pole, -2 Dylan, -1 Bnavis
Question 2: Favorite High School Story
We used to pay "high stakes" Call of Duty at my friend tommy's basement. We played gun game on black ops. if you lost you got fingered in your butthole
that time in high school I went to Edinburgh to perform a musical for some Scots
Did you play the bag pipes?
9th grade a bunch of us gathered in the school library the first night of winter break and binged the lord of the rings movies. Extended editions, of course.
Thats a good way to spend a night
Four Loko Night, many shenanigans were gotten up to and the night culminated in ejecting flaming pumpkins off a bridge into a gorge
And this is how states burn to the ground
me and a couple guys got onto the very top roof of the palmer house hilton, managed to avoid a bunch of security. got good pictures
Sounds like a blast
probably driving to a city of 30k people in the middle of buttfuck nowhere, getting piss drunk and doing Too Much Molly for one person. we did all this shit and it's like 1:30, walk to a dominos and wait outside for our shit. all of a sudden this dude comes up to us and asks us if we were the ones that catcalled his gf (we were not) to which one of my buddies said "nah but i wish i would've." dude gets in his truck and chases us down streets of moose jaw saskatchewan for thirty minutes as we run for our lives while smoking grape flavored cigarillos. we get separated, i lose my phone, sleep on a merry-go-round in a park in october (so like it's 25 degrees at best) and walk to a starbucks to find a stranger that'll let me use their laptop to contact my friends bc i don't know their numbers, forgot my facebook password, forgot my gmail password to reset it, end up on this middle aged man's 15 year old dell laptop for forty minutes trying to figure out how to contact my friends while still fucked up, eventually a dude i partied with happened to walk past and i ran outside and got him to call dan, dan picks me up and we drive back home and eat pizza hut
Holy shit
Oh boy strap in for this one. So it's freshman year of college. I live in the dorms. I'm single and have next to no experience with girls/parties. It's Halloweekend (the weekend of Halloween so very many parties at SDSU). Unfortunately, I was not in a frat so I was not allowed in any frat parties, so I had to party in the dorm. Anyway. My roommate went to his gf football game (she was a cheerleader for a community college 30 minutes away) so I was just hanging out in my room with the door open to talk with anyone from my floor that wanted to hang. This girl from the floor below me (that I had just met a few days ago and showed off my baseball knowledge to in the study room) walks by my room and stops. She says hi and comes in and I'm talking with her. She has a bottle of cranberry juice and vodka and offers me some. Obviously, I accept. She says she has a full bottle of vodka in on her floor and she'll bring it up to party with me. A really attractive girl wants to hangout with me on Halloween while she is dressed up and wants to get me drunk? Hell yea! So she goes down to her floor and I wait for her to come back. But then about 20 minutes have gone by and she has not come back, leaving me to believe she had bailed :(. So I go across the hall to my friends room to drink and play super smash bros. About an hour or two goes by and I've had some shots just vibin on the floor. A few of the girls who went out to a party had come back and I was hanging out with them. Then the girl from the floor below came back with friends and was trashed. She was in our study lounge puking in the trash so I was in there taking care of her and helping her out. I was just rubbing her back and getting her water while holding her hair. There was a weird dude on our floor who was into her also trying to help but it was super weird and uncomfortable with him there because well as I said he was weird and creepy. After an hour, one of my other friends said Chase and Diego were letting people in their room (now these kids didn't talk much to anyone, except Chase. Me and him were boys). So I went over to their room to see what was poppin' because this was a moment of a lifetime. Chase was a little drunk but Diego was smashed and so was his gf. Total in the room it was me, Chase, Diego, his gf, a dude name Kayvon, and two other girls, Leah and Katie. I was just hanging out talking with everyone and then the three girls were talking about french kissing. Leah hadn't ever frenched so the other girls wanted to show her how. So they passed each other around like a bong just frenching it up. I was dumbfounded. This is what college is??? I'd seen videos but I didn't think they were real. Diego was getting super into his gf making out with these two other girls, kinda hyping them up. Once they had stopped frenching, Katie and Leah left the room. Diego started to get the spins and tried to lay down on his bed. Then he vomited on himself. Me, already experienced with vomit in the evening, tried to help him out and get him up and to the bathroom or at least the trashcan. I did what I could but then his gf was acting all crazy and yelling at me to get out of the room, so I did. I returned to the cute drunk girl on the couch, as I told her I would be gone for just a few minutes (it was really about 20-30). She was super excited to see me again. At that point, she asked me to watch the World Series with her, as the Mets and Royals were going to play Game 5 (I believe) on the Sunday (the next day). I told her of course I would and that I'd be watching in that very study lounge. After a little while longer, I told her she needed to go to bed so I walked her down to her room while the weird creepy dude followed us. I wasn't going to let him walk her to her room because frankly I didn't trust the dude. Got her to her room, said good night, and that was the end of that. I went back to my room and told my roommate and his gf about the eventful night I had. Jumping back to earlier in the story, cute girl said she had returned to my room about 30 minutes later but she couldn't get the vodka from her floor because some dudes had taken it. I had left my room at that point so she ended up going out to the party instead since I wasn't there. I did end up dating that girl for a decent amount of time, but that's for a different survey.
Ruairi remains the undisputed king of storytelling
was homeschooled for most of high school and didn't go to college. i'm not gonna get balls but at least be gentle with taking balls away
Rose you are a treasure, no ball loss for you
Frosh year. My roommates and I had a couple dorm floor mates who either only have weekday meal plans, or no meal plan at all. So we started casually stealing them some non-perishable goods to last them over the weekend. Through natural progression, this slowly turned into us creating an entire klepto organization that eventually fed most of our dorm house. We had a few tricks. One was bringing sports bags in with us - they would make you check backpacks at the door, but since sports bags might have expensive equipment, they let you take them in. So we'd just stuff them full of gallon bags of cereal, bagels, etc. Our dining hall had a patio area, where at night, you could see in from the outside, but not vice versa. We would load up our plates with one type of food, grab a gallon or two of milk, a tray of cookies, etc., saunter out to the patio, bag/pack everything up, and then toss it over the railing to our Outside Man down below, who would then take it back. At the end of the year, the dining hall had a program where you could return anything you "walked off accidentally" with with no repercussions, so we went to collect and tally any cups/bowls/plates/silverware we'd liberated, and found ourselves with two full boxes of stuff. Fearing *some* sort of repercussions from the sheer volume of stuff, we waited until the DH was closed one night, climbed over the railing, and left the boxes on a patio table.
This is amazing
I jumped out the window of the classroom once just to prove to a friend how oblivious our teacher was. I then walked in through the front door, greeted said oblivious teacher, and sat back down at my desk. She was very confused.
+3 Ruairi, +2 Cory, +1 Jiggy
-3 Dylan, -2 Iama, -1 Bnavis
Question 3: Favorite Vacation You Took
does the scotland one kinda count as a vacation? if so, that one, if not, fuck idk I've only ever been to Vegas or Mexico on vacations so imma go with one of the 14 times I went to Mexico
I would love to go to Mexico
Winter 2010, we went to a resort in Turks & Caicos. Joe Girardi was there too. He and my mom are best friends now.
Pics or it didnt happen
lake house in new hampshire with all my cousins, just waterskiing, swimming, and hanging out by the water every day for a week
That sounds fantastic
italy, rome's cool as fuck
Another high effort answer from Bnavis.
when my sister lived in vancouver i flew there and then we drove from vancouver to tijuana together and camped on beaches and shit
I've always wanted to camp out on a beach, that sounds dope
Well, since my brother and I played baseball year round from elementary school through high school, we didn't take many/any vacations. So I will have to say the only real vacation I've taken is my trip to Texas a few weeks ago. It was amazing getting to see my best friend with our other best friend. Shot real guns for the first time. Went to the beach a couple of times and the water was so warm, it was amazing. Had Texas BBQ and it was to die for. It was super cool being in a somewhat small town since I've grown up in San Diego/Temecula for my whole life and haven't lived in a farm-like town. It was a super cool experience and I would easily risk getting coronavirus to do it again.
Thats pretty dope, small towns are always fun to go to
my favorite 'vacation' ever was actually recent. i dogsit for my sister sometimes when she goes somewhere and get to spend a week or so getting paid to relax at her apartment in san francisco with her dog and drinking and eating good food. it's nice because it's not touristy, i'm not staying at a hotel or anything, it's more like dipping my toes into living in a big city for a week or two and then getting to return to my normal life afterwards. my 'favorite vacation' was when i was there for over a week last year just chilling with no responsibilities other than taking care of her dog
The best vacations are the ones where you do absolutely nothing
New Zealand, September 2019. Gorgeous land all-around, really good (and cheap) beer, fun time exploring with friends, Lord of the Rings shit everywhere, good beer, very nice populace.
Thats dope, New Zealand is on my must visit list
All my friends and I rented a house in Hatteras in the Outer Banks a few years ago. Massive house, right on the water, perfect water. Took a lot of acid, listened to Miles Davis' Bitches Brew while the mosquitoes ate my body apart while the sun went down.
Thats pretty dope
Backpacking around Europe for a month with my buddies when I was 17. We visited 8 countries, sleeping in hostels and trains.
That is the dream, glad you got to live it
+3 Ruairi, +2 Rose, +1 Bgro
-3 Bnavis, -2 Pole, -1 Wharble
Question 4: You are now Commissioner of MLB, what changes do you make? (For time constraints I am going to post the top 3 answer and bottom 3 answers as many of these are similar)
negotiate things with the unions to make sure i can do the following fire rob manfred from any position he may hold (also joe west, cb bucknor, angel hernandez, and laz diaz) fix the minor league wage system so players make a living wage; also adjust the prearb/arb/fa system for better fairness abolish the dh and/or maintain the al/nl system abolish bad extra inning rules and/or robot umps, if they have been implemented bring back the bullpen car more doubleheaders bring back disco demolition night
Love all of these except getting rid of the DH
very slowly turn baseball into blurnsball from futurama
  1. no interleague 2. no divisions, just leagues 3. 12 games against each league opponent, 168 game schedule (until expansion, see 9; after expansion this will become 165 games, 15 against each league opponent) 4. al dh, no dh in nl 5. top 3 make playoffs in each league, 1 gets a bye. 2v3 in a best of 7, winner vs 1 in a best of 9, best of 11 world series (i realize it's not fun viewing but it gets the best result) 6. fines for anyone who tries to institute unwritten rules or whatever the fuck, promote the shit out of guys like tatis/tim anderson that make the game fun 7. no baserunner on 2nd rule 8. legalize steroids 9. expand to 38 teams, play one season. bottom 7 in each league go down to make a 24 team mlb and a 14 team mlb2, following this, use the english promotion/relegation system but with 4 from each league now. so effectively, bottom 4 in the al automatically go down, top 3 from al-mlb2 automatically come up and then a playoff of 4v7 and 3v6 from mlb2's al (best of 3 round 1, best of 5 round 2) to determine the fourth team that rejoins the majors. 10. create a more fun environment at the game. music throughout the game, including during play, also every team has a small waterpark at the ballpark 11. encourage players to have cool cleats why is trevor bauer the only one taking advantage of this 12. go back to pre-2017 balls
Jiggy gets it
make the wild card a 3 game series played in 2 days (games 1 and 2 as a double header,) expand to 32 teams (portland and montreal/charlotte/nashville,) universal DH (i don't mind both leagues having different rules but universal DH is probably the pandemic induced rule that makes the most sense to keep,) execute Alex Bregman on live TV, don't kill the minor leagues, don't do any other dumb bullshit, sit back and watch the money stack
Yes absolutely bring back the Expos, fuck Ass Bergman
pay the minor leaguers, institute a salary floor, institute something resembling a RFA system instead of arb, ban Rob Manfred from baseball idk I'm tired
Go back to bed bud
Overhaul the free agency system to disincentivize service time manipulation. Add a salary floor for teams.
+3 Jiggy, +2 Rose, +1 Iama
-3 Bnavis, -2 Pole, -1 Wharble
Question 5: You have been signed by the WWE! Congratulations! What is your In Ring Name, Gimmick, and Finisher
Thiccums, whatever vince gives me, and either the spear or the clothesline from hell
Show some creativity and own your own gimmick. Jobber status for you
I am The Ogre. I come out in full Shrek cosplay. My finisher is the GET OUT OF MY SWAMP.
Wrath-Hog Bounty Hunter Bearhug Life Force Squeezer
So do you hunt other wrestlers? Are you a hunter for an authority figure? As of now you are a Jobber
just give me minus points for this
Chicken Bryan Kane's little brother, thus making me the Undertaker's grandson The Carraba's Crusher - honestly it'd just be ember moon's eclipse bc it's the coolest shit
Only issue, Kane is already Undertakers brother so you would also be Undertakers brother. That said maybe we can bring Taker out of retirement for a one off with you
Ring Name: The Notorious Ruairious. Gimmick: I am a Northern Irishman who uses a wicked head butt to stun and knock out opponents. I have swagger, but am very humble. I throw off my opponents by complimenting their bodies rather than trash talking them. Finisher: I get the opponent on the ground and do a jig over them, as my kicks knock them unconscious.
This is a dope gimmick, would likely book you to face Sheamus for 3 months before going for the WWE Title.
Ring name is Anne Phibian, my finisher is a Frog Splash and my gimmick is that i am extremely into frogs and i brutally beat down opponents and share Frog Facts with the audience on the mic while they are incapacitated
Instant top heel in the Women's division. Would book you to face Charlotte Flair at Wrestlemania for the Women's Title.
The Mortician (Cory *Graves*). My gimmick would be crawling my up through the bottom of the ring to start each match. We would then have to wait for the mat to be repaired before beginning the match. Finisher: The Scalpel - I run back and forth between the ropes a few times, gaining momentum, eventually bouncing off, going into a horizontal pencil dive motion, and kicking my opponent square in the chest.
I can see some good feuds between you and The Fiend Bray Wyatt. Could be a good wrestlemania match.
Bitch, I'm Big Pepsi I'm sponsored by Pepsi Co. to deliver the sweet taste of Pepsi products to the world, BY FORCE The Baja Blaster - I yeet a full cup of MTN DEW Baja Blast (tm) into my opponent's eyes before hitting them with a shoryuken from street fighter
I dig it. Will book you as a main eventer before having you job to Roman Reigns and then banish you to the midcard forever
My ring name is "El Ratoncito Miguel" which translates to "The Little Rat, Miguel". My gimmick is that I always pretend I'm not actually there to fight, I'm just lost and looking for directions. I insist way beyond a humorous amount of time that I'm really not a wrestler and you must have me mistaken and how do you get to Union Street. Then, when everyone's going home and the lights are turned off, that's when I attack. My finisher is called Open-Face Slap, where I run to one side of the ring and then charge full speed at you and open face slap you.
Instant Top Chicken Shit Heel. You can win the WWE Title on a fluke before losing it at Mania to someone like Daniel Bryan
+3 Bgro, +2 Ruairi, +1 Rose
-3 Bnavis, -2 Wharble, -1 Iama
Question 6: Here have a ball
+1 to everyone who said thank you
No balls to everyone who said ok
No one told me to go fuck myself so no one loses a ball
Question 7: One of these has to go what do you get rid of.
+1 Balls to everyone for correctly choosing a seafood based item
Question 8: Penguins are...
+1 Ball to everyone who said Badass
No Balls for those who said "they aight"
No one loses a ball
Question 9: Society has completely collapsed, what do you do to survive.
bold of you to assume I'd make it out of a societal collapse
Wonderful spirit Wharble
Hoard some precious resource so I can trade it for other things that I need.
the world is my oyster
But what are you doing to survive
kill myself, i'm not a fool. i wouldn't survive a day in the wild
Just excellent effort from Bnavis
honestly i wish i had a nice plan for you but i know i wouldn't make it. just hangout with my gf for as long as possible and do enough mdma to forget about our impending doom
I have a co-worker who has a full survival shelter with many guns. I go to him to survive.
Good move
i don't believe in my ability to survive alone in an apocalyptic scenario so i would determine if i'm reasonably close to a costco. if i think i'm close enough i believe a society of about 200-300 people could survive in a barricaded costco for several months at least without issue, and i will try to get a footing there. if i can't make it to something like that i will seek out the strongest most prepared looking person in my neighborhood and pray they show mercy.
Good to have a plan
Hoard gasoline and water (a la The Immortan Joe from Mad Max: Fury Road). If that doesn't work out, I would travel from settlement to settlement, bard-style, recanting happenings from neighboring settlements and regaling folks with song.
That man making the best of a bad situation
Go to the basement of the newspaper office downtown. Literally nobody ever goes there, and there's no easy way down there without a pass. Also has a showeshittespace. Also has a secret tunnel to the building across the street if I need to bail.
Not bad
Now that society has collapsed, I work as a software developer to survive.
In a post-apocalyptic society I dont think we will need software
+3 Cory, +2 Rose, +1 Dylan
-3 Bnavis, -2 Wharble, -1 Iama

Question 10: This question comes from my wife: What should I make for dinner upon the completion of survey results
Everyone gets a ball for leaving some awesome recipes.
Question 11: What is your happiest memory?
that's an incredibly personal question that I will not answer because it will make me emotional!
that one time i homered in little league
Was it a moon shot?
watching the 09 world series win with my dad
That was an amazing year
being held by someone who loves me dearly
honestly last new years me and gf and a few friends went to a rave and got drunk/did a fuckton of ecstasy and danced our asses off then went to this little hidden rooftop in downtown saskatoon that i stashed a few bottles of tequila and some cigarettes on and danced and smoke and drank up there and yelled at strangers on the street until like 4 then got an uber home, passed out, and then made a fuckpile of waffles and watched horror movies in the basement all new years day it was so fucking fun
Thats fucking awesome
Oh man this is a tough one. There are two that stand out in my mind, but I'm not sure which one to go with. I will tell another story about the cute girl I mentioned earlier in this survey. So this was a few months later (4 or 5). We started dating shortly after that Halloween night for the record. We spent pretty much everyday together since we lived just a floor apart and quickly became best friends. Anyway, it was a few months later and we were in her room. It was a Friday and I didn't have class until 1 on Fridays. We were making out on her bed and at one point she stopped and just looked at me. She started crying and I was confused so I asked her what was wrong. Through a cracked voice she says "I love you." It was the first time anyone had ever told me they loved me in that way and I had been thinking about telling her that I felt the same way leading up to this day but was too scared to. When she said it, I was then able to say it, which surprised her because I wasn't a very open person back then. It's one of the best feelings to have someone you love tell you that they love you back. And even though we aren't together anymore, the memory is still a good one for me, because it reminds me that I can be loved and I can feel love for someone, even in times when those things don't seem possible.
This brought a tear to my eye my dude
it feels slightly underwhelming to call it my happiest memory because it didn't last in the end but i think the most undeniably happy thing i can think of is entering my first real romantic relationship as a teenager. a lot of that time of my life i was fighting with depression and a genuine and significant romantic relationship was a realization that i could be deserving of love from other people and that i could connect and relate to another person in ways i was afraid i wasn't capable of.
This fucking hit me hard because I've been there
Camping with my brother and parents. Usually our trips involve some amount of shouting and fighting, even the really good ones. But this trip, we just spent three wonderful days in the wilderness, enjoying nature, eating good campfire foods, laughing and playing board games. Some catchphrases were spawned while playing those games that my family still quotes to this day.
That's awesome, I'd give anything to have that kind of time with my family again
I went to a concert with a friend of mine that had just left the company we had worked for. She was in a relationship but she asked me to go with her because she had an extra ticket. It was a great time, really fun, great vibes. Didn't realize at the time that would be the person I'd be living with about 3-4 years later. Don't know if it's my happiest memory but it makes me really happy, know what I mean?
Thats awesome dude
Either various moments on my solo bike trip across the country where I just felt total tranquility and satisfaction near the end of my trip OR this one time when my first nephew was like one and I was his favorite person and I took him out for a walk. He was distracted and I walked a little ahead of him and when he turned and noticed me a little further away, we made eye contact, he grinned a wide smile and then ran to me arms wide open for a hug. Kids do that kind of stuff all the time to people they know and trust but I've never felt such pure unadulterated love as I have from that kid in that moment. There is no artifice or conditionality in that sort of love. It felt good to be the cause of that someone else's sheer joy and seeing his face light up when he saw me, thats a memory that always brings me happiness.
No one loses a ball for this round
+3 Rose, +2 Bgro, +1 Ruairi

Ok lets tally up the results......
Lottery will be done and posted with out first round. Thank you for your time you wonderful people
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2020.09.07 18:16 wowiewowiewowiewowie What do you think of the new information being released about the Portland shooting case? Does it change your opinion of the incident or the shooter himself?

Security camera footage has been released that shows Reinoehl ducking into a parking garage, waiting for the Patriot Prayer members to pass him on the sidewalk, then emerging and pursuing them. The shooting took place almost immediately after this. The fact that Reinoehl intentionally concealed himself before following and killing his victim throws a major wrench into his narrative of "self defense."
"Just before 8:45 p.m that day, the garage video captured Reinoehl as he spotted Danielson and Chandler Pappas — also an avowed supporter of the far-right Patriot Prayer group — walking behind him on Southwest Third Avenue just south of Alder Street, Portland Police Detective Rico Beniga wrote in the probable cause affidavit. Reinoehl soon ducked into the parking garage of the Moda Tower, waiting until the two men passed by, the statement said."
Reinoehl was previously cited at a protest in June for possessing a loaded handgun, interfering with the police and resisting arrest. The charges were dropped for unclear reasons.
"On July 5 at one of the demonstrations, Reinoehl was cited at 2:10 a.m. in the 700 block of Southwest Main Street on allegations of possessing a loaded gun in a public place, resisting arrest and interfering with police.
He was given a date to appear in court later that month, but the allegations were dropped on July 30 with a “no complaint,” according to court records. The documents don’t indicate why prosecutors decided not to pursue the accusations. Reinoehl spent no time behind bars."
Reinoehl was wanted for failing to appear in court after being arrested for racing his 17 year old son at over a hundred miles per hour with his 11 year old daughter in the car. He was also in possession of weed, prescription pills and a concealed handgun for which he did not have a license."
"Reinoehl is also wanted on a failure to appear warrant in a June 8 speed racing case in Baker County in eastern Oregon. He and his 17-year-old son were racing in two different cars at speeds of up to 111 mph heading east on Interstate 84 after midnight near North Powder, according to state police.
He was stopped driving a 2005 Cadillac STS with his 11-year-old daughter as a passenger, police said. Inside the car, police said they found marijuana, “unidentified prescription pills” and a loaded Glock pistol for which Reinoehl didn’t have a concealed handgun license.
Shortly after that, Reinoehl began posting about the protests in Portland."
In an interview, Reinoehl's sister paints a picture of her estranged brother as a reckless, impulsive, paranoid and violent individual.
'“That shocked me that it was the police, at first ... but then I thought about it,” Reinoehl’s sister said. “There was no way that the Michael I knew would have gone quietly, although that would have been the right thing to do.
“I really had hoped he was in custody, because if he was out there, with his history of acting first and rationalizing later, odds were he was going to get himself killed.”'
'“I get it when you care about a cause. I understand it when you’ve got to make a stand, but bringing a gun to a protest, that’s setting yourself up to make a bad decision especially when you have a habit of acting on impulse,” she said.'
'Reinoehl also referenced the pro-Trump caravan, saying “every time I see a big truck, especially with a flag on it, I immediately think they’re out to get me.”
Reinoehl’s sister said her brother “believed this country was already going to war, and he acted accordingly. Look where it got him. Two men dead and one of them is him.”'
'“On the one hand, this whole thing surprises the daylights out of us, because we always thought he is a lot of bark, not a lot of bite,” she said. “But he’s also been very impulsive and irrational.”
Reinoehl has stolen their mother’s seizure medication and owes a lot of debt, often giving his relatives’ addresses as his own to avoid responsibility, she said.'
In an interview conducted by an independent journalist and shared by Vice, Reinoehl stated that he feels the United States is heading toward a civil war. He viewed his murder of the Patriot Prayer member as "firing the first shots" of this war. This is eerily similar to the rhetoric of far-right accelerationist "boogaloo" groups, who want to leverage the political divide in America to start a civil war.
'"Honestly, I hate to say it, but I see a civil war right around the corner," he said. "That that shot felt like the beginning of a war."'
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2020.09.07 15:39 rusticgorilla Lost in the Sauce: DHS hides intelligence that reveals Trump using Russia's playbook, again

Welcome to Lost in the Sauce, keeping you caught up on political and legal news that often gets buried in distractions and theater… or a global health crisis.

Trump’s playbook is Russia’s playbook

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in July withheld an intelligence bulletin warning of a Russian plot to spread misinformation regarding Joe Biden's mental health. The bulletin, titled “Russia Likely to Denigrate Health of U.S. Candidates to Influence 2020 Election,” was blocked by the office of acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf on July 9.
  • The bulletin states that analysts had “high confidence” in their conclusion. However, a DHS spokesperson tried to defend the “delay” in issuing the document by saying it did not meet the agency’s standards. This is curious because just a week later, on July 16, DHS circulated a bulletin on anarchists in Portland that officers admitted they had “low confidence” in. Why was the Russia memo held back but the Portland one released?
  • Trump has been pushing the same line of attack against Biden for months - yet another instance of Russia and Trump operating from the same playbook. For instance, in March Trump said there was “something going on” with Biden; in June Trump ran selectively edited ads asserting that Biden is “unfit to serve as Commander in Chief”; last month Trump ran a digital ad portraying Biden as perpetually confused and mentally unstable. Most recently, Trump said questions about his own health are only in the news because “they want to try and get me to be on Biden's physical level."
DHS is just the latest agency in the Trump administration to erode election security, following actions by the Justice Department and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) last month. DNI John Ratcliffe announced he was ending in-person congressional briefings on election security ahead of November and AG Bill Barr removed a leading career official at the Justice Department’s national security division, replacing him with an inexperienced political appointee.
The ODNI’s decision to halt congressional election briefs may have been influenced by top White House officials. National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien and Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, among others, have repeatedly discussed in meetings with staff and with Trump “how to restrict and control the flow of information on such sensitive topics to Capitol Hill.”
One White House official told The Daily Beast that Meadows has for months been wary of the type of briefings on Capitol Hill that Democratic sources can potentially use to try to make Trump look bad through surreptitious leaks to media outlets.
Meanwhile, interim Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee Marco Rubio (R-FL) said last week that his committee will be granted an exception to the ODNI’s new policy and continue to receive in-person briefings from top U.S. intelligence officials about election-security issues. This essentially means that only Democrat-led committees have been cut out of the process ensuring election security.
House Democrats wrote to Ratcliffe insinuating if his office does not provide the previously scheduled briefings this month they will issue subpoenas and/or defund the ODNI in the appropriations bill due by the end of the month. Read the letter here.
In addition to attacks on Biden’s health, DHS has determined that Russia is seeking to “amplify” concerns over the integrity of U.S. elections by promoting allegations that mail-in voting will lead to widespread fraud. Intelligence analysts say this strategy has been underway since at least March, coinciding with Trump’s own assaults on mail-in voting.
  • For instance, in March Trump said if he agreed to funding vote-by-mail expansions in the first coronavirus stimulus bill, the U.S. would see “levels of voting that, if you ever agreed to it, you’d never have a Republican elected in this country again” (clip). Fact check: Neither party has historically benefited. On April 7, at the White House press briefing, Trump claimed: "Mail ballots are a very dangerous thing for this country, because they're cheaters… They're fraudulent in many cases" (clip). Fact check: There is no evidence that mail ballots are dangerous or fraudulent.
At a White House press briefing on Friday, Trump denied there is any proof that Russia poisoned opposition leader Alexei Navalny. Instead of backing the German government's analysis of Nalvany's illness, Trump then redirected the criticism from Russia to China (clip).
"I don't know exactly what happened. I think it's tragic. It's terrible; it shouldn't happen. We haven't had any proof yet, but I will take a look. It is interesting that everybody is always mentioning Russia - and I don't mind you mentioning Russia - but I think probably China, at this point, is a nation that you should be talking about much more so than Russia. Because the things that China's doing are far worse.”
Trump then went on to say he’s “taken stronger action against Russia than any other country in the world,” but added “I do get along with President Putin” (clip).
  • RELATED: Leaked notes obtained by the Telegraph say that when Theresa May asked for Trump to take a strong stand after Russia poisoned Sergei Skripal, Trump replied “I’d rather follow than lead.” He pushed May to “put together a coalition” first.
The Trump administration plans to deport a Russian national living in America, a move experts say is in response to a politically motivated request by Russia. Gregory Duralev was persecuted by the Russian state for exposing corruption. He fled to America and applied for asylum in 2015. While waiting for a decision on his application, he was arrested by ICE and jailed for nearly 18 months. His case is now in court.
“DHS has acted no better than the Russian authorities,” Duralev said. “They simply fabricated charges against me for violations I never committed — and if DHS can trump up charges against immigrants with impunity, nobody can guarantee they won’t start doing it” to regular Americans. “So that’s the main message I now hope to send.”

Michael Cohen & Peter Strzok

Former FBI agent Peter Strzok has a book coming out called “Compromised.” In it, he alleges that FBI investigators came to believe it was “conceivable, if unlikely” that Russia was secretly controlling President Trump after he took office:
“We certainly had evidence that this was the case: that Trump, while gleefully wreaking havoc on America’s political institutions and norms, was pulling his punches when it came to our historic adversary, Russia,” Strzok writes. “Given what we knew or had cause to suspect about Trump’s compromising behavior in the weeks, months, and years leading up to the election, moreover, it also seemed conceivable, if unlikely, that Moscow had indeed pulled off the most stunning intelligence achievement in human history: secretly controlling the president of the United States — a Manchurian candidate elected.”
He now says he doesn’t believe that Trump is literally a Russian spy: “I don’t think that Trump, when he meets with Putin, receives a task list for the next quarter,” Strzok said, referencing the Russian president, Vladimir Putin. “But I do think the president is compromised, that he is unable to put the interests of our nation first, that he acts from hidden motives, because there is leverage over him, held specifically by the Russians but potentially others as well.”
In an interview with Politico, Strzok confirms that he and then-deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, opened a counterintelligence case on the president, but that it likely was never pursued. Two weeks ago, NYT reported that Rosenstein secretly closed it.
As if there weren’t enough political books coming out this summefall, Michael Cohen is releasing his, called “Disloyal: A Memoir.” The following a couple of quick takeaways:
Cohen says that he, Trump, Aras Agalarov, Emin Agalarov, and others, watched a strip show in Las Vegas where one performer simulated peeing on another performer, who pretended to drink it. Trump reportedly reacted with “delight.” Aras Agalarov, a Russian real estate mogul, is a trusted associate of Putin and reportedly served as a liaison between Trump and the Russian president during Trump’s trip to Moscow.
On Russia, Cohen writes that the cause behind Trump’s admiration of Russian President Vladimir Putin is simpler than many of his critics assume. Above all, he writes, Trump loves money — and he wrongly identified Putin as “the richest man in the world by a multiple.” Trump loved Putin, Cohen wrote, because the Russian leader had the ability “to take over an entire nation and run it like it was his personal company — like the Trump Organization, in fact.”
...According to Cohen, Trump’s sycophantic praise of the Russian leader during the 2016 campaign began as a way to suck up and ensure access to the oligarch’s money after he lost the election. But he claims Trump came to understand that Putin’s hatred of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, dating to her support for the 2011 protest movement in Russia, could also help Trump amass more power in the United States.

USPS & mail voting

According to a Washington Post report yesterday, Postmaster Louis DeJoy engaged in campaign money laundering, also called a straw-donor scheme, at his former logistics business. Five of his former employees told WaPo that they were “urged” to donate to politicians in North Carolina and would be paid back through bonuses from DeJoy. Such a plan would allow DeJoy to illegally circumvent campaign donation limits.
“Louis was a national fundraiser for the Republican Party. He asked employees for money. We gave him the money, and then he reciprocated by giving us big bonuses,” said David Young, DeJoy’s longtime director of human resources, who had access to payroll records at New Breed from the late 1990s to 2013 and is now retired.
“He would ask employees to make contributions at the same time that he would say, ‘I’ll get it back to you down the road,’ ” said [another] former employee.
...A Washington Post analysis of federal and state campaign finance records found a pattern of extensive donations by New Breed employees to Republican candidates, with the same amount often given by multiple people on the same day. Between 2000 and 2014, 124 individuals who worked for the company together gave more than $1 million to federal and state GOP candidates. Many had not previously made political donations, and have not made any since leaving the company, public records show.
More than one million mail-in ballots were sent late to voters during the 2020 primary elections, an audit by the USPS IG’s office determined. Most of the ballots were late, the USPS says, because local election boards sent the ballots to voters at the last minute. Official press release.
[The audit] found the problems during primaries had been most pronounced in Kentucky and New York, where a combined 628,000 ballots were sent out late. In 17 states, the audit found, more than 589,000 ballots were sent from election boards to voters after the state’s ballot mailing deadline. In 11 states, more than 44,000 ballots were sent from election boards to voters the day of or the day before the state’s primary election.
One particularly troubling situation, auditors found, unfolded in Pennsylvania, where 500 ballots were sent to voters the day after the election.
Furthermore, only 13% of the ballots were mailed with the recommended bar code tracking technology.
Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D) was blocked from attending two scheduled tours of USPS facilities last week. Local Postal Service officials informed her and union leaders waiting to accompany her into the building that national USPS leadership had directed them to bar the group from the building. A Postal Service spokeswoman said they simply needed more notice for a tour.
Many states, including important battleground states, are not legally permitted to process mail-in/absentee ballots until Election Day, leading to concern that results will be delayed by days or weeks. For instance, in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan election officials cannot even begin processing ballots until Election Day. Processing involves opening envelopes, flattening ballots to run through the scanning machine, and prepping for the scanning.
"When voters have to wait so long for results, it erodes trust in the process and leaves room for partisan bad actors to dispute the will of the people," said Amber McReynolds, CEO of the National Vote at Home Institute, a nonprofit organization.
AG Bill Barr made three stunning false claims about mail voting during an interview with Wolf Blitzer last week. First, Barr wouldn’t even acknowledge that voting twice is a crime - because just hours earlier, Trump encouraged his North Carolina supporters to vote twice to “test” the state’s mail-in voting system (clip).
BLITZER: It sounds like he’s encouraging people to break the law and try to vote twice.
BARR: It seems to me what he’s saying is, he’s trying to make the point that the ability to monitor this system is not good. And it was so good, if you tried to vote a second time you would be caught if you voted in person.
BLITZER: That would be illegal if they did that. If somebody mailed in a ballot and then actually showed up to vote in person, that would be illegal.
BARR: "I don't know what the law in the particular state says.”
BLITZER: You can’t vote twice.
BARR: "I don't know what the law in the particular state says.”
Then, Barr tried to assert that foreign countries could fake ballots, but when challenged he admitted he had no evidence (clip).
BLITZER: You’ve said you were worried that a foreign country could send thousands of fake ballots, thousands of fake ballots to people that it might be impossible to detect. What are you basing that on?
BARR: I’m basing — as I’ve said repeatedly, I’m basing that on logic.
BLITZER: Pardon?
BARR: Logic.
Finally, Barr cited a supposed incident of mail-in voting fraud in Texas. Too bad it doesn’t exist.

The payroll

Charles Rettig, the Trump-appointed IRS Commissioner who has refused to release President Trump’s tax returns, has made hundreds of thousands of dollars renting out Trump properties while in office. Rettig makes $100,000 - $200,000 a year from two units at Trump International Waikiki. When first nominated, Rettig failed to disclose his financial ties to Trump Waikiki. When questioned by Congress, he did not directly answer concerns about the properties.
CREW: With Trump’s name removed from some buildings as it began to hurt property values, we can only imagine how toxic it would become if a bombshell in his tax returns were released. Which means the IRS Commissioner has a vested interest in the success of the Trump brand—and of preventing anything that could damage it.
Voice of America staffers say Trump appointee Michael Pack is threatening to wash away legal protections intended to insulate their news reports from political meddling. Since arriving, Pack has fired the network's leaders, pushed out agency executives, refused to approve allotted budgets, and refused to renew visas for foreign employees.
  • Further reading: “Deleted Biden video sets off a crisis at Voice of America,” Politico.
Pack suggested the staff he fired and foreign journalists he essentially kicked out may have been foreign spies, without offering any evidence to support his claim. A group of 14 senior VOA journalists are openly disputing his explanation:
“Mr. Pack has made a thin excuse that his actions are meant to protect national security, but just as was the case with the McCarthy ‘Red Scare,’ which targeted VOA and other government organizations in the mid-1950s, there has not been a single demonstrable case of any individual working for VOA — as the USAGM CEO puts it — ‘posing as a spy,’ ” they wrote.
The White House is searching for a replacement for Federal Trade Commission Chair Joe Simons, a Republican who has publicly resisted President Donald Trump’s efforts to crack down on social media companies. Simons, a veteran antitrust lawyer, cannot legally be removed by the president except in cases of gross negligence. But the White House has already interviewed at least one candidate for the post.
  • RELATED: The Justice Department plans to bring an antitrust case against Google as soon as this month, after Attorney General William P. Barr overruled career lawyers who said they needed more time to build a strong case.
Richard Grenell, formerly the highest-ranking out gay official in the Trump administration, has joined a law firm founded by Pat Robertson that has a history of opposing LGBTQ+ rights. Grenell also recently joined the Republican National Committee to do outreach to LGBTQ+ voters.
The Trump administration has quietly named a new acting State Department inspector general. Matthew Klimow, the U.S. ambassador to Turkmenistan since mid-2019, is the third acting IG since Trump and Pompeo ousted Senate-confirmed IG Steve Linick in May.
Mick Mulvaney, Trump’s current special envoy to Northern Ireland, former Chief of Staff, and former acting head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, is starting a hedge fund focused on financial services regulation. Ethics experts say Mulvaney explicitly using his knowledge of CFPB to place bets for and against companies gives him an unfair and perhaps illegal advantage.

Court and DOJ matters

Court cases
The Trump administration must, for now, stop winding down in-person counting efforts for the 2020 census, a federal judge in California ordered.
The three-judge panel hearing a challenge to Trump’s new anti-immigrant census policy seemed hostile to the government’s arguments in a hearing last week.
A federal judge has stopped the Trump administration from enforcing a rule change that would let health care providers deny medical services to LGBTQ patients on the grounds of religion.
Justice Department
Federal prosecutors are preparing to charge longtime GOP fundraiser Elliott Broidy in connection with efforts to influence the U.S. government on behalf of foreign interests. Broidy helped raise millions for Donald Trump’s election and the Republican Party.
Barr ordered another round of changes to FISA rules, tightening the use of government surveillance on political candidates or their staffers — a move conservatives will likely cheer, as they have long criticized how the FBI investigated the Trump campaign in 2016.
Before conducting physical searches or wiretaps of a federal election official, members of the official's staff, candidates for federal office, or their staff or advisers, the FBI must now consider giving them a "defensive briefing," to tell them that they could be the target of foreign influence.
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2020.09.02 23:52 2_sad_2_masturbate Do not let your Uber Driver cancel your ride while in the car

Sorry this is a bit long, I know this isn't a therapist office but this has bothered me for a long time and I wanted to just get it off my chest. This happened June 2018 in Portland, Oregon. I understand I acted like an idiot in this situation, since then I have become much more observant, cautious, and honestly, much more paranoid.
I went dancing with friends was really drunk by midnight. Unfortunately this was back when I had little money, and I realized you could save money by eating very little before going out and it would take far fewer drinks to get drunk. So I was so drunk I barely remember my friend ordering me an Uber home (my phone was dead, of course). I can vauguely recall them helping me into the car and telling me to get home safe, I don't remember greeting the driver or the first minute or so. But soon after getting in he asked how my night was and if I smoked. Honestly I was just thinking about bed at this point so I sort of just slurred out that I did sometimes. He then offered me a joint, and this is the first moment I get sort of nervous and begin paying attention. I tell him something like I'm really tired and just ready to get home. I think he said something about it being an indica based joint and it made for great sleep. Once again I say something not exactly like no, but not a yes, which he takes as a 'yes I'll take that joint now'. Once again, I'm still drunk enough I can barely see straight or speak clearly, so when he says "Okay well I have to cancel the ride really quick because I can't give it to you while I'm on the clock" or something to that effect, it takes me a second to realize how dangerous that is, and by the time I start to say something, he has cancelled the ride and pulls over. We were in an are just east of the Hawthorne bridge (i think) and it was totally secluded - some empty parking lots, a closed auto body shop, no one in sight.
It's starting to hit me I'm now in the car not with an Uber driver but with some stranger, I can't call anyone, and he's trying to give me weed that could have anything in it. For the next minute or so we're pretty quiet, or I just can't remember any small talk he tried to make because I was beginngin to panic, and everytime he handed me the joint I would take fake hits, just breathing it into my mouth and not into my lungs. I felt tired, clumsy, and weak - that kind of drunk were you're almost at the point of nausea, and I knew I couldn't do much of anything to defend myself at that point. I remember vividly being fixated for a moment on the fact I didn't even have a pair of keys to defend myself with, as my building used fobs for just about everything and I didn't take my mail key with me. As I'm freaking out, I look up to see if this guy is sort of noticing, and I make eye contact with him in the mirror. He was staring at me, but I couldn't read his expression. Finally he says something along the lines of "well lets get out here".
I tell him I'll just call another Uber to get home, thinking at this point it might even be safer to walk, and he says "no I still have your address, I'll just take you home." For a moment I was relieved, I guess I wanted to believe him so badly that I would get home safe I believed him. I tried to calm myself down, thinking he hadn't actually done anything threatening, maybe he was just your typical stoner guy and I'm overreacting.
At this time, I lived on PSU campus in dowtown Portland in the southwest area of the city. He is driving me north on the east side of the river. There are several bridges to our left, and as he keeps moving north he has several opportunities to take an exit to hop over the river and get me back downtown. He keeps skipping them, we keep passing bridge after bridge that could get me home. Up in Northeast portland, there are some large industrial areas that can get very isolated at night, and Portland in general is surrounded by lots of forests, so I knew he could have me in a secluded area in really quickly. After he passes like the fourth exit for a bridge (pretty sure it was the broadway bridge), I've been racking my brain for a way to make him actually take me home, and say something to the effect of "Hey, my boyfriend is waiting for me at home . . ." Which was true, though I said it in a very meek way. My driver says nothing, but he did take the next exit for a bridge and basically hung a giant u-turn that started taking me home. Even as we're on the west side of town heading south, I'm still shaking and have my hand on the door handle, thinking about just hopping out at a red light the closer we get to my apartment. My phone is completely dead, and he honestly still has severall chances to hop onto nearby highways and speed out of the city.
We're getting pretty close to my apartment now, and I'm once again trying to convince myself I'm being paranoid about some stoner that can't navigate the city, althought a few minutes before I was so scared I was crying. So once we get about two blocks from my apartment, I lie and tell him it's easiest to stop here and he can let me out. Again, he doesn't say anything but does slow the car, I'm flooded with relief and even feel myself smile, but when I go to open the door it's locked. I try to lift the lock mechanism manually but it won't budge. I look up at him instinctually to see what's up, and he's got his head turned almost fully toward me, shoulders still facing the road, SMILING AT ME. The worst fucking smile I've ever seen, it looked so mocking and it just did not reach his eyes at all. I just started crying and asking him to open the door, I was so freaked out and still very drunk, and thank god he did. I will never forget the sensation of vulnerability, not just being drunk in his car with no way to contact anyone, but even as I got out of the car I kept feeling like he would somehow grab the back of my shirt and pull me back in, as silly as that sounds.
When I got home, I found out my boyfriend had actually gone out with friends last minute and wasn't even home - he wouldn't even have known till much later if I hadn't gotten back safe. The next day I convinced myself I was freaking out over nothing (which I realize still could be the case), but in my gut I had truly felt in danger the night before. Technichally this guy could have been totally harmless, but I still think I should have texted my friend and had her report him.
The big thing that made me think of this was recently hearing about how Ed Kemper (Co-ed Killer) would go for 'practice runs', picking up hitchhikers and seeing if he could get the passengers/potential victims to trust him or how far out of his comfort zone he could push them without them saying anything. Obviously this guy wasn't Ed Kemper, but I hate wondering if that night was a practice run of sorts for my Uber driver.
Thanks to whoever reads this whole thing through, I'm at a point in my life where I'm realizing how much danger i put myself in when I was younger and just depressed as hell and it has made me both surprised and deeply grateful I'm still here.
tldr; phone was dead, friends called my very drunk ass an Uber, my Uber driver cancelled my ride and tried to give me weed, then proceeded to take a very out of the route home and ends the ride with the creepiest shit-eating grin.
Edit: Thank you so so much for all the kind responses and advice! This event, and a lot of others from when I partied a bit too much, really haunted me the last few years and your responses have been wildly affirming. Bless you guys!
For this secondary edit I wanted to let everyone know I'm sorry I haven't been as active lately on this post, but I have reached out to my friend who called the Uber for me to see if she/they would report the driver. I haven't heard anything back, so I'm trying to pinpoint all the details of that night/the specific date to reach out to Uber.
Additionally, for folks who have asked about reading this aloud for a youtube channel or podcast, I really don't mind as long as you avoid saying my username and recognize it doesn't give you special rights to the story.
Again, I cannot express how heartwarming it is to have so many folks just reaching out to say they're happy I'm safe and I made it out, honestly I come read those comments sometimes when I'm having a bad day and they make me feel all warm and fuzzy. Bless you kind people of reddit :)
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2020.08.29 18:18 IdolA29Augl New G-ay On-line Da-ting Too Ma-ny

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2020.08.28 12:58 wayemason New Enewsletter - Centre Plan R1 compared to ER1, secondary suites public hearing, Coronavirus Update #35, more

New Enewsletter - Centre Plan R1 compared to ER1, secondary suites public hearing, Coronavirus Update #35, more
Some folks have been getting emails or seeing social media posts that seem to show big changes proposed in the R1 zones in the Centre Plan. I’m going to try and show what is changing and what is not, but really what I think is surprising to the people who have called me is how permissive the rules are on the peninsula already.
Right now the R1 zone in the Peninsula Land Use Bylaw, South End Detail Area Plan (adopted around 1982) allows these uses:
  • Up to three-unit conversion in some areas if the home has not changed envelop since 1982
  • Daycare Up to 14 kids
  • Special Care home up to 10 people including staff
  • Office and/or home occupation
  • Boarding house up to 3 boarders (unregistered)
  • Boarding house up to bedroom limit if registered
  • Bed and Breakfast up to 3 bedrooms
  • Chicken keeping no limits or controls
If adopted the ER1 zone in the Centre Plan would allow:
  • Up to three-unit conversion in some areas (I am suggesting the same date of 1982 has to be used)
  • Secondary suite or backyard suite (up to 5.5 meters, or 18') permitted on most lots (has to meet the rules for a garage)
  • If backyard suite is built, maximum conversion drops from 3 units to 2 units
  • Daycare Up to 14 people (including staff) if owner-occupied
  • Small shared housing use (more info on this below)
  • Local commercial on corners on the ground floor (I have already said this has to go in my opinion)
  • Office and/or home occupation
  • Bed and Breakfast up to 3 bedrooms
  • Urban farms, beekeeping, chicken keeping (up to 10 hens per lot, no roosters)
Shared Housing Use is proposed for a dwelling unit that contains 4 or more bedrooms that:
  1. are rented for remuneration as separate units for residential accommodation;
  2. provide medical care for the occupants of the dwelling unit, such as nursing care;
  3. are licensed under the Homes for Special Care Act; or
  4. are operated by a non-profit organization or a registered Canadian charitable organization that provides support services to the occupants of the dwelling unit.
A shared housing use does not include: a multi-unit dwelling use, a hotel use, a bed and breakfast use, or any other tourist accommodation as defined under the Tourist Accommodation Registration Act.
Under proposed Package B – the scale of share housing uses in ER zones is controlled by:
  • Defining and only allowing ‘small shared housing uses’ - containing up to 10 bedrooms;
  • Ensuring shared housing uses are subject to the same building form, setback and lot requirements;
  • Prohibiting shared housing and some uses from locating on the same lot (i.e. can’t have both shared housing and home daycare etc. ) (LUB section 61); and
  • Including small shared housing in the max bedroom count requirements – as copied below.
And critical to make sure houses are not turned into off-campus dorms is the Maximum Bedroom Counts in Low-Density Dwellings. The following limits on the total number of bedrooms apply to all low-density dwelling uses in ER-3, ER-2, and ER-1 zones, including small shared housing, uses, as follows:
  1. single-unit dwelling use: 6 bedrooms per lot;
  2. semi-detached dwelling use: 4 bedrooms per unit;
  3. townhouse dwelling use: 4 bedrooms per unit;
  4. two-unit dwelling use: 4 bedrooms per unit;
  5. three-unit dwelling use: 9 bedrooms per lot; and
  6. four-unit dwelling use: 10 bedrooms per lot.
All bedrooms in a secondary suite use or a backyard suite use shall be counted toward the bedroom limits.
New info sheets on backyard/granny suites are coming in September, and a clearer comparison between R1, R2, and ER1, ER2 and ER3 is being prepared for the public ER stakeholder presentation posted on-line does make a few side by side comparisons. Please see the follow link, slides 14-17. https://www.shapeyourcityhalifax.ca/1041/widgets/5965/documents/28938
So that is a lot of detail, and of course, Centre Plan Package B is far from being adopted, due to COVID delaying the public engagement. So I want to hear from you!
I think there is a lot of merit to this clearer approach to the residential zones, and the changes are minimal for District 7, given how permissive the detailed area plans already are. I also like the backyard and granny suite options if it does not go on top of allowed unit counts. [ Email me your thoughts.](mailto:[email protected])
Due to the diligent work by Lorelei Nicoll, Cole Harbour Councillor and Chair of the Transportation Standing Committee, in-ground crosswalk signs are being tested at five school crosswalk locations. Staff describes them this way:
In-ground crosswalk signs are intended to enhance the conspicuity of school crosswalk locations. The idea behind the development of these types of signs is that signs in the street are more noticeable than signs on the side of the road.
The in-ground crosswalk signs are currently being implemented in the Halifax region on a trial basis at five school crosswalk locations through the Strategic Road Safety Plan. This trial period will test the durability of the signs when left in place for long periods of time, and determine whether they can withstand impacts by snowplows and other vehicles.
If the results of the trial are favourable, the signs may be considered for other school crosswalk locations where there is a demonstrated need.
I saw these in Portland Maine four years ago, and have been a fan ever since. Thank you Lorelei for championing this, more speed radar signs and more rapid flashing beacon installations like the one that was installed this month at Preston/Jubilee.

Public Hearings

Public Hearing - Accessory Dwelling Units All Residential Areas of HRM (Secondary and Backyard Suites) Tuesday, September 1, 6 pm and Thursday, September 3, 6 pm as needed Virtual Hearing
On September 1, 2020 at 6:00 p.m. (and Thursday, September 3, 2020 at 6:00 p.m. if more time is needed) Halifax Regional Council will hold a virtual public hearing on allowing Secondary and Backyard Suites (also called accessory dwelling units) in all residential areas of HRM.
Secondary suites - are separate dwelling units that are completely contained within a home. They are often referred to as in-law suites or basement apartments.
Backyard suites - are separate free-standing buildings, either built overtop an accessory structure like a garage, or simply on their own. They are often referred to as granny suites, carriage flats and could be in the form of a tiny house.
Secondary and Backyard suites can be used by aging parents or adult children or can be used as rental units for the general public. The diagram below shows typical arrangements on a residential property.
Residents who wish to participate in the public hearing may forward a written submission no later than 3:00 p.m. on September 1, 2020 or register to speak no later than 4:30 p.m. on Monday, August 31, 2020.
Detailed information regarding the proposed changes and how to participate can be found here: https://www.shapeyourcityhalifax.ca/allowing-secondary-suites-as-a-permitted-use
Halifax Regional Council Tuesday, September 1, 2020, 10 am Virtual Meeting https://www.halifax.ca/city-hall/agendas-meetings-reports?category=140
Halifax and West Community Council Tuesday, September 8, 6pm Virtual Public Hearing https://www.halifax.ca/city-hall/agendas-meetings-reports?category=140
Halifax Regional Council Tuesday, September 22, 2020, 10 am Virtual Meeting https://www.halifax.ca/city-hall/agendas-meetings-reports?category=140
Halifax Peninsula Planning Advisory Committee Monday, September 28, 2020, 4:30 pm Virtual Meeting https://www.halifax.ca/city-hall/agendas-meetings-reports?category=140
Halifax Regional Council Tuesday, September 29, 2020, 10 am Virtual Meeting https://www.halifax.ca/city-hall/agendas-meetings-reports?category=140

Community Events

Halifax to Beirut Fundraiser I can’t bear to edit this amazing email, so here it is: My name is Jaden Lawen and I am a 17-year-old student from Halifax. I am writing to you today with the hope that you will consider donating to a Lebanese relief fund that I have initiated in partnership with the Red Cross. My initiative was put together out of my desire to help all the people affected by the catastrophic blast. My website is linked with more information and donations can be made directly on the website. In the last 5 days, I have raised over $40,000 and I am asking you for help to make this number grow. Thank you for your consideration! https://halifaxtobeirutwithlove.ca/
Taking BLK Gottingen August 29 Sat 12:00 noon Gottingen Street Gottingen Street is being taken over by local Black Businesses inside of various Gottingen Street business locations. These businesses will offer food, fashion, wellness products and more. Come experience the North End, celebrate its diversity and support all of our African Nova Scotian entrepreneurs https://www.facebook.com/events/743763263057213
Live Statue Friday, September 4, 2:00pm Halifax Public Gardens At 2:00 PM and 3:00 PM a Live Statue will pose for one half hour as Diana, Roman Goddess https://www.facebook.com/events/220574529363962/
Victoria Park Labyrinth Victoria Park at Spring Garden Sundays until October 4 (unless it is raining). Every Sunday afternoon a labyrinth is being set up at Victoria Park on the grass for anyone who wishes to walk it. It is a place to let go of daily preoccupations, to consciously be present. It is a project supported by the Cathedral Church of All Saints but offered to the community.
A little background might be in order. During the tumultuous and painful events of the past several months - COVID-19, Portapique, the protests following the murder of George Floyd, the healing walks held for Chantal Moore and other missing and murdered Indigenous peoples, and so much more, it became increasingly apparent that we are not separate entities -what happens to one has a ripple effect on others.
With so many people in distress, and isolation easing somewhat, the labyrinth is being set up weekly to provide a means to counteract stress and anxiety. Here, we are able to breathe, walk, relax, meditate, pray. It is a place of welcome for all. Labyrinths are universal across cultures and faiths (or no faiths) and are tools for meditation, for mindfulness, for healing, for wellness.
We chose Victoria Park for its proximity to hospitals, universities and shopping areas in an area where many people travel on foot. It is a tranquil location under a canopy of trees that provides shade and promotes an awareness of creation. In this space of harmony, we are able to renew ourselves. It is also a place to listen to the stories of others, to perhaps be more ok with being “uncomfortable” with new viewpoints, ideas.
We are distancing, allowing one person or "household" group on the labyrinth at one time, using masks, if needed, for conversation. We ask people to remove their shoes to protect the labyrinth.

Coronavirus Update #36 – post-secondary update, HRCE school facility rental update

I know a lot of residents are concerned about both out of bubble students as well as the potential for COVID transmission at parties and gatherings.
From what I’ve seen the universities all have the same messaging and it is very strong.
Out of Province and testing As you have heard in the news students from out of province will have to isolate for 14 days and be tested for COVID three times.
Students will receive the email with their clinic date/times locations etc as attached from the booking office with what they need to do.
If a student requires support to get to and from the clinic (lives off-campus, outside of walking/cycling distance) they will respond to the email that they require transportation support. Some students for short radius may walk or cycle, those beyond will have a cab provided, transit use is not permitted.
The messaging is clear on the expectations while in isolation, and what is not permitted.
Social Gatherings and Parties Public health rules and directions apply to students. For example:
  • Everyone must stay 2 metres / 6 feet apart unless they are in the same household or a close social group of up to 10 people
  • Masks must be worn on public transportation:
    • municipal transit buses and ferries
    • school buses
    • motorcoaches (except those that provide charters or tours)
    • transit vehicles o private taxis and shuttles
  • Masks must be worn in most indoor public places – on campus, that means public areas such as the library, student union building or common areas of a faculty building, but not classrooms, labs, offices or residences.
Full student info sheet here: https://novascotia.ca/coronavirus/docs/COVID-19_post-secondary_fact_sheet.pdf
So there should be no ragers as we may sometimes see during the back to school period, but students will still be able to gather 10 at a time with the same folks per these rules.
If you feel a gathering is exceeding these guidelines please report it to the Halifax Regional Police via police non-emergency 902.490.5020.
No use of HRCE School Facilities Nova Scotia’s Back to School plan has several, layered public health measures in place when students and staff return to school. This includes limiting the number of outside visitors in school building. The plan also states that, “Use of schools after hours by other organizations will be limited.”
To support the plan and protect our shared health, the Halifax Regional Centre for Education will not accommodate external evening bookings of school facilities for the period between September 2020 and December 2020, we will reassess through the fall and work with our recreation partners to create a plan for safe access to the schools. We look forward to welcoming groups back into our facilities when it is safe to resume this practice.
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2020.08.22 21:00 gszabi99 1.101 first dev server changes

My take on the first 1.101 dev server, if anyone is interested. → changes:

Raw changes: https://github.com/gszabi99/War-Thunder-Datamine/compare/
Current dev version –
Current live version –
Next one: https://www.reddit.com/Warthundecomments/if0zp2/1101_first_dev_server_changes_part_2/
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2020.08.15 00:40 Smoke-away List of Confirmed Starlink Speed Tests

Best Confirmed Speeds:
Last Updated: November 24
Ping (ms) Download (Mbps) Upload (Mbps) Location Date Source
15 115.07 15.91 Seattle November https://speedtest.net/result/10390809716.png
16 164.91 15.95 Seattle November https://speedtest.net/result/10390546169.png
18 155.21 10.48 Seattle November https://speedtest.net/result/10454431676.png
18 147.84 18.53 Seattle November https://speedtest.net/result/a/6693279209.png
18 102.88 40.58 Seattle July https://speedtest.net/result/9688435687.png
19 103.07 42.00 Seattle July https://speedtest.net/result/9688465610.png
19 101.14 19.12 Seattle November https://speedtest.net/result/10365223009.png
19 66.44 13.12 Seattle September https://speedtest.net/result/10101635699.png
19 47.06 22.47 Seattle September https://speedtest.net/result/10101652745.png
20 105.40 16.69 Seattle September https://speedtest.net/result/10101635247.png
20 81.49 20.05 Seattle September https://speedtest.net/result/10101138331.png
20 78.28 13.61 Seattle September https://speedtest.net/result/10101194240.png
20 62.73 13.12 Seattle September https://speedtest.net/result/10101805457.png
20 61.32 9.90 - - Confirmed Privately
20 56.14 9.28 Seattle August https://speedtest.net/result/9903521885.png
21 114.27 14.90 Seattle September https://speedtest.net/result/10100426229.png
21 45.93 10.10 Seattle August https://speedtest.net/result/9898715719.png
22 158.64 26.91 - - Confirmed Privately
23 205.82 14.96 Bellevue November https://speedtest.net/result/10346737529.png
23 180.38 21.39 Bellevue November https://speedtest.net/result/10420101968.png
23 134.67 18.77 Seattle November https://speedtest.net/result/10382480288.png
23 117.55 19.49 Seattle November https://speedtest.net/result/10424765069.png
23 105.34 13.16 Seattle November https://speedtest.net/result/10415445762.png
24 152.24 20.71 Seattle November https://speedtest.net/result/10365244575.png
24 130.39 16.11 Seattle November https://speedtest.net/result/10410678886.png
24 92.17 16.41 Ephrata November https://speedtest.net/result/10469836681.png
24 90.02 12.16 Seattle September https://speedtest.net/result/10101819273.png
24 89.83 16.72 Seattle September https://speedtest.net/result/10101832270.png
24 89.12 15.13 Seattle September https://speedtest.net/result/10101821985.png
24 77.52 16.69 Seattle November https://speedtest.net/result/10460520925.png
24 63.85 13.24 Seattle September https://speedtest.net/result/10101376622.png
24 16.95 13.13 Seattle September https://speedtest.net/result/10101141100.png
24 14.96 6.96 Seattle September https://speedtest.net/result/10100221518.png
25 103.94 17.26 Seattle September https://speedtest.net/result/10101194898.png
25 103.23 8.09 Seattle September https://speedtest.net/result/10100176290.png
25 99.62 15.06 Seattle September https://speedtest.net/result/10101126940.png
25 96.98 11.31 Seattle September https://speedtest.net/result/10101158002.png
25 90.04 14.39 Seattle September https://speedtest.net/result/10101164268.png
25 86.60 21.56 Seattle September https://speedtest.net/result/10100334585.png
25 80.06 15.51 Seattle September https://speedtest.net/result/10101611049.png
25 79.88 17.01 Seattle September https://speedtest.net/result/10100936706.png
25 57.16 12.82 Seattle September https://speedtest.net/result/10101677629.png
26 121.22 16.08 Seattle September https://speedtest.net/result/10101430923.png
26 109.05 19.78 Seattle September https://speedtest.net/result/10101668937.png
26 89.29 16.74 Seattle September https://speedtest.net/result/10101254676.png
26 87.80 13.08 Seattle September https://speedtest.net/result/10100183259.png
26 85.14 15.35 Seattle September https://speedtest.net/result/10101153443.png
26 84.88 15.98 Seattle September https://speedtest.net/result/10101133688.png
26 64.60 14.34 Seattle September https://speedtest.net/result/10100230276.png
26 58.77 8.63 Seattle September https://speedtest.net/result/10101835228.png
26 33.24 10.93 Seattle September https://speedtest.net/result/10101843288.png
27 163.02 16.33 Spokane November https://speedtest.net/result/a/6688741737.png
27 145.91 22.56 Bellevue November https://speedtest.net/result/10420076328.png
27 102.89 19.72 Seattle November https://speedtest.net/result/10421605619.png
27 29.27 10.79 - - Confirmed Privately
28 97.51 10.92 Seattle September https://speedtest.net/result/10101785602.png
28 95.98 14.86 - - Confirmed Privately
28 67.57 13.41 Seattle September https://speedtest.net/result/10100456747.png
29 203.74 19.89 - - Confirmed Privately
29 70.88 15.51 Seattle September https://speedtest.net/result/10101157098.png
29 57.90 7.52 Seattle September https://speedtest.net/result/10101642966.png
30 161.35 23.23 Seattle October https://speedtest.net/result/10344260968.png
30 147.63 26.15 Spokane November https://speedtest.net/result/10365253811.png
30 64.27 17.37 Seattle September https://speedtest.net/result/10101130375.png
30 62.50 10.60 Seattle September https://speedtest.net/result/10101122741.png
31 175.42 13.75 Portland November https://speedtest.net/result/i/4264592780.png
31 150.40 14.00 Missoula November https://speedtest.net/result/a/6745769219.png
31 130.73 16.00 Seattle September https://speedtest.net/result/10101441337.png
31 95.10 16.80 Seattle September https://speedtest.net/result/10101364160.png
31 86.31 15.50 Seattle September https://speedtest.net/result/10100453760.png
31 74.18 11.37 Seattle September https://speedtest.net/result/10101149957.png
31 73.80 8.44 Seattle September https://speedtest.net/result/10100163389.png
31 73.49 13.68 Seattle September https://speedtest.net/result/10101546152.png
31 69.76 20.44 Seattle September https://speedtest.net/result/10100304722.png
31 50.71 14.09 L.A. August https://speedtest.net/result/9847351353.png
31 44.44 8.51 Seattle September https://speedtest.net/result/10100239721.png
31 42.40 19.54 - - Confirmed Privately
31 36.72 10.82 L.A. August https://speedtest.net/result/9873021198.png
31 33.80 15.89 - - Confirmed Privately
32 122.99 14.41 Seattle September https://speedtest.net/result/10101812205.png
32 81.86 17.81 Seattle September https://speedtest.net/result/10101168448.png
32 74.47 20.54 Bellevue November https://speedtest.net/result/10419992291.png
32 70.89 9.66 Seattle September https://speedtest.net/result/10101637281.png
32 66.59 4.24 Seattle September https://speedtest.net/result/10101141077.png
32 41.20 14.13 - - Confirmed Privately
33 59.03 12.07 - - Confirmed Privately
33 35.49 17.70 L.A. August https://speedtest.net/result/9847281396.png
34 179.48 13.08 Spokane November https://speedtest.net/result/i/4233775772.png
34 157.13 15.31 Spokane November https://speedtest.net/result/i/4222132102.png
34 139.30 17.91 Spokane November https://speedtest.net/result/i/4231365524.png
34 89.39 16.76 Seattle September https://speedtest.net/result/10100594266.png
34 37.88 15.73 Seattle September https://speedtest.net/result/10100264643.png
35 165.84 26.07 Chicago November https://speedtest.net/result/d/244560278.png
35 79.72 16.74 Seattle September https://speedtest.net/result/10100490654.png
36 61.60 19.33 Seattle September https://speedtest.net/result/10101229590.png
36 43.45 11.42 Seattle September https://speedtest.net/result/10100511833.png
37 95.71 22.38 Missoula November https://speedtest.net/result/a/6745569465.png
37 68.62 8.82 Seattle September https://speedtest.net/result/10101638260.png
37 41.93 6.90 Seattle September https://speedtest.net/result/10101842104.png
37 37.93 16.16 - - Confirmed Privately
38 208.63 16.06 Seattle November https://speedtest.net/result/i/4237344082.png
39 161.75 18.24 Missoula November https://speedtest.net/result/10354024441.png
39 151.67 10.03 Helena November https://speedtest.net/result/10353981690.png
39 86.64 17.16 Chicago November https://speedtest.net/result/10468893697.png
39 82.62 17.25 Seattle November https://speedtest.net/result/10437516217.png
40 182.75 16.34 Seattle October https://speedtest.net/result/10342160373.png
40 82.13 16.04 Seattle September https://speedtest.net/result/10100181156.png
41 97.14 18.96 Portland October https://speedtest.net/result/a/6670030748.png
42 167.04 18.64 Missoula November https://speedtest.net/result/a/6745796729.png
42 104.51 14.72 Chicago September https://speedtest.net/result/10101023569.png
42 60.24 12.52 L.A. August https://speedtest.net/result/9879937592.png
42 44.76 15.88 L.A. August https://speedtest.net/result/9847134306.png
43 207.71 15.67 Nobleboro November https://speedtest.net/result/i/4268104427.png
43 191.07 22.41 Salt Lake City November https://speedtest.net/result/i/4251096949.png
43 164.78 16.53 Cable November https://speedtest.net/result/d/244557166.png
43 156.85 29.61 Chicago November https://speedtest.net/result/d/244560031.png
43 149.04 16.39 Salt Lake City November https://speedtest.net/result/i/4236904788.png
43 105.72 38.75 Baraga November https://speedtest.net/result/d/244559715.png
44 53.59 7.66 Seattle September https://speedtest.net/result/10100631035.png
45 162.16 24.19 Spokane November https://speedtest.net/result/i/4222312273.png
46 161.01 22.76 Winona November https://speedtest.net/result/d/244561573.png
46 160.98 21.69 Missoula November https://speedtest.net/result/10353914335.png
46 149.69 19.62 Missoula November https://speedtest.net/result/a/6745578345.png
46 136.78 17.33 Missoula November https://speedtest.net/result/a/6745573953.png
46 129.60 13.95 Missoula November https://speedtest.net/result/a/6745580628.png
46 108.08 15.41 Missoula November https://speedtest.net/result/a/6742268922.png
47 166.36 22.14 Houghton November https://speedtest.net/result/d/244556928.png
47 84.78 14.72 Missoula November https://speedtest.net/result/a/6745575960.png
47 77.63 15.65 Missoula November https://speedtest.net/result/a/6745798584.png
47 46.84 13.86 Seattle September https://speedtest.net/result/10100475830.png
48 15.17 7.56 Seattle September https://speedtest.net/result/10100222578.png
49 21.88 7.75 Seattle September https://speedtest.net/result/10100223545.png
50 142.53 13.97 Missoula November https://speedtest.net/result/a/6745597180.png
50 141.57 16.14 Missoula November https://speedtest.net/result/10354002942.png
51 133.85 6.09 Missoula November https://speedtest.net/result/10354016665.png
51 107.77 22.24 Missoula November https://speedtest.net/result/a/6745767145.png
52 165.98 47.72 Calgary November https://speedtest.net/result/a/6739882298.png
53 106.65 16.51 Seattle September https://speedtest.net/result/10101231761.png
53 98.11 12.89 Seattle September https://speedtest.net/result/10100626911.png
53 45.04 6.57 L.A. August https://speedtest.net/result/9879935862.png
54 120.99 16.58 Missoula November https://speedtest.net/result/a/6739922038.png
55 173.19 15.73 Duluth November https://speedtest.net/result/d/244561207.png
59 177.33 12.47 Spokane November https://speedtest.net/result/i/4222009646.png
59 147.31 22.50 New York November https://speedtest.net/result/a/6743411737.png
59 124.18 23.88 Monticello November https://speedtest.net/result/i/4250813647.png
63 171.09 12.76 Helena November https://speedtest.net/result/10354041106.png
63 15.56 4.67 L.A. August https://speedtest.net/result/9940167436.png
67 142.28 25.58 Wisconsin Rapids November https://speedtest.net/result/d/244562076.png
69 0.67 47.74 Calgary November https://speedtest.net/result/a/6750758631.png
72 119.98 14.68 Missoula November https://speedtest.net/result/i/4235384180.png
75 147.88 17.25 Missoula November https://speedtest.net/result/a/6745782242.png
75 44.80 4.58 L.A. July https://speedtest.net/result/9842319776.png
78 118.84 13.63 Missoula November https://speedtest.net/result/10353991315.png
85 78.97 22.07 Timmins November https://speedtest.net/result/a/6743483293.png
94 43.83 17.64 L.A. August https://speedtest.net/result/9875193292.png
95 84.93 4.39 Honolulu September https://speedtest.net/result/10101170190.png
96 105.53 15.05 Seattle September https://speedtest.net/result/10100930645.png
98 99.05 14.39 Seattle September https://speedtest.net/result/10100890289.png
111 145.30 16.18 Missoula November https://speedtest.net/result/a/6745571993.png
112 126.44 29.87 Missoula November https://speedtest.net/result/i/4236175030.png
113 72.79 11.69 Missoula November https://speedtest.net/result/10354054594.png
256 80.21 19.07 Seattle September https://speedtest.net/result/10101171105.png
Sorting is available on desktop using the RES extension for old.reddit.
October and onward are Public Beta Tests.
Thanks to Artarex, engine77, and other /Starlink members for the help.
Comment below or message me if you find more speed tests to add to this list.
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2020.08.14 16:38 RedWriteBlue Trump Accomplishments link. For discussion and questions?

Download Full List here: https://www.scribd.com/document/472372716/Trump-Accomplishments
Here it is in text format for easy copy / pasting:
TRUMP ADMINISTRATION ACCOMPLISHMENTS • Saved the NY Times, saved the Washington Post, and saved Cable T.V. The Great American Comeback is already underway: • Added 1.8 million jobs in July, exceeding predictions for the third straight month. • A combined total of over 9 million jobs were created since May - surpassing market expectations by a total of 12 million new jobs. • Over the last three months, we added nearly 4 million leisure and hospitality jobs; 1.47 million retail jobs; 1.17 million education & healthcare jobs; 743,000 service jobs; 623,000 manufacturing jobs; and 639,000 construction jobs. • Half of all new jobs are full time jobs. And wages rose 4.8 percent year over year. • In July, the unemployment rate fell to 10.2% - dropping by over 30% since April. • Jobs held by African-Americans rose by nearly 1 million over the past three months. • Jobs held by Hispanic-Americans increased 2.3 million over the last three months. • Job gains since April represent a recovery of 42% of jobs lost in March and April. • 80% of small businesses are now open, up from just 52% in April. • Retail sales rose 7.5% in June, following a record-setting 18.2% increase in May. • Consumer spending has almost fully recovered from its pandemic-low, with recovery strongest in low-income communities. • The latest ISM manufacturing report increased for the third month in a row to 54.2, the highest reading since March 2019. Since the April low, new orders are up 34 points - the largest increase on record. ISM's measure of production is up 35 points from its April low, the largest three-month gain in nearly 70 years. • Since the March low, vehicle sales are up a stunning 65 percent to 14.5 million units. • In Q2, the Dow Jones rose 18%, the S&P 500 rose 20%, and the NASDAQ rose 30%, all posting the best gains in over 20 years. Enacted over $3 trillion in economic relief, saving many tens of millions of iobs: • Signed $2 Trillion CARES Act, sending direct cash payments to 80 million workers. • Approved $670 billion for the Paycheck Protection Program. To date, we have processed over 5 million small business loans, and saved 50 million American jobs. • Took executive action to give a payroll tax holiday through the end of 2020; to provide an extra $400 dollars per week in additional unemployment benefits; to empower HUD & HHS to extend the freeze on evictions & provide rental support; and to suspend payments on student loans and to extend the 0% interest rates. To vanquish COVID-19, we launched the greatest national mobilization since WWII: • Took early action by implementing travel restrictions from China, Europe, and Iran. • Developed the most advanced testing system on earth - conducted 65 million tests. • U.S. is 5% of the world's population, but we conducted 25% of the world's testing. • Through Operation Warp Speed, three vaccine candidates have now moved into Phase Three trials in record time. Recently approved $1 billion for Johnson & Johnson to manufacture and distribute 100 million doses as soon as one is available. • Reduced mortality by 85% since April, through the use of therapies such as Remdesivir, dexamethasone, and anti-body treatments. We have secured over 4.1 million doses of Remdesivir, enough to treat over 650,000 patients. • Treated 86,000 Americans with convalescent plasma - can reduce mortality by 50%. • Mo're than 230 clinical trials of potential treatments are underway. • We have worked with the private sector to coordinate the delivery of more than 196 million N95 respirators, 815 million surgical masks, 20 billion gloves, 34 million face shields, and 354 million gowns. • We have replenished the long-neglected National Stockpile by tripling the number of N95 masks on hand to over 45 million, tripling the number of gowns to 15 million, and quadrupling the number of ventilators to 75,000. • Through the Defense Production Act, we awarded contracts for 200,000 ventilators. • No American who has needed a ventilator has been denied a ventilator. • Delivered 700 rapid point-of-care testing devices & 300,000 tests to nursing homes. • Signed an executive order requiring federal agencies to purchase all essential medicines from American sources. Taking bold action to reduce the price of prescription drugs for American patients. • Signed a historic executive order requiring drug companies to charge AMERICANS no more than they charge FOREIGN COUNTRIES. • I also signed an executive order stopping middle men from taking advantage of Medicare patients by charging higher prices to them and pocketing the discounts. $30 billion in discounts will now go straight to American Patients. • Signed directive lowering the price of insulin to just pennies a day. • Over the next two weeks, I will take action to require health insurance companies to cover all pre-existing conditions for all customers. We are standing for Law and Order. • We reduced the number of murders in America's major cities by more than 10%. • The nationwide violent crime rate has declined for two straight years. • Signed an executive order that is strong on policing, law & order, and ensuring the peace, dignity, and equality of all Americans. • 156 total arrests since Operation LeGend expanded to Kansas City and other cities including: Chicago, Albuquerque, Cleveland, Detroit, Milwaukee, Memphis, St. Louis. • Deployed law enforcement agents to save the courthouse in Portland from rioters. • Using the Veteran's Memorial Preservation Act to protect national monuments. Delivering FAIR and RECIPROCAL trade to defend American jobs and expand exports. • Signed Trade Agreement with China, while keeping many tariffs in place. • Replaced NAFTA disaster with the brand new U.S.-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement. • Withdrew from the Trans-Pacific Partnership my first week in office. • Completely renegotiated trade deal with South Korea, saving U.S. auto industry. • Signed new deal with Japan to slash tariffs on $7 billion of U.S. agricultural products. • Imposed tariffs on foreign steel & aluminum to protect our national security. • Reimposed 10 percent tariffs on Canadian aluminum producers. • Imposed a 50% tariff on foreign-made washing machines, saving Whirlpool jobs. • Secured agreements with Europe, Argentina and Brazil that support more exports of U.S. agricultural products. Invested $2 trillion to completely rebuild the Military, including $738 billion this year. • Established the Space Force as the sixth branch of the U.S. Armed Forces. • We have destroyed the ISIS territorial Caliphate in Syria and Iraq. • AI-Baghdadi, Qassem Soleimani, Hamza bin Laden, and Qassim al-Rimi are all dead. • Secured $130 billion in new defense spending for NATO; and $400 billion by 2024. • Withdrew from the one-sided Iran Deal and imposed the toughest sanctions ever. • Recognized Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel, and moved the U.S. Embassy there. • Took historic action to recognize Israel's sovereignty over the Golan Heights. We passed the largest package of Tax Cuts and reforms in American history. • Since then, $1.4 trillion dollars has poured back into the U.S. • 40 million American families are benefitting from our child tax credit; $2200 average • Designated nearly 9,000 Opportunity Zones in distressed communities. • Saved Family Farms from the Death Tax. • Under our tax cuts, small businesses can now deduct 20% of their business income. • Provided first ever tax credit for employers who provide paid parental leave for employees earning $72,000 or less annually. • Since then, the share of total wealth held by the bottom half of households has increased while the share held by the top 1 percent has decreased. We have cut more job-killing regulations than any other Administration. • For every new regulation we adopted, we have cut nearly eight old regulations. • Our regulatory relief will save Americans $377 billion per year, $3,100 per household • Our regulation cuts are having an especially beneficial impact on low income Americans who pay a much higher share of their incomes for overregulation. Ended the War on American Energy. U.S. is the #1 producer of oil and gas on Earth. • The typical family now saves an average of $2,500 a year on their energy bills. • U.S. is now a net exporter of energy; we have declared Energy Independence. • Opened ANWR and approved the Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipelines. • Canceled the illegal, anti-coal, so-called Clean Power Plan. • Increased coal exports by more than 54% during my first three years in office. • Announced our withdrawal from the job-killing Paris Climate Accord. Confirmed more than 220 federal judges who will interpret the Constitution AS WRITTEN. • Confirmed Supreme Court Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh. • Confirmed 53 circuit judges. Filled all appeals court vacancies for first time in 40 yrs. We are BUILDING THE WALL and support STRONG BORDERS and NO CRIME. • Over 275 miles of wall already built. On pace to build 500 miles by early next year. • Reduced illegal border crossings by a staggering 78% since May 2019. • We have ended Catch-and-Release. • Seized a record amount of drugs and deported a record number of gang members. • Protecting Americans from terrorists with the Travel Ban, upheld by Supreme Court. • Improved vetting for refugees, and switched focus to overseas resettlement. We are taking care of our GREAT VETERANS: • Signed historic VA Choice legislation and the VA Accountability Act. • Expanded VA telehealth services, walk-in-clinics, same-day urgent primary and mental healthcare, and launched the promised 24-hour Veteran Hotline. • Took executive action to prevent Veteran suicide and eliminate student loan debts for disabled Veterans. • Recently signed bills expanding the eligibility for vets with blindness in both eyes, and requiring the VA to establish a treatment court program for vets who need treatment rather than punishment for certain nonviolent crimes. We are standing up for our great African-American community: • Signed groundbreaking Criminal Justice Reform. • Secured record & permanent funding for Historically Black Colleges and Universities. • Created Opportunity Zones - $100 billion dollars of new investment have poured in. • We achieved the lowest black unemployment rate in history, and will do it again. • We're fighting for SCHOOL CHOICE - education is the civil rights issue of our time. We are ensuring Great Healthcare with MORE AFFORDABILITY and MORE CHOICE: • Repealed the core of Obamacare - the unpopular individual mandate penalty GONE. • Also eliminated the health insurance tax, medical devices tax, and the Cadillac tax. • New insurance options through association health plans, short-term plans, and health reimbursement arrangements; some are up to 60% less expensive. • Prescription drugs saw their largest annual price decrease in over half a century. • To empower patients to choose the best doctor at the best price, we're giving Americans transparency with the price and quality of services before you buy. We are ensuring PROTECTIONS FOR VULNERABLE PATIENTS: • We are protecting people with preexisting conditions and preexisting physicians. • We are protecting Medicare and Social Security for our great seniors. • We are working with Congress to stop surprise medical billing. • We took executive action to strengthen Medicare and reformed the Medicare program to stop hospitals from overcharging seniors on their drugs. • Medicare Advantage premiums have decreased by 27% and Medicare Part D premiums are the lowest in 7 years. • Made new plans available for individuals with chronic conditions that cover medications like insulin without cost-sharing. We are turning the tide on the crisis of addiction with $6 billion in new funding: • Drug overdose deaths fell nationwide in 2018 for the first time in nearly 30 years. • Many of the hardest hit states have had the biggest drops, including: OH (22.2%),
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2020.08.10 20:38 Buck_Joffrey Wealth Formula Episode 224: Multifamily Macroeconomics in the Twilight Zone

Catch the full episode: https://www.wealthformula.com/podcast/224-multifamily-macroeconomics-in-the-twilight-zone/
Buck: Welcome back to the show everyone. Today my guest on Wealth Formula Podcast, he's been on the show before. He's economist Ryan Davis. He actually joined us at one of our last Wealth Formula meetups. Of course, the last one we had was canceled but Ryan was at the one before that. He serves as a chief operating officer at Witten Advisors and provides fact-based research analysis and discussion to help clients like us formulate their apartment strategies and these insights and for investment decisions for multi-family development and buy/sell opportunities which as you can imagine we're all looking for some of this advice these days. Ryan has a PhD in economics from the University of Texas. Ryan, welcome back to Wealth Formula Podcast.
Ryan: Thank you. Glad to be back.
Buck: Yeah it's been like a pandemic ago when we last talked right? Listen, you know I want to kind of jump into the whole you know what the heck is going on, I mean the overall, if you would, you know kind of give me your overall assessment of the economy. I mean obviously we know these huge drops in GDP etc which were expected last quarter. How is this all affecting real estate asset prices especially you know apartments which is you know is our interest and something that you specialize in?
Ryan: Sure so yeah the great unknown is the pace of the recovery. So we had that big drop through April in terms of employment and then we got a bounce back in May and June and the hope was that it was going to be a V-shaped recovery. But then we saw virus cases ramp back up in the second half of June into the early part of July and the local economy started rolling back some of their openings and so with that, we've kind of stalled out recently. So we'll get the July numbers this Friday for overall payroll gains and that could I think the consensus is anywhere between one, one and a half million jobs it could be negative so who knows but it looks like the hope for a v-shaped recovery in the economy has kind of stalled out after the first two months of optimism. And so we think that going forward we won't see any the worst is behind us really and so we won't see you know the big losses that we experienced in March and early into April so kind of what we're calling for right now is for the national economy to continue to add jobs for the remainder of the year and then beginning next year a recovery should emerge and that would sustain demand for housing and ultimately apartments going forward. In the near term as far as multi-family goes we expect some pain through the end of this year and then into the early part of next year. In terms of pricing power, if we had to boil it down to one number it's rent growth so year over year effective rent growth we think that declines to eight percent rent cuts this year and into the early part of 2021. That varies considerably on a local market basis I think our worst-performing market is Metro New York City probably no surprise there but then also many of the other gateway markets such as Boston, LA, the Bay Area, etc. We expect rent declines to be lower than that eight percent across the board, however many of the inner west, Texas, southeastern market should outperform still see rent declines but not closer to five/six percent range at the depth and so we expect near-term pain but then as we get out into 2021 and afterward and the economy begins to add a lot of jobs we would expect rent growth to return to multi-family. And then what that means for pricing in terms of apartment assets for right now in the second quarter hardly any deals trade at hand so it's really tough to get a sense of where pricing is and with the deals that have traded though the cap rates have remained relatively stable which is a good sign. We've heard from some of our merchant builder clients where they had assets they had constructed and were going out to the market to sell in the early part of April they were saying 10 discounts in terms of the compared to pre corona levels but that has since come back in the last 45-60 days and maybe it's only one to two percent in terms of the haircut that they're seeing out there right now. And there's a just a ton of capital that wants to get back into multifamily at the same time there's hardly any distress out there right now so there's a lack of available to you know supply to buy and so everyone is just kind of in this standstill there's a big ass gap because buyers aren't willing to pay yesterday's prices for assets but sellers aren't willing to give any you know deep discounts right now and so it's kind of a standstill and we’ll see how all this plays out.
Buck: Yeah you know it's really interesting we're obviously you know through, you work with Western Wealth Capital, one of my partners and you know it's funny because we were kind of thinking well maybe there'll be some real buying opportunities but you know we've seen a little bit maybe just you know from buyers who are sellers who just are just wanting to get out while they're ahead maybe they made some money you know maybe they and at this point you know they're just thinking let's just cash out and maybe they're willing to take a little bit less but for the most part you know if you look across our own portfolio and it might be because it's largely again Texas and Arizona, etc that and maybe it's because it's mostly working-class B and you know high C class apartment but our portfolio you know the numbers are just as good as they've ever been in terms of you know occupancy in terms of even our we're still raising rents. And so when you look at that you're like well I mean how do you expect there to be any you know smoking deals out there if the sellers really aren't feeling any distress. So is there a difference you know when you look at something like a B and C class apartment scenario versus A right now or have you been able to break that down a little bit because I think the people I know who are in the A-class and new build are you know they're certainly feeling things a little bit more than we are.
Ryan: Yeah so what we've heard from some of our clients in terms of early on so may June in terms of rent collections class A's were actually from a nationwide perspective actually exceeded the class B and C product. Now we don't think that will continue going forward and the main reason is that new deliveries that are coming online they will compete with the existing top of the market product and so we think that it will be short-lived in terms of the top of the market outperformance and another part is due to just the nature of this downturn where low-wage sectors were hit extremely hard in April, got some bounce back in May and June but the leisure and hospitality sectors lower-paying positions those have been the most impacted so far. But going forward we don't think that this downturn would be any different than prior recessions in terms of the class A leading the way down in terms of jobs and occupancy and also rent growth or rent cuts in the near term. So class A’s will lead the market down but then as we get out into the later part of next year and into early 2022 then class A's would outperform the broader market. So yeah we think through the end of this year until early next that B's and C's will hold up relatively better but that's mainly a function of just the competition that it takes to get these new projects they will get leased up it's just a matter of the market-clearing price and so those have to compete those could be mostly with the top end of the spectrum and so we see big rent declines and concessions in the class A space going forward.
Buck: You know there's this thesis that's going around in the multi-family space and you know I've been sort of you know looking at it this way too for a while though I'm starting to you know feel like it's maybe not gonna happen is this idea that there's going to be a potentially before we really rebound and start heading up again that there’ll potentially be a you know big tsunami of defaults and things like that. Right now at least what I'm you know seeing and hearing about in terms of the lending markets and in terms of these properties, there really isn't much indication of that right now is there I mean what do you think?
Ryan: No at least not in the short term I mean again there's it goes back to my earlier comment there's been no distress really and so that is due mainly to the huge stimulus packages that have been passed those from a fiscal standpoint and a monetary standpoint which is it's crazy to think that GDP declined at an annualized rate by 32 however incomes soared and so that's all due to the stimulus that we saw and so that's helped prop up renters incomes and allow them to pay rent. Now going forward I think some of these the number of defaults I don't think there will be a tsunami, at least that's how we view it right now, ask me again in a week and it could change, but I think that the defaults will be very market specific and so those geographies that have been hit harder we'll see a larger number but many of the Texas markets, Phoenix, Denver, southeast high growth markets where you've got this short-term tailwind in terms of folks at the margin more and the trends that have been in place for years of folks moving from gateway markets into these inner markets will be kind of you know given a stairway shot really in the near term and so that would help to prop up multi-family fundamentals and so yeah if you're expecting a tsunami of defaults in any of those markets that I've mentioned again it kind of gets a little bit granular in terms of you know potentially Orlando might have some problems just with the amount of supply and then the you know low-wage in tourism industries being impacted more dramatically and that would lead to some weakness in Orlando but out outside of that maybe Houston you could argue you know somewhat but outside of those two and those those areas of the inner west Texas, southeast Florida should be but hold up you know relatively well and I would think that the main stress points will be out you know on the coast in California potentially portland we do think seattle holds up relatively well and then northeast in terms of you know New York and Boston as well so I think it's very locally market driven.
Buck: Yeah it's interesting you know we did we were a little worried about Houston too but our you know Houston portfolio is actually doing awesome it's not having any problems at all which is which was you know again, knock on wood that’s what it's been so far. Let me ask you another question you mentioned the pent-up demand of you know money on the sidelines waiting to get back in and you know and in many situations, they have to get back in right they're mandated to deploy capital and that sort of thing do you the one thought that I've had through this is you know multi-family and well multi-family in general has held up so well during this period of time does that potentially create a situation where you know the big money that's coming in starts looking at this even harder as potentially a little bit of a hedge or a little bit of safe haven. What what do you guys think is going to be the effect of that you know the relatively stable performance and then ultimately you know having all of this money on the sidelines,? Do you see paradoxical even further compression of cap rates over the next couple years? What's your thought on that?
Ryan: Yeah and so kind of pre-corona our forecast was for cap rates to continue to decline and you know taking a step back it was mainly driven by global factors with the aging populations across the globe that have built wealth up and all that investment needed to be placed somewhere. And so those trends were driving returns lower for longer and so those are the demographic that have not been affected by the pandemic. And so just from a global standpoint, we're expecting returns across all assets whether stocks bonds you know all classes of real estate whether it's multi or industrial retail office, etc those returns would continue to head lower. Now we've had the pandemic and we've seen multi-family and industrial hold up exceedingly well and who knows what to make of retail office and lodging just lots of pain and in those sectors and so if you need to be allocated to real estate then multifamily and industrial or where you want to be at least in the short term and especially if you're looking for consistency of returns and you know risk-adjusted on a risk-adjusted basis you know multi-industrial or have outperformed other asset classes and so really to get into the lodging office retail space probably more opportunistic mindset in terms of those assets may need to be repositioned etc and so I think a lot of that money that's out there is not looking to get there's a lot that's looking for that type of asset turnaround story but there's also a lot of money out there that needs the stability. And so that should continue to compress cap rates or put a really put a cap on that cap rates and so it would be no surprise if cap rates on an aggregate basis hold steady and maybe even decline despite a deterioration in short-term fundamentals and part of that is due to the long-term belief in apartments going forward and so yes there's a short-term dislocation where we expect some move-outs that you know this year actually there are a lot of move-outs that we expect and so there's going to be a lot of doubling up folks moving back in with their families but then there's going to be pent up demand as we as that recovery takes hold next year and that will be released and so we see leasing to be through the roof next year and then out into 2022. Then at the same time as that demand story improves in the short term we see starts decelerating dramatically so we've we're going from a 400,000 unit run rate to about 200,000 units by the early part of next year. And so new production is going to get cut in half now that we don't get any benefit of that immediately so we have to wait till later part of 2022 and 2023 before we see that slowdown and production really lift fundamentals and so I think everyone is seeing that yes there's some short-term disruption in the multi-family market right now, but the long-term drivers are there and if you have the capital to wait out this very painful period in the short term then there will be major benefits after that we should see after next year.
Buck: Now one of the things you said I think earlier is that the worst is behind us do you believe that's the case in terms of rent growth and you know rent cuts and that sort of thing right now?
Ryan: I think the worst is behind us in terms of the economy. I think that going forward we should continue to produce job gains on a monthly basis, though this next report could see some layoffs we'll see the consensus is one million one and a half. In terms of multi-family we do not think the worst is behind us we think that fundamentals will continue to deteriorate into the early part of next year we think that you know kind of right now in terms of year over year rent growth in the early part of this year let's call it three, three and a half percent we've since gone down to zero percent in the second quarter. So on a quarterly basis we've seen some dramatic rent cuts, again this is on a national basis and then as we move forward we see occupancy dropping by about three percentage points into the early part of next year, rent declines of about eight percent through the remainder of this year into the first quarter of next year and so no we do think that there will be some deterioration and fundamentals going forward. On the flip side of that might present some opportunities and so any assets that were purchased specially in your space in terms of if they were bought at the top of the market at the end of last year in the early part of this year and now that value-add story isn't there where you might not be able to get the rent bumps that you were expecting so some of those assets will have to be recapitalized and so that might present some opportunity as the year progresses but again like you said we haven't seen that materialized so far.
Buck: Yeah that's the tricky part right I mean it's sort of like I think when you're on the buy side here you're saying well I mean these prices that we're seeing right now you know with prolonged you know low-interest rates which we can pretty much guarantee at this point for a period of time and then the pent-up demand. It's sort of like okay well I mean this actually might be one of the better times to buy if you consider what could potentially happen in the next you know 18 to 24 months in terms of you know explosive growth. When you look at those indicators that you're you know that you're talking about that may lead to some of the more explosive growth metrics what markets come to mind the most for you?
Buck: Now one of the things you said I think earlier is that the worst is behind us do you believe that's the case in terms of rent growth and you know rent cuts and that sort of thing right now?
Ryan: Yeah so our general geographic areas that we like we like the southeast, parts of Florida, Texas and the inner west. We really like Atlanta, we like South Florida though there's a little more pain in the short term some of our clients are saying it kind of in terms of you know rent collections you know northeast but also yeah LA but then South Florida is outperforming those two areas but still lagging some of these other markets. So we like the Texas markets long term the interwebs you have Phoenix, Denver, Salt Lake as well. We like Seattle that's an outlier on the west coast but then the other markets whereas in the Bay Area we expect those you know rent growth numbers to average four, four and a half percent which stack up really well across the nation but for those markets that's a recession pretty much and so compared to what's normal and the cap rates you have to pay the rent growth numbers there kind of you know lackluster. So the midwest the markets they won't be hit as hard but still they don't get that explosive growth going forward and so we really like the inner West Texas, southeast of Florida markets and you know part of that has been driven being driven by the migration flows. So domestic migration numbers have really helped out all of these markets we've seen outflows from the northeast boston new york the bay area Southern California we've seen migration outflows from those markets into the you know inner west you know Las Vegas the inland Phoenix, Denver you know people moving from the coast into those markets and then you know also parts of texas as well but then in terms of the northeast the flows that are coming in to the Nashvilles the Charlottes, Raleighs, Atlanta, Florida markets we and then also Texas as well and so those trends have been accelerated at least in the short term, but it's important to remember that those have been going on for a decade at least even more and then other markets and so it's not anything new but at the margin that will support many of these other markets.
Buck: Yeah on the west coast I mean there's that flight to Arizona as well right from California. One of the things that you know is worth talking about is what effect this has had you know the pandemic and the recession on the lending market, with Fannie and Freddie and you know how that might be playing into any of the growth or lack of growth.
Ryan: Yeah I think on the financing side you know debt for stabilized assets it's there and it's cheap you may have to you know have higher reserves than you've had typically but for the most part it's there and so that's part of the appeal of buying assets right now with these record low interest rates. So I think for stabilized assets yeah it's there for new construction it is dried up considerably and this is a change in the last 30 to 60 days and so the fed does a survey each quarter of banks and their tightening of multi-family construction lending standards and that the latest report shows 70 percent of banks tighten their multi-family construction loans last quarter which we haven't seen those levels since 2008/2009. And so I think part of it's the lenders are trying to make sense of what they have in terms of all these other asset types in terms of real estate or retail, lodging, office loans, they're trying to you know spend a lot of time working those out and so then you add on the uncertainty in terms of the economic recovery etc, they've pretty much put a halt on new construction loans. And so that's been a big change here in the last two months call it. Then on the equity side I think returns have been increased but still available and interested but you know a lot of you know equity and especially focusing in on the new starts pipeline if all the deals that have been started are continuing and it's kind of a mixed bag from our clients in terms of are you seeing delays or actually some other clients that reported these they were able to speed up the timing in terms of getting able to get trucks into sites very easily and then also the construction workers that were on you know working on hotels motels those have come into the apartment sector and so that's provided more manpower in terms of getting these deals done. And so those that were under construction are continuing to proceed, those that were capitalized I think that but haven't begun those have been they haven't pulled out completely they just said let's press pause to see let's say can we get any break in construction costs over the next several months and so the equity and banks they're still willing to do it move forward on those deals that have been capitalized but are you know slow playing it. And then you get to the others where there's land sites and they hadn't been entitled and haven't been capitalized those deals we think have been shelved for right now and so it kind of where some opportunity could be is on the land side of you know potentially purchasing some land sites that might be teed up for development as we get further along in this recovery.
Buck: Again one of the things that you're saying though in terms of construction loans not being there again it helps us for those of us who have apartment portfolios already that are already there that that again goes to the issue of a simple supply and demand issue which we can benefit from if there's not a whole lot of new builds. You know this is a major driving variable in in apartment buildings nationally can you give us a little bit of the idea of you know just not being able to keep up with you know population growth in various parts of the country, can you give us a little bit of you know sort of a thousand-foot view on the perspective on how big of an issue that actually is?
Ryan: I don't know if it's that big of an issue you know on on the whole and I think that you know some of these higher growth markets in terms of where we've you know call it the Atlantas and North Carolina markets, Central North Florida, Texas, the inner west regions where we've seen large population growth statistics you know high growth markets but they're also they also tend to be the highest in terms of supply for housing and so it's more easy to build in those markets especially you know out as you get away from the know central cities etc and so where we've seen the the biggest barriers to supply are out on the coast and so we've seen you know job growth be pretty good in those markets but the supply hasn't kept up at all and so that's why you're seeing you know these big you know rent affordability you know problems in the coastal markets and so we think that supply not keeping up with the population dynamics is more of a coastal problem but then you know as you get into the markets that are more accepting of new development then you know we've seen housing supply increase at a rapid clip in many of these other markets I think you know Austin you know even through the June of this year permit activity for multi-family continued to set it reached big big levels and so I think year to date in Austin it's already pulled permits on almost 10,000 units already which is you know huge numbers. And so I do think that while these population growth numbers and some of these markets are you know off the charts especially compared to you know some of the coastal markets, that supply has been able to keep up there and so yeah you see pockets of where you know rent growth you know bumps up to you know five, six percent levels, it's especially that was the case in Phoenix and Las Vegas over the past two to three years where those markets were leading in terms of rent increases but they tend to you know be markets that you know will accept more new supply and so that will tend to even out over the long term.
Buck: How's Vegas doing out of curiosity because that one was just crushing it. It seemed it seemed a little dangerous you know it seemed like one of those markets where it's like wow is it real or is it one of those things that's just gonna go back to Vegas.
Ryan: Yeah exactly and yeah kind of thinking that you know before kind of goes back to your comment earlier about people moving from the coast to getting in their car and driving to the riverside and then Las Vegas and Phoenix and so it was benefiting from a real out-migration from expensive coastal California. That said that just the nature of this pandemic crushing leisure and hospitality and the conference circuit that the job losses in Las Vegas I think you know through April into May led the nation. We've seen some a bit of a bounce back there but really the question is you know how fast does the the conference you know a circuit come back, how fast are people willing to travel to casinos, I know they have already, but I think that pre-corona the growth was real and yeah absolutely now it's a little bit different you know market in terms of the cost and you don't want to go in there and if you're a developer you don't you know want to build a high-rise there and so your strategy is a little bit different but so far it's held up relatively well, all things considered, but still a lot of weakness that is materializing in Vegas.
Buck: Interesting stuff. Well listen I don't want to keep you all day long, Ryan, but it's been great talking to you. Where can we learn more about your work?
Ryan: Sure. Probably the easiest is wittenadvisors.com you can go there, all our contact information is there, feel free to reach out with a phone call or send me an email anytime and I'll be happy to give you more details on the services that we provide and how we add value to many clients that are in either owner, operators, developers, equity or lender clients.
Buck: Fantastic thanks again and we'd love to have you again you know in a few months to reassess where we are at.
Ryan: All right. Sounds good. Looking forward to it.
Buck: We'll be right back
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2020.08.03 23:04 sage_viper Upcoming fiber install - what to expect?

As I commented below, I received a call at 5pm on Tuesday from a tech saying they wouldn't be able to make it. He said that he'd reschedule me for Thursday.
I then called customer service to see if they could give me a more narrow timeframe for my new Thursday appointment, or at least some kind of guarantee. Customer service told me the best they could do was next MONDAY, with an "override" (this was a supervisor giving me the same date as the original rep.)
So the next day (Wednesday) I get a call from my wife telling me that centurylink is at the house, but she can't leave work. I had missed the email that was sent 20 minutes before arrival, as well as the call he made when nobody answered the door.
I was luckily able to get a hold of him, take off from work, and got my fiber installed!
He was very helpful, answered all my questions, and gave me multiple options for the locations of everything. The install was clean, professional, and pretty quick. All in all took about two hours, including confirming my PPPoE credentials, which were incorrect in his app at first, but a phone call got it sorted.
I ended up doing an interior ONT, set up to the provided Zyxel router in transparent bridge mode with WiFi turned off, running to my Netgear. I didn't want to use their router at all, to cut down on equipment, but the Netgear plugged straight into the ONT was giving me about 10% speed. The current setup gives me the full gigabit hardwired, though.
Original post:
Hey all,
I've seen a couple threads about install experiences, but had a couple more questions than I saw answered.
I have an install for gigabit scheduled for tomorrow in Portland, on a house that I own.
Is it more likely to be an external or internal box? What's the scope of work and far as running cables inside goes?
I have 3 options planned in case my preference doesn't work out. But basically, I'm hoping for an external box with an rj45 jack inside a closet, in a room on the same side of the house as the rest of my utilities (where I imagine they'll install).
From there, I want to run cat6 about 15-20ft to my living room, where my router lives. Preferably the run would go into the attic and down the wall. I'm guessing anything that fancy I would have to do myself? How much of this is in scope of the install?
Thanks in advance!
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2020.07.27 17:32 pahohi1327JJul Christian Harmony Da-ting Si-te

Christian Harmony Da-ting Si-te
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